Ghost Photos Sent in by Slapped Ham Viewers

Thanks to our viewers for these terrifying photos!

Amateur ghost hunters are some of the best sources for eerie ghost photos. Whether you’re actively searching for a spirit or just notice one skulking in the background of a snapshot, you never know when a sneaky spirit will make itself known. Below, take a look at some ghost photos sent in by Slapped Ham viewers.

7. Ghost Photos – Boy in the Grass

Ghost photo sent in by Ryan M shows ghostly child in grass.

When Slapped Ham viewer Ryan M. took a trip with a group of friends to Roxborough State Park in Colorado, United States, he never expected to come home with two chilling ghost photos.

One member of the group spotted a perfect place for a photo op atop a large boulder with the scenic mountains in the background. Ryan snapped two photos: one as his friend was climbing onto the rock, and another with him triumphantly perched at the top. However, he isn’t alone in either of the photos. Both snapshots show a small boy standing in the tall grass around the base of the rock. The child’s face is blurry, so his features are difficult to make out. He’s either obscured by grass or he’s actually transparent, and we can see the grass behind him. Either way, the group of friends is certain that they would have remembered a small child wandering around alone while they attempted to get the shot. Yet, no one remembers seeing a child nearby.

Ghost photo sent in by Ryan M shows ghostly child in grass.

US state parks are common places for strange happenings. According to some statistics, over 1,600 people have gone missing in state parks over the years, few of which have ever been located. Many of the stories of disappearances are bizarre and mysterious, with few clues or confusing details. One possible explanation for the appearance of a ghostly child in the photos from Roxborough State Park is that this boy is one of the thousands of people who met their ends within the park system, leaving his lonely spirit behind, still searching for help from strangers. However, without being able to identify the child, his appearance remains a mystery.

This eerie photo does leave you with the question – is something sinister happening in America’s National Parks?

6. The Spirit of an Old Man

Scary ghost photo shows old man in reflection.

Not all ghost photos are as obvious as the little boy wandering a state park. In this photo submitted by Corrine S., you may have to look twice to spot the photobombing phantom.

Corrine’s mother-in-law went for a visit with her Uncle Lenny. Uncle Lenny had lost his wife years ago, but still kept photos of the two of them around the house to remember his beloved. When Corrine’s mother-in-law saw this particular photo of the two of them when they were young, she decided to capture a photo of it on her camera.

In the image, you can see her reflection in the glass as she holds up her camera to snap the photo. In the reflection, there is also a man with glasses standing to her right. When she took the photo, Uncle Lenny was standing to her left; there was no one else in the house at the time. So who was the man in glasses standing on her other side?

Ghosts often make themselves known through photos and reflections even when they aren’t visible to the naked eye. Perhaps some other deceased relative decided to pay a visit and join the nostalgia that the old photo brought. However, the family has no idea who the phantom visitor could be.

5. Ghost Photos – Shadow Figure Spotted in Fort Purbrook

Creepy ghost photo sent in my Debbie M

Old forts, often epicenters of wartime violence, are common settings for eerie ghost photos. Viewer Debbie M. learned this firsthand during her visit to Fort Purbrook in Portsmouth, UK.

The visit took place late in the evening, long after most visitors have gone home. Despite the dark, Debbie still explored the old fort, snapping some photos to remember the occasion. Upon reviewing the photos, she noticed something odd: the silhouette of a person in one of the windows.

Because the figure is blocking out the light, it couldn’t be a mere reflection. Debbie contacted the staff at the fort, hoping they might have some answers. However, the staff was just as disturbed by the photo; no one was inside the fort at the time, and the lights in the building are motion-activated, so there would be no reason for the light to come on if the room was empty.

The staff of Fort Purbrook are no strangers to ghost photos; the fort regularly experiences haunted happenings, drawing the attention of many amateur ghost hunters. The ghostly activity is most common in the tunnels beneath the fort, where visitors and staff have heard whispers, moans, and knocks. Others have seen objects move on their own or spotted shadow entities. No one is sure who exactly is haunting the old fort, but the ghost of a deceased soldier is likely the culprit.

4. Sinister Presence

Scary ghost face sent in by Slapped Ham viewer Allister Wager

Often, ghost photos are passed from person to person, building a mysterious aura that gives the image an element of intrigue. Viewer Allister W. was given this photo by a friend who claims one of their friends snapped the image at their home in Saddle Lake in Alberta, Canada. With little context for the photo, it remains shrouded in mystery.

