These Chilling Video Clips Need Explaining

Pfft, who needs sleep?

When certain chilling video clips go viral online, both supernatural aficionados and skeptics begin posing possible explanations for the bizarre events that the clips depict. However, some of these clips are just too terrifying and unusual to be explained. Let’s take a look at a few of the most chilling video clips that have left the internet speechless.

7. Chilling Video Clips – Man Exploring Woods

One of the easiest ways to turn an ordinary video into one of the internet’s most chilling video clips is to start with a spooky setting. When one man and a few friends decide to head out into the thick foliage of a forest late one night, they never expected to end the evening by running from the woods in terror.

Much of the video is anticlimactic. The men explore the trees and shrubs with only a single flashlight to light their way. The creepiest thing to happen at first is the sound of the strangely ominous tune the cameraman whistles, likely to calm his own frayed nerves. However, the otherwise silent night is interrupted about 10 minutes into the video when what appears to be a mysterious woman pops out from behind the trunk of a tree. She is only visible for a moment. However, the camera catches a clear shot of a pale woman with long, dark hair. Her hair hangs over her face, obscuring any look we may have gotten of her features. Her appearance brings to mind a description of a common variety of ghost: the White Lady. These terrifying spirits are usually those of women who died under tragic circumstances.

Although the explorers are clearly terrified after spotting the alleged spirit, they continue on their quest to capture the supernatural on film. Using the camera and a flashlight, they explore more of the dense trees, hoping to find something to explain the terrifying vision that frightened them only minutes before. About five minutes later, they get their chance. A figure in white, possibly the same woman, suddenly leaps up from behind a tall shrub. Skeptics have suggested that this being is just a person wearing a white sheet, but the alleged spirit jumps far too high to be human. This second look at the apparition is clearly enough for the ghost hunters, as they quickly flee to safety.

6. Unknown Person Spotted Under Trampoline

This video was filmed by a friend of my friends brother a few years back, in the left corner of the video, you can see a figure dressed in white, with black hair, crawling out from under the trampoline… To this day, we have no idea who the person was. from r/Ghosts

In a viral video posted to Reddit, another bizarre Lady in White makes an appearance. According to the user who posted the video, a friend filmed the clip in their backyard. The video is shot from above as a teenager falls from the deck onto a trampoline placed just below in the yard. The video doesn’t appear strange at first. However, in slow motion, it becomes apparent that someone is coming out from under the trampoline as the teen falls on top. The figure appears to be a woman with dark hair in a long, white dress. She faces away from the camera, so we never get a look at her face.

Some users have speculated that a homeless person may have been using the trampoline as a shelter and fled when they realized that the homeowners were nearby. However, others have pointed out that it is unlikely that a homeless person would appear in such a stark white outfit after spending a night on the ground. Others have pointed out that if a homeless person or even a child had snuck out from under the trampoline, the person filming probably would have noticed. Because no one saw the figure until they reviewed the video, it is difficult to ascribe the event to entirely human causes.

5. Chilling Video Clips – Horrifying Entity Spotted in Attic

When a young couple moves into their new home, they probably aren’t expecting chilling video clips to be part of their housewarming. However, the couple in this video gets more than they bargained for when they decide to inspect their new attic.

Not long after the couple took up residence in their new home, they started hearing strange noises. The sounds seemed to be coming from overhead, so they decide to take a look in the attic to see if they can find the source of the sounds. The man goes into the attic with a light and a camera. He looks around for several minutes, but sees nothing out of the ordinary. He reassures his wife that there is nothing to worry about as he hands her the camera and calmly climbs back down the ladder to the floor below. However, the woman keeps the camera on as he descends and inadvertently captures something terrifying: the haunting gray face of an old man.

In the dim light, it is difficult to make out any specific features. The wrinkled skin is a pallid gray and the face looks down at the couple with an eerie smile. It only appears for a moment before disappearing once again into the dark. Viewers have suggested that an elderly homeless man may have taken refuge in the attic while the house was empty. However, others have pointed out that in such a small attic, the homeowner surely would have spotted a squatter as he checked the space. According to these believers, the only possible explanation is supernatural.

