10 Jaw-Dropping Ghost Sightings with REAL Footage

These ghost sightings will give you chills!

From a poltergeist slamming doors in a morgue to an eerie lady spotted multiple times on a dark country road, we count 10 jaw-dropping ghost sightings with real footage.

10. Morgue Poltergeist

Let’s kick things off with one of the most chilling ghost sightings going around the Internet.

Two security guards are doing a routine check of a Brazilian hospital. When they reach the basement to lock up the morgue for the night, they hear something banging in the distance. For some reason the lights are flickering down the hallway. A small red door can be seen opening and closing, slamming into the wall. It rhythmically bashes into the wall over and over.

Gradually, the two guards make their way to the door when suddenly it stops banging. Then as they get close enough to inspect the door, the lights switch off, plunging them into complete darkness. Eventually, the lights come back on and there appears to be no explanation for the swinging door. As they take a look at the cabinet, another strange banging noise begins further down the hallway.

Unfortunately, the clip ends abruptly and we get no resolution.

No one has been able to explain this eerie video. Some social media viewers thought it had to be a hoax, noting that the lights turned off conveniently to edit out what ever was making the door swing. Some thought there was no way it could be have been faked, hailing it as evidence of a poltergeist haunting the morgue. Others didn’t care whether it was real or fake and just enjoyed it for the chilling clip that it is.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

9. Hotel Ghost

This video started spreading around Facebook last year. It appears to be filmed on a security camera in an unknown hotel.

A man is resting when suddenly an apparition of some sort appears next to the bed. It eerily watches him sleep.

Suddenly the man begins to writhe about in bed as though he is somehow being influenced by the specter. He contorts into an awkward position then wakes up holding his head as if he’s in pain. The figure disappears briefly when the man looks around the room but then reappears as he looks the other way.

What is going on in this video?

Some commentators have noted that a security camera in a hotel bedroom seems a little suspicious, if not set up. Paranormal enthusiasts however believe the footage is genuine, and that the man has suffered from a partial possession but woke up just in time to ward the spirit away.

8. Ghost on the Road

This terrifying video was captured on dash cam by a motorist in the district of Kulim in the Malaysian state of Kedah.

As they drive through rural country side at 3:25 am, the driver notices a woman dressed in a red top walking by the side of the road.

Thinking nothing of it, they continue into the night.

Moments later, a woman wearing the exact same outfit, traditionally known as kebaya, can be seen walking along the road.

Several metres down the track the woman is seen yet again.

Then as the car rounds the corner, somehow, the woman is in front once more but this time is in the middle of the road.

Finally the driver freaks out, reverses and speeds off in the opposite direction.

This clip went viral across social media, scaring the heck out of millions of viewers. Some thought it was a witch or a ghost, others claimed it was a cleverly edited marketing campaign for a Malaysian horror movie The Legend of Pontianak.

7. Ghost Uses Gym Equipment

In November 2016, several children got the fright of their lives when they noticed a piece of gym equipment moving all on its own.

A woman who was walking through the park in Cancun, Mexico took out her phone and began filming the eerie phenomena. She warned passing children to stay away from the moving machine.

In the footage, you can clearly see a shoulder press exercise machine moving up and down on its own.

The woman filming, yells ‘Look at that! It’s moving on its own’, before urging the children to keep their distance.

When the clip was shared to social media, viewers suggested it was a ghost working out. Others thought it must be a hoax but couldn’t quite justify how the machine was moving all on its own.

The maintenance company responsible for the outdoor equipment inspected the machine but didn’t offer an explanation.

Despite the clip being several years old, no one has been able to prove whether the footage is real or fake.

6. Haunted Pizzeria

The owner of this pizzeria in Tampa, Florida believes something supernatural is happening in his store.

In mid-2017 he began experiencing unusual events that couldn’t quite be explained. He would often open his store in the morning to find things had been moved and objects lying on the ground. Then, one evening in August, his security camera captured something creepy on film.

As the owner locks up for the night and closes the front door to leave, a small jar flies off the counter top. At the same time, what looks to be a salt shaker, moves off the table.

This footage appears to confirm the store owner’s suspicions, as numerous objects move around the the room, seemingly on their own.

Is this pizzeria haunted?

Later that month, more footage was released showing objects moving, this time right in front of someone.

In this clip, a Bite Squad driver, (similar to Uber Eats) comes into the store to pick up a delivery order. As he’s waiting for the food, a green box of soda cans flies off the table, startling the delivery boy. Similar to the first clip, a second object moves at the same time. If you look to the left of screen, a pen falls off a box in the corner.

What could be causing these objects to move on their own? Could it simply be a publicity stunt or is this pizza store haunted?


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