10 Photos of Ghost Children That Have Everyone Scared

These Photos of Ghost Children Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

From a photo of a ghost girl on a ship to the image of a boy who drowned years earlier, we count 10 photos of ghost children that have everyone scared.

10. Ghost Girl Peers Through Door

Ghost child looking through front door - 10 Photos of Ghost Children That Have Everyone Scared

Ghosts and Ghouls

In 2004, a boy took this photo of his family out the front of their home on a bright Summer’s day. At first, no one noticed anything unusual about the picture and it wasn’t until sometime later when the family were thumbing through an old photo album that they realized that there was another figure present in the picture.

If you take a closer look at the glass oval in the center of the front door, you can clearly see what appears to be a young girl dressed in white, starring out at the family.

The family claim that there was no one else in the house at the time the photo was taken and that the house itself was only four years old. They had purchased it just six months after it was built and had never heard of a little girl ever living there. They were completely baffled by the image.

The figure has a pale, featureless face and looks strangely out of place dressed in a long, flowing gown on a hot Summer’s day.

Some who have seen the picture believe that the little girl maybe be a spirit that is somehow attached to the house. While others have suggested that it could be a long lost deceased relation of the family. Who do you think it could be? Let us know in the comments section below.

9. Ghost Scares Cat

Cat hissing at ghost - 10 Photos of Ghost Children That Have Everyone Scared


This photo was taken by a couple whose cat kept hissing at the patio door. Every time they got up to inspect, their didn’t seem to be anything there. They decided to take a photo to see if they could catch whatever it was that the cat was hissing at. When they uploaded the image to their computer they could not believe what they had captured.

In the photo, there appears to be a little girl starring into the house. She is pale and vapor-like and looks to be wearing some sort of period dress. The cat looks as though it can clearly see the ghostly figure as it arches its back, hissing at the window.

Many believe that animals can see things that humans cannot and that they have a heightened sensitivity to the supernatural.

The couple, who were obviously shaken by the photo said that they had no idea who the little girl was. The house was believed to be very old so it was possible that the mysterious figure may have once been a resident.

Whatever it was that the couple have captured in this photo, I’m sure they will pay closer attention to where their cat is looking from now on.

8. Ghost Boy Caught On Film

Ghost seen behind boy in living room - 10 Photos of Ghost Children That Have Everyone Scared


When a young woman took a series of photos of her son, she was shocked to discover that see had captured something more. Over the boys left shoulder you can clearly see a dark figure walking across the carpet. The figure is about the size of the boy and if you look closely, you can make out legs which even cast a shadow across the floor. The apparition has no distinguishable facial features and you can see the sofa straight though it.

When the image first appeared online, skeptics suggested that the ghostly figure could simply be another child that had been blurred by the camera’s slow shutter speed. The woman said that it wasn’t possible however, as there was no one else in the house at the time the photos were taken.

What do you think this photo has captured? Has this young mother actually photographed a ghost child walking around her living room?

7. Ghost Girl Patting Horse

Ghost girl patting horse - 10 Photos of Ghost Children That Have Everyone Scared


This photo was captured by a woman in Dartmoor, England in 2002. At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be anything strange about it. That is until you hear the chilling backstory. The woman was sitting in her car with her partner watching the ponies in a nearby field when she decided to take some photos. It was raining outside so she leaned out the window of the car to get the picture.

When the pair reviewed the photos later that evening they were stunned to see a young girl with blonde hair patting the horse. The woman claimed that there was no one else in the area at the time the photo was taken and that they had not seen the girl.

If you take a closer look at the girl in the image you can see that her arm is unusually thin and she has long, wispy fingers draped down the side of the horse.

The area where this picture was taken is infamous for strange ghost sightings. In the 1920’s a series of fatal accidents occurred along a nearby stretch of road. One survivor told authorities that as he was travelling along the road he suddenly felt a pair of rough, hairy hands wrench at the steering wheel, causing him to swerve off the road.

Another couple reported being attacked by a ghostly hand while camping in the area that only disappeared after the woman used her fingers to make the sign of the cross.

Over time, these and other bizarre sightings came to be known as the Ghostly Hands of Dartmoor. Could it be possible that this budding photographer has actually captured proof that there is a ghost haunting the area?

6. Blue Boy Scares Hen’s Party

Hen's party photo - 10 Photos of Ghost Children That Have Everyone Scared

In 2017, a group of women on a hen’s party captured these two photos at a remote estate in Scotland.

When the images were posted to Reddit they immediately caused a stir.

Ghost boy in hen's party photo - 10 Photos of Ghost Children That Have Everyone Scared

The Scottish Sun

In the second picture, which was taken just moments after the first, you can clearly see a small boy on the left hand side, staring at the group from behind the chopped logs.

After the group looked at the images they were supposedly so frightened by what they saw that they left the area immediately.

Several of the girls did some investigating and discovered that a young boy had died while staying at the nearby Coylet Hotel with his mother. He was said to have drowned after sleepwalking into the murky waters of the lake.

According to the owners of the hotel, the boy’s presence could still be felt in room 4 and guests had also reported belongings going missing and being moved. Some even claimed to have seen mysterious wet footprints appear on the floor as the boy searched the hallways for his mother.

Since the child’s tragic drowning, he has become known to the locals as ‘the Blue Boy’ because of the color his skin was by the time they eventually pulled him out of the lake.


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