Scary Beach Photos That Can’t Be Explained

are these photos real?

These scary beach photos have left skeptics stumped. From an alleged time traveller caught at the beach to a mysterious ghost that appears on the beach to warn of impending doom, join us as we take a look at some scary beach photos that can’t be explained.

9. Scary Beach Photos – Beach Time Traveller

Is this proof of time travel?

Is this the proof of time travel that everyone’s been looking for? According to Internet debate, it might just be.

On October 1st, 2018, film colouriser and video editor Stuart Humphryes posted a picture he had recoloured to his Twitter. The photo is of British war workers in 1943 visiting Towan Beach, Cornwall. It’s a charming scene of beach goers seeking respite from the sun. However, one Twitter user noticed the strange man in the middle of the photo.

If you take a closer look, there’s a man right in the middle of the photo wearing an out of place brown suit and he looks to be checking a mobile phone.

This photo was taken during World War 2, a full 30 years before the first mobile was invented, yet the man seems as though he’s texting. Some think the man has been sent back in time to monitor certain events during World War 2 and this photo could be him reporting back to his timeline via some kind of futuristic device.

One commentator hailed the photo as solid proof of time travelers, saying: ‘Finally the evidence we need that time travel is real.’

Humphryes remained level headed about the time travel hype and said ‘I think that chap is rolling a cigarette!’

The photo has since gone viral with many news outlets like Fox News, Daily Mail and LADbible running with the story.

What do you think, is this a man sent from the future to monitor the war or is it simply a gent rolling a cigarette? Fire your opinion off in the comments below.

8. Scary Beach Photos – The Montauk Monster

These are the weirdest things found washed ashore

No list of scary beach photos would be complete without a mention of the Montauk Monster. This strange creature was discovered on a beach in 2008 in New York. The Montauk Monster as it became known has been the subject of controversy ever since. Despite the fact that zoologists quickly identified the monster as a bloated and decomposing raccoon, people have their doubts.

The Plum Island Animal Disease Center is located fairly close to where the bizarre animal was found. This had lead to rumors of strange animal hybrids and experiments gone wrong. To fuel the fire, no one knows where the carcass was taken after it washed up.

7. Possessed Girl Photographed at Beach

Possessed Girl photographed at beach

For most, a family day out at the beach usually ends with fond memories. However, the following family ended up with a photo that will likely haunt their dreams for some time.

This eerie photo was captured in the Dutch coastal town of Zandvoort, on the 22nd of July, 2017.

The man who took the photo said he was vacationing with his family. He took a number of photos during their stay at the beachside destination. When the family were reviewing their holiday photos, they noticed the strange figure in the background.

At first it appears to be a normal, young girl looking towards the camera. However, when you zoom in, her face takes on a somewhat different appearance.

Many have noted that she looks like she’s possessed by a demon and likened her to Regan MacNeil from the film The Exorcist.

The family suggested the photo contained a glitch of some kind and dismissed the idea that the young girl was possessed.

What do you think? Love to get your opinions in the comments section below.

6. Mermaid Sighted at Beach

While this isn’t a photo, it’s well worth throwing into the mix.

This is some wild footage taken in Israel in 2005. It claims to show a real mermaid sunbathing on a rock in the ocean.

Two tourists began filming on their phones when they noticed a strange figure down on one of the rocks. They film for several minutes, calling out to attract the attention of whatever is lying on the rocks. The creature becomes startled and dives backwards into the water. As it does so it seems to reveal a long tail and finned feet.

Curiously, mermaid sightings have become so common in Israel that a mayor of a coastal town has even put up a bounty for anyone that has irrefutable proof. Kiryat Yam in the Haifa Bay district of Israel, has a US $1 million dollar reward for anyone that can show proof that mermaids exist. Dozens of locals claim they have had encounters. One man even says a mermaid touched his leg while swimming in the bay. He was so enamoured by the encounter that he hopes he’ll find the mermaid once more claiming the brief rendezvous was like heaven.

Could this footage be proof of the Israel mermaid? And is it strong enough evidence to claim the $1 million reward?

5. Scary Beach Photos – Filipino Sea Serpent

This snake-like creature was reportedly found on a secluded beach in the Philippines.

