Creepy Creatures Discovered by YouTubers

What Are These Mysterious Beasts?

From a YouTuber chased by a creature in a sewer to one that filmed a strange animal inside an ice cave, we look at creepy creatures discovered by YouTubers.

5. Creature Filmed Lurking in Woods


In July, 2011, YouTuber, HolaBible managed to capture some sort of creepy creature on camera after hearing scary sounds coming from the woods near his house in Oregon.

After walking for some distance, he eventually spots an unusual beast crouching in the long grass. As the YouTuber speaks to the camera his voice startles the creature, who immediately turns to look towards him. Its eyes look as though they are glowing in the darkness as they reflect the camera’s light.

If you slow the footage down, you can see that the creature appears to be some sort of humanoid. It has smooth, hairless skin and a large dome shaped head. It also looks as though it was crouched over something, possibly a carcass from which it was feeding.

Clearly spooked by what he has just witnessed, HolaBible makes a run for safety and the video abruptly ends.

Because of its similar appearance to an alien grey, many viewers thought that this YouTuber had spotted a being from another world. While others drew comparisons to the Rake as well as several other forest dwelling cryptids.

While the footage does appear to show some type of creepy creature, the poor video quality makes it difficult to know for sure. Unfortunately, without further information we may never know what it was that this Youtuber caught lurking in the woods behind his house.

4. Cave Creature Caught on Tape


This brief clip was uploaded to ProFilms YouTube channel in July, 2016. There is very little information about the video other than it was supposedly captured while they were exploring a cave with a friend.

As the camera holder pans around the interior of the cave, they focus on a dark crevice where they soon notice what appears to be a pair of small eyes peering back at them. The camera then quickly pulls back as they realize what they have just seen.

If you slow the footage down, you can see that the eyes are moving in the darkness and also appear to reflect the camera’s light. At one point, it even looks as though the creature might have a smaller, third eye right between the other two.

When the video was first uploaded, several viewers suggested that whatever the eyes belonged to appeared to be fairly large. Some thought that is could have been a fox, a raccoon or even some type of large insect. They also warned the YouTuber to be very careful if they ever decided to return to the cave.

What do you think the eyes belong to? Could it be some sort of unidentified creature that has managed to survive deep within the cave for thousands of years? Or is it more likely to be just a raccoon or fox?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. YouTuber Films Creepy Creature in Sewer


In June, 2017, popular YouTuber, Papa Jake uploaded this creepy footage to his channel.

After learning that the woods behind his house is supposedly haunted, Papa Jake, along with his friend Logan prepare to investigate.

As they begin their hike, Papa Jake soon mentions that there have been numerous reports of people going missing in the woods and that no one really knows what has happened to them.

The pair eventually stumble across strange tracks which lead them towards a mysterious cave located beneath a tree. Hesitantly, they enter the cave where they discover more unusual prints and claw marks. Believing that the cave might be the lair of some sort of sinister creature, possibly even the Rake, the pair decide to leave and continue their trek through the woods.

Soon, they discover a tunnel and decide to look inside. Using a night vision app on their cell phone they attempt to see if they can spot anything lurking in the darkness ahead.

However, just as they see some sort of creepy creature peering back at them, the video abruptly ends.


A week later, Papa Jake posted this follow up video to his YouTube channel. In it, he once again attempts to gather evidence of something paranormal living in the woods behind his house. This time however, he and Logan decide to head out at 3 am in the morning.

Shortly after beginning their trek, they discover a pair of old shoes beneath an abandoned bridge. Papa Jake then tells the story of several children with jet black eyes that were supposedly caught coming out of the woods at night and attempting to enter nearby houses.

The pair continue further into the woods and eventually reach the mysterious cave that they had discovered a week earlier. As they shine their flashlights inside, one of them can be heard saying that there is something in there!

Surely enough, if you slow the footage down, you can clearly see some sort of creature lurking inside. It looks thin and gaunt and appears to be crawling on all fours.

In the confusion, the pair briefly become separated from each other. However, after communicating via walkie talkie they reunite outside the tunnel. Unsure whether the creature they have just seen has followed them, they hesitantly decide to enter.

The pair slowly push forwards, deeper and deeper into the tunnel. Then, just as the clock on the camera passes 3 am, a blood curdling scream pierces the night air. Their hands shaking, they shine their light ahead and catch a glimpse of a creepy, hunched figure lurking in the darkness. Now frozen with fear, the pair can see that the creature is actually coming towards them.

They then turn and run screaming from the tunnel just as the video ends.

After the footage was released, many viewers noted the eerie similarity between the monster that these YouTubers saw and the mythological creature known as the Rake. While the Rake is thought to have originated from a creepypasta, many believe that it could actually be real as sightings of a similar beast have been reported for hundreds of years.

What do you think? Is it really possible that Papa Jake and his friend Logan managed to catch the Rake on camera? Or was it something else entirely? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

2. Mysterious Masked Figure Seen in Forest


This creepy video was uploaded to bloodzack12’s YouTube channel in November, 2016.

As he and a friend are out investigating an unknown forest, they stumble upon a pile of soiled blankets that have a strange mask sitting on top. The pair continue down the path and it’s not long before they spot another mask. This time, it’s hanging from a tree.

As they move in for a closer look, the camera holder notices something moving in the bushes. Suddenly, a masked figure jumps out from behind the grass.

Scared, the boys make a dash for safety and the video mysteriously ends.

While it’s more than likely that the masked figure seen lurking in the grass was a human, it is unclear whether or not the boys knew who it was.

Several skeptics thought that the video itself felt staged and that the masked figure was more than likely just a friend of the boys.

However, some viewers suggested that it could have been a devil worshiper or cultist who was in the middle of performing some sort of sinister ritual.

It was also noted that the mask worn by the mysterious figure closely resembled the type often worn by spirits and demons depicted in Japanese folklore. If this was the case, then these boys might have been in more danger than they originally thought.

Who do you think was wearing the mask? Could it have been a devil worshiper? A demon? Or was it all more than likely just an elaborate hoax for the camera?

1. YouTuber Catches Cave Cryptid on Camera


This video, uploaded to jfrissina‘s YouTube channel in June, 2009, supposedly shows a creepy creature climbing the walls inside a hundred million year old ice cavern.

The cave, which is located near the town of Hallstatt, Austria can be accessed via a cable car, followed by a short hike.

As the YouTuber enters the cavern, they begin to film various ice formations and as they ascend a flight of stairs you can see dozens of icicles hanging from the ceiling.

As they continue deeper into the cave, it becomes noticeably darker. Suddenly, the camera holder spots something climbing on one of the walls. At first he thinks that it could be a person as he zooms in to get a better look. Then, he can be heard saying that he thinks that it could be a ghost. He continues filming the creepy creature until it disappears out of sight.

If you slow the footage down, you can see that the creature appears to have a humanoid body structure. However, it seems to move in a manner similar to that of a frog or toad.

The clip has baffled many experts who are at a loss to explain how the creature is able to withstand the freezing temperatures within the cave.

Could it be possible this YouTuber has actually discovered some sort of strange creature that has so far managed to allude scientific classification? Unfortunately, without further information, we may never learn the truth behind this mysterious video.