11 Ghost Vehicles Seen Driving Themselves

Are Ghosts Actually Driving These Vehicles?

From a possessed tractor seen making its way across a farm to a ghost car that pulls up to a toll booth we count 11 ghost vehicles seen driving themselves.

11. Tractor Drives Itself Around Farm

This video, sent to us on Facebook by BioWolf, was filmed in Western Prince Edward Island, Canada, in a farming community known as Cascumpec.

The footage, taken from a security camera on their neighbor’s farm shows a tractor starting up and driving itself around the yard. It emerges from behind a shed and slowly makes its way down the driveway. As if possessed, the tractor suddenly makes a right hand turn and begins motoring down the driveway.

The tractor makes its way across the farm before attempting to drive straight up a tree!

According to BioWolf, the insurance company estimated that the ‘ghost tractor’ managed to cause around $10,000 in damages to the property before it was stopped by the tree.

Luckily for the owners, the tractor stopped where it did. If you look closely at the video, the fuel tanks for the entire farm are located just behind the tree! If the tractor had of driven into them, the damage may have been considerably worse.

How did this tractor manage to start itself and drive its way across the farm? Was there a ghost at the wheel or could the tractor itself have been possessed? Let us know what you think happened in the comments section below.

10. Ghost Rides Motorbike Through Intersection

On the 16th of January, 2018, a CCTV camera in downtown Kolkata, India captured some very strange footage.

At 11:55 pm, a riderless TVS Apache motorbike cruises straight through the intersection.

A white sedan in the middle of the zebra crossing seems to pause suddenly as it notices the ghostly motorbike pass by.

No one has been able to definitively explain this video. There were unconfirmed reports of a possible accident minutes earlier in which the rider was thrown off the bike but somehow the bike itself managed to stay upright, travelling perfectly down the road and through this intersection.

What do you think is going on this video? Has this bike actually managed to stay upright after an accident or is it being controlled by some other mysterious force?

9. Ghost Train Spotted in Russia

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wYD8GiGMs8[/embedyt]

This creepy clip was uploaded to Youtube in 2013. It’s allegedly taken from a security camera in the Russian metro station of Polezhaevskaya.

In the footage, a transparent train pulls up to the platform during peak hour. You can see passengers walking on the platform to the far right, however they don’t seem to take any notice of the ghostly train.

The translucent locomotive seems to let off several shadowy figures before continuing its journey.

What could this be? A clever editing job? Camera malfunction? Or is it actually a ghostly imprint of a train from years gone by?

8. Riderless Motorbike Seen on Freeway

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FesB1ClG1ow[/embedyt]

This video, uploaded in early 2018 to Master Vid’s YouTube channel, shows a riderless motorbike travelling down an unknown motorway.

In the clip, a man is seen working on his own motorbike when suddenly, another bike travels past in the opposite direction.

While there is no information available on where this video was actually shot, the footage speaks for itself. How could this motorbike possibly be travelling without a rider?

7. ‘Ghost Car’ Disappears Through Fence

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSQtwTOIGKo[/embedyt]

In 2008, bizarre footage surfaced of an alleged ghost car seen on the streets of Garden City, Georgia. In this footage, captured on police dash cam, the mysterious car attempts to fool the police by pretending to pull over. The car then suddenly makes a u-turn and totally disappears from sight. A few moments later the police manage to spot the car once more and the chase resumes.

The car speeds up and attempts to outrun the police. It then starts to swerve all over the road before once again speeding away.

The car makes a quick right hand turn down a side road.

The pursuit continues momentarily when the car suddenly swerves to the left and leaves the road. The squad car turns but is forced to stop, immediately confronted with a chain fence. The baffled police can do nothing but sit and watch the speeding car vanish into the distance.

After this footage was released, the vehicle quickly became known as ‘The Ghost Car of Garden City’ as it seemed to possess the ability to somehow de-materialize straight through the fence. Others thought that it was possible that the car may have hit the fence with enough force to break the chain link allowing it to drive right through.

What do you think? How did this mysterious ‘ghost car’ drive straight through a solid fence without causing any noticeable damage?

6. Riderless Motorbike Seen Outside Paris

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQL61B__OIQ[/embedyt]

This video of another riderless motorbike was filmed along a stretch of the A4 Autoroute outside of Paris, France. Just like the previous riderless motorbikes, this one manages to drive in a remarkably straight line, only briefly coming into contact with the guardrail before continuing its journey down the road.

How are these riderless motorbikes managing to drive themselves? Have the riders come off the bikes or are they actually being controlled by some other force? Could these motorbikes actually be driven by ghosts?


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