10 Most Haunted Places in India We Dare You to Visit!

Would you visit these haunted locations?

From a wizard that cursed an entire fort to ruin to an allegedly haunted witch haven, these are the 10 most haunted places in India.

10. Train Shaft No. 33, Kalka-Shimla Line

Tunnel 33 on the Shimla train line is one of the Most Haunted Places in India
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The 33rd tunnel of the Shimla-Kalka train track is thought by many to be haunted. The tunnel is old and dark and some visitors say they’ve felt very uncomfortable while visiting it. It’s as though they’re being watched by some unseen force from the shadows of the abyss.

Captain Barog, who was a British engineer in charge of the construction of the shaft in 1898, struggled to manage the project. Due to a variety of problems such are poor management, money and exceeded deadlines he was unable to finish the build. The construction company back in Britain, that was responsible for the rail line, ended up fining Captain Barog for his negligence.  In effect this ruined Barog’s career and left his reputation in tatters, so much so, he ended up killing himself out of disgrace. Due to the horrific nature of his death, some say his spirit lingers on in the 33rd tunnel of the Shimla-Kalka train line, destined to haunt the area for all eternity. However, there are reports that the Captain’s spirit isn’t an angry one. Some locals have been seen chatting to thin air as though in conversation with this malevolent ghost.

While the Captain’s lingering spirit may be seen as good there are tales of slightly more sinister hauntings around the area. Some have witnessed a woman covered in blood screaming, rushing inside the shaft, and then disappearing. When witnesses run to help there’s no evidence of the woman what so ever. Perhaps it’s a sign of a tragic event, a soul that cries out for help, begging for resolution.

9. Cemetery in Dagshai

Dagshai cemetery is one of the Most Haunted Places in India
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Just like the previous story, many paranormal events throughout India tell of good spirits that intend to help those in need.

One such story follows the wife of a British army officer, Mary Rebecca, who was near the end of her pregnancy when she suddenly became ill and perished. She was buried in Dagshai cemetery. As a memorial, Rebecca’s husband, British Major George Oswald Weston, created a marble statue of a woman and her baby receiving blessings in the lap of an elf. The pleasant sculpture is thought to bring good luck. Some wives of Indian Army officers believe the marble sculpture brings fertility and good fortune, bestowing all those who visit a healthy baby boy.

8. Meerut’s GP Block

The GP Block in Meerut is one of the Most Haunted Places in India
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Next up on the list for the top places in India to see paranormal beings (particularly in the North), is the GP Block in Meerut, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

The dilapidated block of buildings are commonly viewed in a reluctant light due to copious ghost sightings. Many residents have seen visions of maids in red gowns and souls of men drinking inside the block. They say the men sit around a single candle in the shadows of the abandoned building. The strange thing is that none of the bystanders can make out the proper identity of these beings. The alleged ghosts often vanish right as people approach them.

Villagers are too frightened to walk the path that trails past these old, overgrown houses. Countless reports have been filed with local police, saying that there are trespassers living in the buildings. But every time they’ve been investigated there’s no evidence at all that people are squatting in the abandoned houses.

7. Writer’s Building, Kolkata

The Writer's Building in Kolkata is one of the Most Haunted Places in India
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The Writer’s Building is a secretariat building located in West Bengal’s capital city of Kolkata. It was the sight of a gruesome shootout in 1930, in which three Indian patriots gunned down Colonel N.S. Simpson, a notoriously brutal Inspector General for the police. It was a potent political statement aimed at the British government warning that their rule in India was coming to an end.

Legend has it that the Colonel’s ghost lingers on in the darkened halls of the Writer’s Building. Employees often report horrible shrieks coming from empty rooms. Banging and loud, inexplicable footsteps are almost a common occurrence. Some of the rooms, particularly on the third floor, have interns working here spooked. Every time they enter the stationary supply room they report feelings of dread wash over them. Nausea and headaches often follow, then a sense of malaise seems to latch onto them for up to several days. Locals consider the building one of the most haunted places in India and often avoid visiting if possible.

6. Kundanbagh Witches’ Refuge in Hyderabad

The Kundanbagh house is one of the Most Haunted Places in India
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In 2002 it was reported that a burglar found three dead bodies in a house known as Kundanbagh in Hyderabad, India. A local newspaper said that the burglar snuck into the two-level house looking for valuables to steal when he discovered three corpses in the master bedroom. Terrified by what he had found, the burglar admitted to police about what he had done just so he could alert them about the bodies.

Police identified the bodies to be a mother and her two daughters who owned the property.

Forensic records confirmed the time of death to be about six months before the burglar had entered the house. Interestingly enough, the next-door-neighbours claimed to have seen the mother and her two children roaming around the deck and burning torches in the home regularly at midnight, right up to the day the burglar entered the premises.

Locals say that the family kept to themselves and rarely ventured outside their property. Neighbours said they saw the two young daughters playing with a bottle of blood in their front yard. Others think strange rituals were performed in the house, leading some to speculate that the mother was a witch.

Some time after the incident, two men got into a motorbike accident out the front of the property when their headlights inexplicably turned off causing the crash. They said a very eerie feeling came over them as they noticed the large gate that protects the Kundanbagh mansion.

The property now sits abandoned and overgrown. Police conduct regular patrols to make sure no one enters the site.


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