Shadow People Videos That Will Keep You Awake at Night

Do Shadow People Watch While You Sleep?

You’re lying in bed at night, just about to drift off to sleep. Everything is peaceful, quiet, and still. Just when you’re about to head off to dreamland, suddenly, everything becomes a nightmare. In the darkness of the room, the shadows begin to take on a sinister shape that only the dreamy haze of a half-conscious mind can even begin to comprehend. It is in the dark of the night when entities known as the shadow people begin to emerge to terrify unsuspecting humans unfortunate enough to cross their paths. Let’s take a look at a few of the most terrifying shadow people videos the internet has ever seen.

7. Shadow Man Appears in Reflection


The first of our shadow people videos was uploaded by YouTuber, hrde2. This short clip shows a completely still computer screen. Not much to see, right? Actually, it’s the reflection in the screen that holds the key to the mystery. In the top right corner of the screen, you can see the reflection of a window somewhere on the other side of the room. If you watch closely, you can see something pass quickly in front of it. It moves so fast that if you blinked you would probably miss it.

However, if you slow the footage down it becomes clear that the figure passing in front of the window is indeed human in shape. However, it moves at a speed that seems to be unnatural.

Extreme speed is often thought to be a common characteristic of a shadow person. Just one of the reasons why is said to be difficult to see shadow people in anything other than our visual periphery. To make matters even more eerie, the slow-motion replay reveals that the figure’s body remains perfectly upright and doesn’t change position as it flies across the room: not at all natural if it were human.

According to the uploader, there are walls on either side of the window which suggests that it would not be possible for someone to run past from outside the house. Furthermore, they were supposedly alone in the room, so no one could have passed by on the inside either. They believe that the mysterious entity in this footage is evidence of the existence of shadow people.

6. Shadow Person Caught on Camera


There is very little information available about this video. In many ways, it makes the footage even more mysterious. However, it could suggest that it might be the work of a clever editor.

The clip appears to have been captured in a snowy backyard or possibly even a cemetery. It shows a dark figure running through the snow and it’s not long before you realize that it doesn’t appear to be a normal person at all. Its body looks like a shadow, and its eyes glow in the darkness of the night.

The camera follows the shadow person as it makes its way through the snow-covered grass. It almost seems as if it is attempting to sneak through the yard without being seen or heard. The truly unusual thing about this shadow person is that it clearly appears to have feet, yet it doesn’t seem to leave any footprints in the snow.

Those who suggest that this video might simply show a human or even an animal will likely change their minds at the end of the clip. After creeping across the yard for a few seconds, the entity vanishes without a trace, disappearing back into the shadows that it came from.

5. Shadow Person in the Basement


According to YouTuber, Whatever Entertainment, his family had been hearing scary sounds coming from the basement of their Pennsylvania home for several weeks before he managed to capture this chilling footage. At first, he thought they were just hearing their cats going up and down the basement stairs, but soon realized that the pets were not to blame.

The video begins as the brave YouTuber starts listening for the sounds that were the initial cause of his suspicions. When he begins to hear footsteps and banging sounds, he heads for the basement stairs, hoping to at least capture the sounds on tape as proof of the bizarre happenings. However, what he does capture is much more than he bargained for.

He flicks on the light and heads down the stairs, calling out to any noisy entities that might be occupying his basement. After taking a few steps down, he is shocked to see a dark, shadowy head peer around the corner of the stairwell. It’s only visible for a moment before disappearing back into the basement. After a moment of shock, he runs down the rest of the stairs to chase the shadow person, but it has once again disappeared into the darkness.

4. Investigators Catch Mysterious Shadow on Camera


When paranormal investigators, Proving Demons and Phantoms Paranormal (Elemental Encounters), teamed up to explore an abandoned, run-down hotel, capturing shadow people videos probably wasn’t even on their radar. As professional paranormal investigators, they are well aware of how difficult it is to capture shadow people on film. These entities are known for moving very quickly, which is why many people who see them tend to question their own senses. However, the investigators hit the jackpot when one of the cameras that they had rolling captured this shadowy figure.

The team member who captured the footage didn’t even realize he had recorded the shadow person until he reviewed the footage sometime later. He was getting shots of one of the hotel’s hallways when the shadow creature made its appearance. As the camera pans down the hallway, the shadow person speeds away from the film crew, barely staying within the frame of the camera. We see one last shot of it before it disappears inside of one of the rooms on the right side of the hallway.

One of the most intriguing things about this shadow person is the way a dark mist seems to trail behind it as it moves. This is often thought to be one of the key characteristics of these types of entities, indicating that they are not a corporeal body, but a creature of mist and shadow.

3. Shadow Entity Passes Man on Stairwell


YouTuber, AverageAmerican2019 was surely not expecting to record any shadow people when he captured this creepy footage.

The video begins as two friends are seen descending several flights of stairs in what appears to be an old apartment building. The audio is difficult to make out at times however, it sounds like one is talking to the other about the strange things he has seen in the building.

Then, as he and his friend head down another flight of stairs, you can clearly see the shadowy head of a human figure passing by, moving up the stairs as they are walking down.

Neither of the men seem to notice as they continue on by. It was only upon later review of the footage that the shadow person made its presence known. The sighting of the mysterious figure here is quite unusual too, as the stairwell is brightly lit, but its appearance is unmistakable.

2. Shadow Person Creeping in the Darkness


When YouTuber, kshizzle27 decided to take a cute video of his dogs he might have inadvertently managed to catch a shadow person on camera.

The video begins as he is recording the dogs playing on his bed. He then puts the camera down for a few minutes as he takes them outside. Shortly after leaving the room, the camera captures something very chilling indeed.

A strange shadow passes across the room. It moves quickly and is very light in color, making it difficult to get a clear picture of what it looks like. However, if you slow the footage down it is clear that the entity is human in shape. To make matters even more terrifying, mere seconds after the shadow person passes across the room, a framed picture on the wall begins to shake back and forth, as if disturbed by a strong wind.

The YouTuber returns to his room and appears to be totally unaware of what happened in his absence and it wasn’t until he reviewed the footage that he made the startling discovery.

1. Dark Figure Ascends the Stairs


No one knows exactly where this video originated. However, the man who recorded it supposedly heard mysterious noises in his home in the nights prior to capturing the footage.

As he cautiously explores the darkened house, he notices a strange flickering light coming from another room. Suddenly, a dark, shadowy figure can be seen walking up the stairs! Only its legs and feet are visible however, there is little doubting that there is indeed something there.

The man immediately begins to freak out contemplates leaving the house. However, he soon remembers that he has left his phone upstairs. He bravely makes his way to the base of the staircase and just as he is about to go up, a chilling sound rushes out of the darkness.

Clearly spooked by the noise, the man decides to leave his phone behind and exits the house immediately.

What do you think this man has managed to capture on camera? Could it be an illusive shadow person? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.