Are These Real Ghosts Caught on Camera?

Could these ghosts caught on camera be real? From a strange entity spotted on CCTV to a deceased grandmother caught on camera making contact with her family, these bizarre stories beg the question – are these real ghosts caught on camera?

7. Ghosts Caught on Camera – Asheville High Ghost

Every once in a while, a piece of security camera footage of alleged ghosts caught on camera appears online that stumps enthusiasts and skeptics alike. In this instance, the footage in question is none other than security camera footage from a North Carolina high school.

Captured in the halls of Asheville High School, the short clip uploaded to YouTube by user Jason Highfield displays a black whisp moving through the air. Despite its short length, the clip has garnered a massive amount of attention.

If you slow the footage down and zoom in, there is indeed a black entity of some kind floating through the hall.

For one thing, the security camera in question is motion-activated, meaning the whisp captured by the camera seems to have had an actual physical presence. This fact alone has confounded both the school officials as well as the Asheville Paranormal Society. While the school is hesitant to label the mysterious activity as ghost activity, they can offer no other explanation.

Similarly, the Asheville Paranormal Society has nothing to offer by way of debunking the footage, leaving us to puzzle over the 2-second clip over and over again.

6. Ghost Follows Couple

This video has been floating around the Internet for a while now and is credited to Huelo el Miedo. It appears to display one of the most hair-raising ghost experiences out there. A couple are seen walking down the street as captured by a CCTV security camera. That is, until, the couple makes their way about halfway down the road.

Suddenly, what appears to be a small white wisp appears, trailing just behind the couple and nearly between them. Perhaps the most chilling part of the entire experience is that the couple seems to be completely unaware of the being’s presence.

As they continue to walk down the street, the wisp seemingly begins to become more corporeal, nearly appearing to be the vague suggestion of a child trailing just behind the couple.

While the origins of the possible ghost are unknown, the proximity of the apparition and couple begs the question as to whether or not the ghost had a connection to the couple in question. It is unclear what the ghost’s intentions with the couple are, but its sheer proximity to them makes this one of the creepiest ghosts caught on camera yet.

5. Strange Entity Spotted on Security Camera

While some ghosts caught on camera appear to be up to no good, attempting to mess around with those around them, others are more content to mess around with the environment surrounding them.

This video uploaded to Facebook by user Allan Valverde shows an eerie entity caught on CCTV. The video depicts an odd, ghostly form apparently moving around an empty parking lot. The large white figure moves back and forth nearly constantly and in circles.

The motion-detecting cameras focus on the figure as it continues to move around haphazardly. At once point, two concerned security guards are shown going out to the parking lot in order to inspect the space.

It is clear from the footage that the men do not actually see anything when they make their way out to the parking lot, as at one point the figure even appears to intersect with the men.

However, as many of the video’s commenters point out, a reflection of the figure is seen in the puddles present on the ground. Paired with the camera’s motion detection, it is clear that the white wisp is not simply a trick of the light or even a bug on the lens. Whatever the entity is, it seems to be actually there, wreaking havoc in this inexplicable footage.

What do you think? Is this really a ghost caught on CCTV?

4. Ghosts Caught on Camera – Ghost Hiding in Tree?

This video uploaded to YouTube by user Rohit Mukherjee may actually depict a ghost caught on camera. According to the title of the video, this sighting took place late one night in Tatanagar, India.

While walking home from work, the man behind the camera heard strange, shrieking noises coming from nearby. Continuing to make his way down the path, the man began to notice there was something not quite right about the trees nearby. Taking out his mobile phone and focusing on the trees in order to get a better look, the man was soon disturbed by what he saw.

The video shows a small shadowy figure seemingly walking on air, floating between the trees, or at the very least balancing on a thin branch. Understandably disturbed by what he sees, especially when it seems the figure notices him, the man shouts and runs in the opposite direction. According to the description of the video, he screams ‘oh god, run!’ in another language.