According to the story, the person who took the photo was plagued by a sinister feeling, almost as if something was watching them through the darkened windows of their home. Terrified by the eerie presence, they turned away from the window and reached over their shoulder to snap a photo, hoping to capture and image of whatever was haunting them. Unfortunately, they learned the old lesson, “be careful what you wish for.”

The photo shows an eerie face peering through the shadows outside the window. The photo is too dark and blurry to make out many features, but when you adjust the brightness the sinister face is clearly there.

scary ghost face lurking in darkness.

The friend of a friend who took the photo is not the only resident of Saddle Lake to have paranormal experiences. Many of the locals have similar stories of feeling like some invisible entity was watching them, only to spot a similarly terrifying face staring out of the shadows.

3. Ghost Photos – Eerie Face

Ghost photos sent in by Slapped Ham viewer Paulo TP, shows creepy face in background.

It isn’t unusual for spirits to be difficult to spot in ghost photos, but once you see them, their faces often haunt you. In this photo submitted by Slapped Ham viewer Paulo, a sneaky spirit is the stuff of nightmares.

On first glance, this photo, taken in the Philippines, looks like an ordinary photo of two guys hanging out by a pool. They smile at the camera without a care in the world, unaware of the presence lurking behind them. If you look closely behind the boy on the left, you’ll notice something strange peeking out from the pool: an eerie face with glowing eyes staring into the camera.

Most likely, the boys would have noticed if someone had crawled out the pool while they were taking the photo. Yet, this terrifying, pale face certainly seems to have noticed them. There is little information available to figure out who this demonic ghost could be. Perhaps the spirit of someone who met their untimely end in this very swimming pool? Without knowing more about where the photo was taken, this horrifying entity remains a mystery.

2. Haunted House on Plantation Land

Curious anomaly in ghost photos sent in by Cathleen R.

When Slapped Ham viewer Cathleen R. purchased a house in Abbeville, Louisiana in the United States, ghost photos were the last thing on her mind. After moving into the house, strange, paranormal things began to happen. She and her daughter heard mysterious voices speaking to them, feeling the breath on their skin, and toys and lights would begin turning on randomly. They saw indents in mattresses where no one was sitting and lightbulbs would occasionally explode. She even saw her daughter holding out her arms as if asking to be picked up by someone only she could see.

On one of these occasions when her daughter reached out to an unseen entity, Cathleen took a photo to see what would appear on the film. Much to her surprise, the picture showed the silhouette of a ghostly woman hovering over her daughter.

On another day, Cathleen began to feel cold and breathless while standing in the hallway. A moment later, her daughter began screaming in terror. They fled the hallway, but Cathleen first snapped a picture. She was shocked when she saw the image; in the picture, there appears to be a pale figure in a dark robe floating in the air.

Terrifying shadow figure in hallway, sent in by Slapped Ham viewer Cathleen R

The ghostly presences haven’t caused too much trouble yet, but this Slapped Ham viewer should probably tread lightly when dealing with these spirits.

1. Ghost Photos – Entity Caught on Camera in Squirrel Cage Jail, Iowa

Scary Ghost photo sent in by Slapped Ham viewer John R. A shadow figure at Squirrel Cage Jail, Iowa

When John R. visited the Squirrel Cage Jail in Iowa, United States for a paranormal investigation, he was hoping to come home with a few ghost photos. The spirits did not disappoint.

In this photo from the jail, a dark, shadowy entity appears with its back to the camera. Performing some research in collaboration with the staff, John was able to determine that the entity is wearing a jacket with patches that match those worn by local police in the 1930s and 40s. In addition, it appears to be holding a key fob similar to the ones used at this particular jail, suggesting that the entity may be the spirit of a former prison guard.

The Squirrel Cage Jail is known as a hotbed for paranormal activity. The prison was built on the site of a former church morgue, and as far back as the 1950s, prison guards began hearing mysterious footsteps when alone in the building. Even today, staff in the building, which is now a historic museum, hear footsteps and voices, even spotting shadowy figures moving around.

One well-known death that occurred in the building is that of a prison guard whose gun misfired during a riot. As the ghost in this photo is likely that of a guard, this could be the identity of the eerie entity captured in John’s now-famous photo.