Creepy Black Eyed Children Caught on Camera

Who Are The Mysterious Black Eyed Children?

From a black eyed child photographed in the woods to a YouTuber who claims to have summoned a black eyed child, we look at creepy black eyed children caught on camera.

5. The Black Eyed Girl of Cannock Chase

Front page story about black eyed children in newspaper - Creepy Black Eyed Children Caught on Camera

The Guardian

While sightings of mysterious black eyed children date back as far as the 1950’s they have recently become more frequent. In September, 2014, British newspaper the Daily Star ran three front page stories on alleged sightings of children with black eyes supposedly connected to the sale of a pub in Cannock Chase, UK.

Thought by some to be the most haunted pub in Britain, The Four Crosses Inn was listed on the market for a bargain price, however no one seemed interested in purchasing it.

Paranormal expert Chris Arnold said ‘We have experienced so much there but a piano playing by itself on command was the most dramatic.’

A former staff member who was tasked with opening up the pub one day claimed that she was left terrified after discovering two neatly placed roses on a seat in the ladies toilets. As she turned to exit the room, a large candelabrum had somehow moved and was now blocking her escape.

While no one is certain what is causing these mysterious events, several patrons claim to have seen a young girl dressed in tattered clothing with black eyes in the downstairs bar. When the young girl is spotted she is said to disappear through the wall.

Recently, Cannock Chase has been home to many sightings of black eyed children. Perhaps the most famous of which was made by a woman who claimed to have heard the screams of a young child coming from the forest whilst out hiking with her daughter.

The pair quickly ran towards the screams. As they stopped to catch their breath, the woman turned to see a young girl standing behind them.

The girl was completely still and had her hands covering her eyes. When the woman asked the little girl if she was alright she didn’t say a word. She just slowly lowered her arms revealing coal black eyes. No iris, no white, nothing.

Terrified, the woman grabbed her daughter. She then turned to face the black eyed girl once more but she had completely vanished.

In the late 1960’s, Cannock Chase became famous as the site of a series of grizzly murders. The remains of three young girls were found buried in the woodland after going missing in the area.

Many believe that the Black Eyed Girl of Cannock Chase is actually the restless spirit of one of those girls.


In 2015, Youtuber, Furious Otter uploaded this creepy footage, thought by many to show proof of the black eyed girl’s existence.

As the drone flies above a wooded area in Cannock Chase, the camera spots a figure moving among the dense thicket. The drone heads in for a closer look and reveals what appears to be a young girl in a long white dress.

As is often the case with sightings of black eyed children, it is difficult to prove that the footage is genuine and skeptics note that videos like these could quite easily be faked. Despite these claims, many believers still regard this creepy drone footage as proof that a young girl with black eyes does indeed roam the woodlands of Cannock Chase.

4. Black Eyed Child Photographed in Woods

Woman photographs a black eyed child in the woodlands of the East Riding of Yorkshire, UK - Creepy Black Eyed Children Caught on Camera

Daily Star

In 2013, Hannah Butler snapped this scary photo while on a ghost walk in the foreshore woodlands of Yorkshire, UK.

Her tour guide pointed out a tree where several people had claimed to have seen the ghost of a young orphan girl looking out to sea, waiting for her father to return.

At first, Butler didn’t see anything by the tree but took several photos anyway. As she continued her walk, she began flicking through the images and that’s when she realized that she had captured something terrifying. There, standing by the tree was a young girl in a white dress with jet black eyes.

‘I started freaking out.’ Butler said. ‘I was so shocked. I started crying and had to leave.’

Even her partner, Chris Billings who was normally skeptical when it came to things like this was at a loss to explain the picture.

Since taking the photo, Butler has been plagued by reoccurring dreams of the girl with the black eyes. She says that she is now scared to enter dark rooms, afraid that the little girl will be waiting for her in the corner.