The outline of the human figure suspended in the trees is clearly visually distressing but still brings us no closer to answering what exactly is going on in this very creepy video.

3. Girl Pulled by Unseen Force

While some videos of ghosts caught on camera seem more sinister than others, this video uploaded to Facebook by user Jenna Howe appears to have captured a trickster spirit.

What is meant to be a cute home video of two small girls laughing and dancing quickly turns into an inexplicably disastrous play session.

Just a few short seconds into the video, a strange floating object appears in the top left-hand corner of the video. The appearance of this object almost immediately coincides with the older of the two girls seemingly being pushed or pulled back violently to the ground.

As the girl’s mother states in the video’s description, the girl immediately got back up from the fall with a smile on her face. However, this did not stop her mother from posting the video in order to gauge popular opinion as to what exactly actually happened in the seconds leading up to her fall.

While the girl escaped from the purported supernatural experience seemingly unscathed, the actual intentions of the force that worked against her remain unknown. There is nothing to clue the girl’s mother into knowing that the possible ghost’s intentions were playful rather than harmful, as the girl avoided what could have been a serious injury.

2. Ghosts Caught on Camera – Mysterious Hand Appears in Pool

Adding to the myriad of other concerns parents must face in a day, it seems as though some paranormal creatures just love messing with children. In this video, uploaded to YouTube by user JunNet Chanel, a small boy is seen playing in a pool with a man who appears to be his father.

While a majority of the video focuses on this sweet family activity, something quite unusual occurs around the 7-second mark. As the boy’s father lifts him up in the pool, both of his hands are accounted for. However, as he moves him through the pool, viewers will notice a mysterious additional hand suddenly appearing, clutching at the boy as well.

Blink and you’ll miss it, as the hand quickly moves away. However, after countless replays of the video, viewers are left scratching their heads, wondering where exactly that additional hand came from.

If you slow the footage down, it becomes frighteningly clear that an unaccounted for hand reaches for the boy.

While the mysterious hand left as quickly as it came, the boy’s parents were probably more than a bit concerned and bewildered. As with the video of the girl being pushed or pulled forcefully back in her home, this video will only serve to increase the paranoia of parental figures everywhere.

1. Ghost of Deceased Grandma

This video uploaded to Facebook by user Jessica Soho, if true and unedited, would have to be one of the creepiest pieces of ghost footage ever captured.

The young Filipino boy in this clip often enjoys playing with his mother phone while she cooks dinner. One evening, the mother let him be with the phone and thought nothing of it. That is, until much later, when she finally had the opportunity to review the selfies her son had taken and saved in her camera roll.

What the mother saw would shock her, as the videos showed her son and deceased mother, side by side. The video shows her son with her mother’s face, barely in the frame and mostly cut off, with blackened eyes. She hovers eerily to the left of screen.

A side-by-side photo reveals the likeness of the mysterious figure to that of the grandma. The photo on the right shows the grandmother when she was alive, clearly full of life. The still image on the left however, has sunken black eyes and grey skin.

Reviewing the photos late at night, the boy’s mother ran to her eldest son’s bedroom to wake him in the middle of sleep and ask him if he knew anything about the video his younger brother had taken, to which the boy responded that he had no idea what was going on.

So distressed, the mother decided they must take steps to contact a psychic in an effort to discover if the spirit was truly her mother, and why her mother had chosen to visit her and her son now, more than one year after her passing.

A follow-up video depicts the family and the psychic attempting to make contact with the grandma in order to discover her true purpose. Lighting candles and communicating with the deceased woman, the psychic would go on to explain to the family that the grandma had simply been lonely.

The psychic advised the family that the grandmother’s spirit had actually been distraught at the idea that they had seemingly forgotten all about her. Instructed to keep her in their prayers in order to avoid making the grandmother’s spirit come to them, the family immediately left to visit the grandmother’s grave after the communion.

What do you make of this video? Could it really be true? Is this boy’s deceased grandmother really visiting the family?