Scary Pictures That Can’t Be Explained

These Scary Photos Have Captured Some Mysterious Stuff!

From a possible ghost photographed in a truck to a creepy figure spotted in a cemetery, these are scary pictures that can’t be explained.

7. Ghost in the Darkness

Ghostly face near the playground.


Originally posted to Reddit by user needleboigurl, this photo has left skeptics stumped. Taken late at night, the poster explains the odd circumstances behind the picture.

They claim that the photo was captured at about 11:00 pm by a friend who lives in a rural location and that the playground is actually in their backyard. The poster also mentions that as their friend took the photo as part of an art project, it wasn’t odd for him to be out in his backyard even though it was the middle of the night and clearly pouring with rain.

Given these circumstances, it certainly seems unlikely that there would be anyone else in the area.

Ghostly face near the playground. (Enhanced)


While the dark figure’s outline was obvious enough in the original photograph to raise the poster’s suspicion, an edit by Redditor YeahImLage better displays the creepy scene.

The lightened photo appears to reveal that the figure is dressed rather strangely. Some who’ve viewed the picture have even suggested that they look as though they are wearing a top hat and have a mustache, similar to a man from the 1800’s.

While many Redditors attempt to debunk obviously fake photos, this one seems more difficult to explain.

Even when enlarged, the photo does not appear to have been edited in any way. With the mysteriously dressed figure clearly visible, the photo seems to be the real deal and is certainly exceedingly creepy.

However, the question remains over who or what the figure actually is? Given its bizarre attire some have suggested that it could be a ghost. While others seem more concerned that it is a stalker with possible sinister intentions. Either way, I’m sure this budding photographer will think twice before heading into his backyard to capture more art project snaps.

6. The Hand in the Window Photograph

Ghost in the bar window.

CBS Baltimore

Captured by Nicole and Joseph Henry whilst on a ghost tour in Baltimore, this scary picture is a perfect example of one that is difficult to explain.

The tour began just like many others, with a stop at a locally known haunted bar. Thinking little of it, Joseph decided to take a snapshot of the exterior of the building. However, the pair were stunned at what they had captured when they looked back at the photo.

Close up of the ghost in the bar window.

CBS Baltimore

Many think it shows the ghostly blue figure of a young girl standing in the window. However, the creepiest detail is the figure’s apparent outstretched arm.

While the mysterious appearance could be dismissed as a potential trick of the light or odd camera glitch, the arm looks far too clear as it seems to reach through the sealed window and out onto the street.

After showing the creepy photo to their guides, Melissa Rowel, co-owner of Baltimore Ghost Tours said, “People email us ghost photos all the time, but I’ve never seen anything like this,” She then went on to say that most of the photos they get from their tours are of orbs, or balls of lights normally associated with spirits.

The pub’s staff where the photo was taken also seem to confirm its validity. It is said that they rarely venture up to the second floor as it is believed to be haunted. One member of the staff has even confirmed seeing the ghostly figure of a young girl similar to the one captured in this very picture.

5. Mysterious Figure Seen on Moon

Mysterious figure seen on the moon.

Above Top Secret

This strange photo was uploaded to YouTube as part of a video by user wowforreeel. The original image was submitted to the channel by a YouTuber named Jasenko who, supposedly spotted it on Google Moon.

As the site is used to provide users with a direct opportunity to observe our nearest celestial body, this image has understandably come under much scrutiny.

The picture shows the surface of the moon, with circular craters visible all around. However, there is clearly something that stands out. There appears to be a dark shadow being cast from a large, standing object.

Since the startling image first appeared online, several viewers have debated its identity. Some think it’s a shadow cast from a statue while others think it could be some sort of humanoid creature.

Despite this, many believe the strange figure is little more than a light anomaly or camera glitch. However, if the background of this image is correct and it has not been manipulated in any way, the implications could be huge.

This image could prove that there is some form of life dwelling on the moon.

4. Spooked Teen Photographs Haunted Truck

Ghost face in Truck.

The Sun

This scary picture was captured by Troy Vance who now seems convinced that his Ford pickup truck is being haunted by the ghost of a young boy.

Thought to have drowned, the boy’s tragic tale is apparently well known to locals and Vance thinks that the place where the photo was taken might also be the spot where the boy met his demise.

Attempting to solve the mystery, Vance decided to use a spirit box to try and communicate with the ghost. While seemingly unsuccessful in reaching the boy, he mentioned that during the session a weird shadow did cross the window just before he heard something slam into the truck with a loud bang. He also noted that he is unsure whether the boy’s supposed spirit is actually attracted to him or if it’s his truck that its interested in.

When you first glance at the photo, the ghostly figure is difficult to make out. However if you zoom in, there certainly appears to be a face peering out of the windshield. Its pale with dark eyes and does indeed resemble a young boy.

What do you think? Has Vance really captured a ghost on camera? If so, could it actually be that of the drowned boy? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Ghost at the Theater

Ghost at the theater.


The next in this series of scary pictures are these photos posted to Facebook by musician, Chad Lawson.

Lawson was performing a sound check at the Paramount Theater is Austin, Texas when he snapped three quick photos shortly before leaving the stage. However, when he returned to his hotel room he spotted something rather creepy in the second photo – a mysterious woman in a long, white dress.

Ghost seen at a theater.


Intrigued, Lawson decided to do a little research on the theater itself. He soon learned that there had been previous sightings of a ghostly woman in a white dress seen roaming through the isles of the mezzanine.

When questioned, the theater’s staff suggested that the figure may have been the venue’s manager. However, none of them were able to confirm for certain.

What makes the series of photographs particularly spooky is that if you look closely at the third image the figure also seems visible. However, it appears to be wispy and transparent, almost as though it is floating away.

What do you think? Has this musician actually captured photographic proof that Austin’s Paramount Theater is haunted? Or could there be another explanation for this scary picture?

2. The Ghostly Intruder

Creepy face seen in selfie.


This scary photo was posted to Reddit by user indiecindyyy. Having captured what at first, appears to be an average selfie, the poster probably received quite a shock when she spotted the creepy face just above her raised foot.

Doing what almost anyone would do upon making such a discovery nowadays, indiecindyyy posted the photo online. While the face is certainly clear, Reddit commenters have voiced their hesitation in believing that the picture actually shows a ghost.

Many seem to agree that this could be a prime example of pareidolia, the tendency to perceive something in an image that really isn’t there. Because humans are social creatures, people are highly tuned to spot faces and can sometimes even see them in random objects.

Others seem more concerned that the face might have belonged to a human intruder, quietly lurking in the darkness while the poster played with her phone. With several credible explanations on offer it seems that without further information, it will have to be left up to the viewer to decide what this photo really shows.

1. Creepy Figure Photographed in Cemetery

Creepy figure in the cemetery.


Originally posted to Reddit by shazam-01, this chilling image was lightened by user vioxray so that it was easier to see.

Creepy figure in the cemetery. (Enhanced)


Captured in a cemetery at night, the outline of a mysterious figure seems visible in the image. Vioxray even suggested that it resembled an escaped mental patient. Certainly not something you would want to see in any situation let alone this one.

If you take a close look at the picture, it does appear as though the figure is wearing some sort of dress or gown which has led some to suggest that the figure could simply be a woman in a robe. However, given the location of the photo that seems unlikely.

Regardless of the mysterious figure’s identity, it seems that the photographer will probably have second thoughts before once again venturing into this cemetery at night.