Local residents gathered around in shock as they took photos of the mysterious creature found dead on the beach. Thought to have washed ashore during Typhoon Haiyan, initial estimations on the length of the beast were somewhere around 40 feet (12.2 metres).

Although there is very little information available, it is possible that the creature seen in this photo might be a species of deep sea animal that is yet to be classified. What do you think? A snake-like deep sea serpent or a well orchestrated hoax?

4. Scary Beach Photo Shows Disembodied Head

A scary photo of a disembodied head floating behind a woman at the beach.

In this series of bizarre and scary photos submitted by Slapped Ham viewer Bunny L, a woman and her young child pose for the camera on a beach. The first three photos look normal, which makes the fourth photo in the series all the more shocking.

In the fourth photo, there suddenly appears behind the woman what seems to be a disembodied head. Only the hair of the head is really visible until you zoom in closer to see a dark face glancing downward. Because of the position of the head and of the woman in the photo, it is impossible for this head to have been attached to a body.

This photo was taken on a sunny beach, but the face appears to be in shadow. What terrifying entity was lurking behind this woman and child during their carefree day at the beach? No one has been able to explain this terrifying photo.

3. The Grey Man

Shadow people caught on camera

This is allegedly a photo of a shadow figure that haunts the shores of Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

For decades residents have reported sightings of a strange shadowy man that appears on the beach right before severe storms and natural disasters. They say he comes as a premonition for the local people, warning them of impending danger.

Legends say that the Grey Man is the ghost of a young traveler who tragically died many years ago. They say he was on his way to see his fiance when he got caught in quicksand in the marshland that once surrounded Pawleys Island. Now his shadow is left behind, forced to eternally wander in search of his lost love.

Couple Jim and Clara Moore claim they saw the Grey Man on the beach the day before Hurricane Hugo battered the region in 1989. They said they saw a strange legless man down on the beach. When they called out to him the figure vanished from sight.

The following day, the category 5 storm hit shore causing more than US $7 billion worth of damage. When the Moore’s were allowed to return home they found their house completely intact. However, the neighbours on all sides had their homes obliterated by the raging storm.

The Moore’s swear that the Grey Man appeared as an omen, warning them of the catastrophe that would take place. They feel they were blessed by the spirit who spared them from the storm.

2. Unknown Creature Washes Ashore

Strange creatures spotted on Camera

In September 2017, after hurricane Harvey battered the coastline of Southwest Texas, this strange faceless, fanged creature washed ashore. Strong winds and heavy rains pounded the shoreline, bringing with it this bizarre looking animal.

Preeti Desai, a social media manager for conservationist company Audubon, was documenting the devastation caused by hurricane Harvey when she came upon the unknown animal. She took some photos and posed the question to Twitter – ‘…what the heck is this?’.

When the photos went live it whipped people into a frenzy, quick to call it a prehistoric dinosaur or even an alien from another planet.

Desai said that someone suggested that she get in contact with Kenneth Tighe, a biologist at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Tighe, who is a specialist in eels, commented on the photos suggesting it was most likely a fangtooth snake-eel, or Aplatophis chauliodus.

As the photos don’t conclusively show certain features of the creature, it’s still not positively identified leaving some to speculate on the species’ origin.

What do you think, is this merely a bloated eel or is this some kind of prehistoric beast that lurks deep in the ocean off the coast of Texas?

1. Mysterious Man, San Joseph Bay

Are these real photos of Time travel?

This photo taken in San Joseph Bay in British Columbia, Canada in 1917 has set the Internet alight with talk of time travel.

In the photo you can see a man to the left dressed in a t-shirt and shorts with a wild mop of hair. His looks are in stark contrast to the traditional attire worn by the fellow beach goers. Everyone else is wearing dresses and suits with wide brimmed hats – while the alleged time traveler looks comparatively modern. The posture of the so-called ‘time traveler’ looks almost as if he’s just appeared out of thin air.

If you look closely there’s a man in a hat looking astonished at the the way the time traveler is dressed.

The photo was first discovered in a book published in 1974 called The Cape Scott Story. The book details the history of Cape Scott on Vancouver Island.

When the photo was shared across social media, people dubbed the man a modern-looking ‘surfer dude’, with his baggy tee and knee-length boardshorts.

So the question remains, has this historical photo inadvertently captured a time traveler? Or is it simply a young man sporting a look that is ahead of its time?