3. Black Eyed Man Appears After Accident


In March 2015, Bruce Edwards uploaded this video to his YouTube channel. He claims that the footage was captured on a cell phone from an actual news broadcast of an accident seen on TV.

A mysterious figure slowly emerges from the bushes that has a gaunt, pale complexion and sunken, jet black eyes.

When the footage first surfaced, opinions on the figure’s identity were divided. Some thought that it was a ghost or even possibly the Grim Reaper coming for the souls of those in the accident. However, others suggested that the creature might actually be an adult version of a black eyed child.

What do you think this mysterious creature could be? Let us know in the comments section below.

2. Trail Cameras Catch Black Eyed Children

Black eyed child caught on trail cam on a deer trail in North Carolina - Creepy Black Eyed Children Caught on Camera

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In recent years, there has been a spate of creepy photos captured on trail cams that show children seemingly alone in the wilderness late at night.

Several viewers have attempted to explain these mysterious sightings by suggesting that they might actually be black eyed children.

In 2013, a camera placed on a deer trail in North Carolina captured this image of a ghost-like girl running through the woods. She is pale and appears to have very long, thin arms. The figure’s face is rather blurry however, making it difficult to see her eyes.

Photos showing a black eyed child in the woods - Creepy Black Eyed Children Caught on Camera


This series of three photos first appeared on Reddit in 2013. Supposedly taken by user noddog11’s friend’s cousin’s tree camera, the images show a young child approaching a deer from the thicket.

While many have been quick to dismiss these photos as hoaxes, experts have noted that they don’t appear to have been manipulated in any way. The reaction of the deer also lends weight to their authenticity as it looks genuinely frightened when it spots the approaching figure.

Exponents of the photos have noted that the time stamp indicates that they were taken a little after 4 o’clock in the morning. Moreover, the child looks quite young. Somewhere between five and ten years old.

This begs the obvious question. Why would such a young child be wandering the woods all alone at 4 am?

Could it possible then, that this camera has actually captured photographic evidence of a black eyed child?

Black eyed child caught on trail camera - Creepy Black Eyed Children Caught on Camera


This now famous photo of a young girl standing beside two deer caused quite a stir when it first appeared online. She looks as though she is dressed for bed and appears to be carrying something under her arm, possibly a blanket or stuffed animal. The startled way the buck is staring at the camera further adds to the uneasy feeling that this image evokes.

Several viewers have pointed out that while it is difficult to tell, the young girl’s eyes might actually be black and could be reflecting the camera flash the same way the deer’s eyes are.

What do you think? Why are there so many trail camera photos of children alone in the woods? Could they be ghosts like some have suggested or are they just a series of well planned hoaxes? Or is there actually weight to the idea that these photos prove that strange black eyed children are roaming the forests at night time?

1. YouTuber Summons Black Eyed Child


This video, first uploaded to Fantastic Daily’s YouTube channel shows a man attempting to summon a black eyed child using an isolated, low frequency signal that he believes the children use to communicate.

To test his theory, the YouTuber sets up a computer near an open window that repeats the sound over and over while a camera records the front porch over night.

When nothing unusual happens, the YouTuber decides to increase the volume of the recording and try again. At about 3:20 am on the second night, something trips the porch’s motion sensor light, however the camera fails to see what it was.

On night’s three and four the camera captures nothing. However, on the fifth night the porch light is tripped once again. This time, there is a young child with coal black eyes peering eerily through the window.

The YouTuber is awoken by strange noises and heads outside to investigate.

Using his phone, he scans the porch but there is nothing there. He then decides to get in his car and drive down the road but once again, fails to locate the creature.

Later, when the YouTuber reviews the footage he is shocked to discover that the creepy figure was actually standing on his porch for over an hour.

When this video first surfaced, it caused quite a stir within the paranormal community. Some claimed it was proof that black eyed children really did exist. Skeptics on the other hand, were quick to point out that the footage could have easily been staged.

What do you think? Is this video real or a well made fake? Without further information, we may never know.