This Terrifying Footage Will Make Your Heart Race

This is so creepy!

The following terrifying footage is scaring the heck out of people. There are many horrifying things that go bump in the night: things that make your heart race whenever you hear a creek or groan as you sit in the dark. For adrenaline junkies, the terrifying footage uploaded to the internet each day can be one of the best sources of terror. If you’re craving a good scare, take a look at the terrifying footage below (if you dare).

7. Terrifying Footage – Buried Alive

Being buried alive has been a common fear for centuries. The dread of premature burial was so prevalent in the 18th and 19th centuries that many people were buried in “safety coffins.” These coffins were built so that a string could be threaded through the top of the coffin; one end of the string was attached to the corpse’s finger and the other end to a bell suspended above the grave. This would allow the interred person to ring the bell if they woke up in their grave, alerting nearby people that they were still alive.

The following footage featured on the Daily Mail’s website seems to prove a fear of premature burial is perfectly justified, even today. The video shows terrifying footage of a burial service in Indonesia. In the short clip, a group of mourners stands around an open grave. Down in the dirt, a body is being interred in a casket fitted with a glass panel, allowing mourners to see inside.

At a telling moment in the service, the priest recites a passage from the Bible reading “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me he will live even though he is dead.” As he speaks these words, a hand seems to reach toward the glass panel from inside the coffin. A moment later, the hand appears to wave at the mourners standing beside the grave.

Some viewers believe that the movement was most likely caused by a rodent trapped inside the coffin. Others have cited scientific evidence of corpses moving after death because of post-mortem muscle spasms. However, other viewers insist that the movement of the hand looked far too deliberate to be attributed to a spasm. Could this terrifying footage be documentation of a modern-day premature burial? Watch the video and judge for yourself.

6. Freaky Shadow Figure

Urban exploration is a fruitful source of terrifying footage that will keep you awake at night. In this video by YouTuber Oday Hindi, a team of explorers enters the former home of a man who was the subject of a local urban legend. According to the stories, the man fell in love with a fairy. His love for the creature caused him to go mad and commit numerous insane and violent acts throughout his life. The legend states that after death, the man became a terrifying jinn that haunts the house to this day.

Early in the exploration, the ghost hunters are startled by a blood-curdling scream that echoes through the abandoned hallways. The scream is loud, as if it came from a room right next to the camera. They continue exploring, and several minutes later, encounter an eerie shadow figure. The figure passes slowly across an entryway; it is large, filling up the entire opening, and wears what appears to be a long, black robe with a large hood to obscure its face. The explorers run to the entryway to search for the entity, but it has disappeared.

The entity reappears a few minutes later, again crossing the threshold of a hallway, but again disappears before the explorers can catch up.

The most terrifying encounter is yet to come. As the Youtuber enters a room and turns the camera on himself to talk to the audience, the horrid figure appears just behind him. It’s skin is pale and grey and matted hair obscures its features. This eerie encounter clearly freaks Oday Hindi out as he swings around to see if anything is there – but again, he’s all alone.

The explorers eventually leave the house, terrified of the mysterious shadow figure.

5. Terrifying Footage – Shadow Caught on CCTV

Caught on servaliance at home watch carefully towards the kitchen. Nothing is on its pitch black and the window shatters are down too from r/Ghosts

When a room is pitch black, with no light coming from anywhere inside or outside the house, it’s impossible for a shadow to appear in the room, right? According to Redditor OneOcelot4, this may not be true. An entity even darker than the dim light of their home made for some terrifying footage that may provide evidence of a ghostly presence.

The video comes from a household CCTV camera. According to the poster, the camera is filming on night-vision mode in a completely dark room. All of the lights are off, and every window is covered by blinds, preventing any light from creeping in from the outside. Yet, as the camera rolls, it records a distinct shadow moving across the room.

