Are These Children Haunted by Ghosts?

Can Children Really See Ghosts?

From a child that claims to see ghosts to a baby fascinated by a floating orb, we ask the question, are these children haunted by ghosts?

7. Toddler Sees Ghost?


Children haunted by ghosts is certainly not a new phenomenon. This footage uploaded to YouTube by dogzapper50 was actually captured in 1990. In the video, a mother is seen having a cute conversation with her 2-year-old daughter. The girl sits in a high chair, smiling and chatting with her mother. She doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. Then, the footage takes a strange turn.

We see the toddler twist around in her chair to look at the wall behind her. When she turns back to the camera, the carefree smile on her face has been transformed into a look of confusion. She looks at her mother and asks her what happened to the ghost? It is unclear if she saw a ghost behind her high chair, or if she is commenting on an earlier spiritual encounter. However, when her mother nervously asks her to elaborate, the young girl asks a shocking question. She looks at her mother and inquires, “Daddy killed ‘em?”

The toddler’s mother is clearly shaken by this bizarre and frightening comment. She begins to chuckle nervously, then gradually erupts into almost maniacal laughter. The footage ends before the child is given an answer to her macabre inquiry.

6. Young Girl Spots Something on Ceiling


Children haunted by ghosts are not always terrified by the experience. In some instances, such as this series of videos uploaded to YouTube by JULIUSKITTY, the ghosts seem to be a friendly presence in the child’s life.

In the first video in the series, we see the young girl staring at the ceiling. Her mother states that she has been staring up there all day. Yet, the camera clearly shows that there is nothing there.


In the second video, the child continues staring and pointing at the ceiling. In a few instances, she seems to be laughing at the antics of her possible ghostly visitor. While the toddler is mostly unresponsive to her mother’s inquiries about the invisible presence, at one point the girl seems to be saying ‘Nana’. The child’s mother also states that the ‘ghost’ seems to be teaching the girl to demonstrate her age on her fingers. She would look to and from the ceiling repeatedly, attempting to hold up two fingers.

After appearing to use the ghost as a reference several times, she succeeds at the task.


In the final video in the series, the girl continues to stare at the invisible presence on the ceiling. This time, she seems to be dancing with them, laughing all the while. Then, she holds her arms out toward the ceiling, as if asking the ghost to pick her up and hold her. Throughout the encounter, she refuses multiple attempts to name who or what it is she is interacting with, leaving her parents to wonder who is visiting their little girl?

5. 2-Year-Old Sees ‘Scary Friend’


While some children haunted by ghosts seem to welcome their invisible visitors, others are clearly terrified. For example, the young girl in this video uploaded by YouTuber carleeoaxaca does not seem to enjoy having a ghost in the house at all.

According to the mother who shared the video, the toddler was playing happily in her mother’s bedroom when she suddenly became very scared. Staring at something that only she could see, she whispered a chilling phrase: “Scary friend.” She then left the room at that point to get away from whatever it was she saw in there.

When she returned to the room, she was reluctant to cross the threshold. She kept a tight hold on her mother while staring at something that was lingering behind her. Just before this video was taken, the child left the room and her mother returned on her own. The child then apparently tried to hold her mother back from entering the supposedly haunted space.

In the video, we see the girl nervously hovering just outside the door, reluctant to step inside. She takes a tentative step across the threshold, but quickly backtracks. All the while, she is staring at something that is apparently lurking just behind her mother. Like most of the children that seem to be haunted by ghosts, she appears reluctant to name her invisible visitor.

Many believe that children possess the ability to sense things that adults cannot. Does this video prove that they really can see spirits? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

4. Baby Gets Distracted by Spirit Orb


In some cases, evidence of a potential child haunting is only apparent after the parents review the footage. Such is the case in this video uploaded to YouTube by SusanPayton1.

This adorable clip shows an infant happily playing on the floor with his father. The child laughs and smiles, wiggling around to show his joy at his father’s antics. However, the baby suddenly stops laughing, and his parents are unsure why. They watch as their now somber child appears to follow something across the room with his eyes, turning his head to watch as it seems to float by.

In the video footage, we can clearly see what has captured the child’s attention. Moments after his face turns serious, a mysterious orb floats into the camera’s frame. His eyes remain glued to it as it makes its way across the room.

Some people claim that orbs such as this are most likely just dust particles floating on the air that catch the light. However, others believe that these orbs are of supernatural origin.

Why would a speck of dust cause such a strange reaction in a child? As he watches the shape, he seems enthralled, but also concerned. Based on the child’s reaction, this potential paranormal activity may have been caused by something a bit more worrying than excess dust.

3. Toddler Spots Orbs Flying By


According to Stephanie Jenkins, her toddler often has encounters with a spirit hanging around their home. She believes that the spirit may be the little girl’s deceased grandmother stopping by to pay a visit.

In this video, the little girl is standing at the foot of the stairs, laughing and smiling as her mother captures the adorable moment on film. However, the toddler suddenly stops laughing. She seems to follow something invisible with her eyes with a look of curious awe on her face. The video shows that just as her demeanor changes, an orb floats by, right in front of her.

The child spends several seconds wildly shaking her head back and forth, as if searching for something. Then, she reaches her hand toward the threshold of a nearby room. She heads into the room as if following something that only she can see. According to her mother, it looked as if her child was being led by the hand. Unlike in other ghost videos, this little girl doesn’t seem to be afraid of the supposed spirit. If anything, she seems fascinated by it, curious to see more of her ‘invisible friend’.

If her mother is correct, and it is the little girl’s grandmother visiting in spirit form, this ghost is most likely a source of comfort for the child rather than something to fear.

2. Little Girl Stares at Spirits


YouTuber, Nikki Tallent also appears to believe that young children are more attuned to the spiritual world. As with several of the previous videos we’ve seen, this child’s bizarre behavior seems to be linked to the appearance of ghostly orbs that are visible on film.

In the clip, we see the young girl standing motionless in the corner of a room. According to her parents, she had been standing there for several minutes, talking quietly, before they began filming. Because of the noise in the room, they were unable to hear what she was saying. Likewise, the camera doesn’t pick up the sound of her apparent one-way conversation. Repeated attempts to get the girl’s attention are ignored as she remains focused on her conversation. All the while, ghostly orbs appear to be flying around the room.

Eventually, her parents succeed in getting the girl to turn around. She walks slowly toward them, silently looking around the room as if watching the orbs in their ethereal flight. She has a slight smile on her face as she looks around. However, she refuses to tell her parents what had captured her attention in the corner of the room.

Could it really have been something supernatural that this little girl was communicating with? Or was it more likely just the overactive imagination of a child? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Young Boy Talks About Ghost Encounter


When John Birmingham made this video of his child, Rowan he and his wife probably never expected to hear such bizarre things coming from his mouth. In a seemingly rare instance, this child seems willing to talk about his ghostly encounters. According to his parents, Rowan was playing outside at twilight when he claimed to have seen a man inside the house through the window.

At one point in the video, the child can be seen waving to the ghostly figure, describing him as a big man who is brown or black. He also says that the man is “like an aeroplane,” perhaps indicating that he is hovering or flying in the air. He stares at the figure, asking his parents, “What’s the man doing in there?” The parents seem perplexed.

The following day, the boy’s parents notice something interesting. They move a plant off of its holder, and see what looks like African masks carved into the wood. After some research, they realize that what they’ve been using as a plant holder is actually an African “unity carving” handcrafted in Ghana. Because the boy described the man as being brown or black, his parents believe that it’s possible that a spirit attached itself to this carving.

Hopefully, for this family’s sake, the ghostly entity continues to remain a friendly presence.