4. Shadow Creature Runs Past Camera

Running ghost? I don’t believe in ghosts but I thought this video would be interesting enough to share. My coworker sent it to me claiming that two of her friends didn’t even see the figure until they watched the video. Seems like its just a person, but I’m interested in your thoughts. Thanks. from r/Ghosts

Some chilling video clips are easy to explain. Others result in fierce internet debates that leave everyone questioning what is real and what is fiction.

This clip begins when a young girl decides to make a video of herself dancing to a popular song. As she moves across the room, the person holding the camera moves as well to get a better shot of the performance. As the tape rolls, something quite unusual appears on the screen. Just in front of the dancing girl, a human-shaped shadow dashes across the screen. It moves too quickly to catch a clear glimpse, but that hasn’t stopped users from speculating about the origins of the strange entity.

Some skeptics have suggested that the shape is not an entity at all, but the top of a potted plant that briefly obscured the camera as the cameraperson moved to a different spot. However, the person who shot the video insists that whatever caused the shadow was not visible while they were shooting. Is this video a hoax created with an everyday potted plant? Or is it legitimate evidence of a supernatural encounter?

3. Chilling Video Clips – Eerie Shadow Cast Through Window

Just found out about this subreddit and I wanted to share this video from quite a few years back from r/Ghosts

Not all chilling video clips take place in the dark of night. In some videos, it is the bright light of day that reveals something truly sinister.

This video begins when someone notices something strange when examining the light shining through their window and onto the floor of their home. In the spot of sun, there is a clear shadow of a handprint in the center of the window. However, when the camera pans to the window itself, there is no evidence of such a handprint. The camera examines the window from multiple angles, but the handprint never appears. It only seems to exist in the shadows cast onto the floor.

Skeptics have claimed that the shadow was most likely cast by a greasy palm print left on the window that isn’t visible to the naked eye. However, even greasy smudges typically leave some sort of visible evidence on glass. According to the believers, this video shows the eerie handprint of a ghost.

2. Ghost Knocks Can Over?

posted before from my cell but heres original video from my security camera – something pushed a mtn dew off of the case it’s on video and whatever it is or was scared my Dogs – I was in bathroom or my daughters bedroom on the phone, she was sleeping at my parents for the night & fiance was asleep?! from r/Ghosts

Security cameras can be a great source of chilling video clips. In this case, the CCTV seems to have caught a mischievous poltergeist in the act. At first, the room seems entirely still. According to the person who posted the video, they were in the shower when the events in the video occurred. There is no one in the room except for their dogs when suddenly, a soda can falls to the ground and rolls slowly across the floor. To make matters even creepier, the dogs clearly seem to notice that something is up. One of the dogs immediately gets up off the couch and leaves the room while the others just stare at the can as it rolls toward them. The canines seem spooked by the events, leading their trusty human to believe something supernatural was afoot.

However, others who claim to have watched the video closely say that they saw something that appears to be a mouse peeking out from behind TV just before the can falls. Others have refuted the claim, insisting that the video is too grainy to possibly notice such a small detail. Either way, the person who uploaded the video should be on the lookout; they are clearly sharing their home with something that isn’t human.

1. Chilling Video Clips – Creepy Doll Blinks on Camera

Children’s toys aren’t usually creepy, but there’s something about realistic looking dolls that gives many people the creeps. If you weren’t scared of dolls before, this video may be the start of a new phobia.

In this video, we watch as the camera slowly pans over the faces of a series of Disney dolls. The footage is shadowy, suggesting that the person behind the camera filmed the sinister toys after closing time. As the camera focuses on a particular Beauty and the Beast doll, the doll’s eyes seem to stare straight at the watchers on the other side of the camera. Then, the doll’s eyes suddenly blink closed, sending the cameraperson running from the room in terror.

It isn’t unusual for dolls to have eyes that open and close, but usually the doll needs to be tilted for the eyes to close. The doll in this video was never touched when its eyes began to move. No one seems to be able to explain the doll’s terrifying movements, but this video is enough to give anyone a healthy fear of children’s toys.