To sate the curiosity of nonbelievers, the poster also provides terrifying footage from other cameras, showing that there was nothing moving in the room that could have caused the eerie shadow. Some commenters suggest that the shadow could have been caused by a bug flying across the camera’s light. However, others believe that because of the solid and static shape of the shadow, this theory is unlikely to be true. Could this be real footage of a shadow entity haunting someone’s home?

4. Ladder Moves on Its Own

Ghosts have a reputation for being destructive (or at least nuisances), but in this video by MG Vlogs, we see what could be a ghostly entity that is just trying to help.

The terrifying footage begins with a shot from a CCTV camera in a large public garage. It points out two mysterious shapes that have appeared on camera.

The footage then cuts to a close-up shot of a ladder, most likely shot from a cell phone camera belonging to one of the two men who were present in the garage. In this portion of the video, we see that the ladder is rocking back and forth, moving slowly across the floor. It almost appears as if the ladder is attempting to walk itself across the floor, the two sides of the ladder serving as stiff legs.

Is the ladder possessed? Is a helpful ghost attempting to move the ladder to make the workers’ job easier? No one seems to be able to provide an explanation for this strange video.

3. Terrifying Footage – Little Girl Sees Ghost

Some people believe that children are more attuned to the world of the paranormal than adults. When children are scared of the bogeyman under the bed, could they be seeing ghosts and demons that are just not apparent to those of us who have reached adulthood? In this video by YouTuber carleeoaxaca, that seems to be the case.

This footage was shot by a mother a few minutes after her daughter claimed to have seen something terrifying lurking in her bedroom. According the poster, this is not the first time the child has reported spotting a ghost. With the camera rolling, the mother asks the young girl where the scary thing is. The girl points to the open doors of her closet. When the camera turns to inspect this area, nothing is visible to the naked eye. Yet, the child is too terrified to cross the threshold into the room.

When her mother asks the girl to describe what it is she saw, she remains in the doorway in mute terror, unable to muster a word. Even though we never see the entity, the girl’s reaction is enough to assure us that whatever is lurking in the room is not to be trifled with.

2. Clock Speeds Up After Death

Paranormal experience with hospital clock shortly after a death on the ward (context in comments) from r/Ghosts

Redditor LMonkA7X identifies themselves as a sceptic. They have never really believed in the supernatural, but when their wife, also a sceptic, shared this terrifying footage, both of them felt their beliefs begin to shake.

The wife is a nurse who was working the night shift when a patient unfortunately passed away. The time of death is 3:11am. At 4am, the hospital porters arrive to begin the task of transporting the body from the room to the morgue. As they cart the body away, the nurses stationed nearby notice something odd: the hands on the wall clock have begun spinning around the clock’s face. Ten minutes later, at 4:10am, one of the nurses decides to record the strange phenomenon.

Exactly one minute later, the hands of the clock suddenly stop their movement, landing on the correct time. The time is 4:11am: exactly one hour after the patient died.

The clock is a simple battery-operated analogue clock, so it is unlikely that an electrical problem could have caused the bizarre movements. Considering the time at which the clock suddenly stopped and returned to functioning normally, the hospital staff were understandably unnerved.

1. Terrifying Footage – Poltergeist Moves Chair

You won’t believe what goes on in this haunted airport.

The Islamabad International Airport has only been in operation since 2018. However, in the short time that the airport has been open, it has become apparent that the building is haunted.

The first reports of ghostly activity hit the news less that one month after the airport officially opened. Photos circulated the internet showing strange, shadowy apparitions wandering the building after dark. Numerous customers cancelled their tickets with the airline after seeing the images. However, the reports didn’t end there. People continued to share images and videos showing shadowy figures and objects moving on their own.

In this particular video, uploaded by what seems to be the official Youtube channel for the Islamabad International Airport, we see what appears to be a cargo area within the airport. A desk chair sits in the middle of the floor. As the camera rolls, the chair begins to quickly slide across the concrete floor. It stops for a few seconds, and then gradually turns and begins inching its way toward a nearby opening.

No one seems to know who or what is haunting the Pakistani airport, but if the reports are true, passengers should keep a close eye out for paranormal happenings as they board their flights.