10 Creepiest Paranormal Photos Ever Taken

These Paranormal Photos Will Make Your Hair Stand On End

From the mysterious ghost of a samurai to the real life inspiration for the film The Conjuring 2, we count the 10 creepiest paranormal photos ever taken.

10. Ghostly Figure in The Sunlight

A photo of a ghost in a house in Scotland.

This photo, taken by Edward Nash from Edinburgh, Scotland appears to show a ghostly apparition floating in mid air. He confirmed that there was no one smoking in the room at the time the photo was taken. When asked to describe the image, Nash’s only explanation was that the figure might be dust reflecting from the very bright sunlight. However, the shape in the photo appears to look very much like a human dressed in some sort of robe or cloak. What do you think? Is it just dust reflecting the light or has the photographer captured something from the other side?

9. A Creepy Warning

A photo of a ghost reaching out grabbing a nun by the arms.

There is very little information available about this photo but it appears to have been taken sometime in the early 1900’s. It shows a nun standing outside the entrance to an old estate and there is clearly something reaching out trying to grab her by the forearms. Could the ghostly figure be attempting to push her over? Is it trying to warn her? Or could it be pleading for help from the visiting nun?

8. Samurai Ghost

A photo of a young girl taken in Zushi, Japan.
ABC News

On July 6th, 2014, Martin Springall took a series of photos of his 4 year old daughter on a beach in Zushi, Japan. Springall, who was living in Tokyo at the time claims that no one else was around when he took the photographs and that he didn’t notice anything strange until he looked at the pictures later that night. In one of the images there appears to be a person in black boots standing directly behind his daughter.

A photo of a ghost of a samurai standing behind a young girl taken in Zushi, Japan.

When asked about what he had captured, Springall recalled, “I took a few pictures, and when I was looking through them at night, I noticed what appeared to be a pair of boots behind her in one of the photos,” he said. “I took several of her in the same spot, but only one had the boots.” My daughter is really shy, and she wouldn’t have taken a picture if there was someone standing behind her, which I would have definitely noticed.”

A friend of Springall uploaded the image to Reddit where viewers came up with several theories. Amongst the most unsettling is the idea that the black boots might belong to the ghost of a long deceased samurai as the beach where the young girl is standing is close to a well known samurai graveyard.

Others speculated that the boots could be those of a World War II sailor. Whatever the explanation is, it sure makes for a creepy photo.

7. Haunted Town Hall

A photo of a ghost of a little girl taken at the town hall in Vegas del Genil, Spain.

In February 2017, a council official in the Spanish town of Vegas del Genil, captured this eerie image of what appears to be a young girl in the hallway of the local town hall.

The official, who was working late at the town hall claimed that he suddenly felt the air in his office become very cold. When he got up to go to the bathroom, he heard a rustling sound coming from the hallway. Fearing that thieves were in the building, he decided to use his phone to take a photo of the hallway where the sound was coming from. After a quick glance at the picture the official was satisfied that no one was there.

However, when he later reviewed the picture he noticed what appeared to be a young girl peering back at him. After sharing the image with his colleagues, several came forward with similar stories of strange occurrences they had experienced while working in the building.

The mayor of the town was urged to hire a priest or ghost hunters to investigate the building but remained sceptical of the claims saying “How can I justify hiring a medium when I have residents without electricity?”

6. Reaching Out From The Afterlife

A photo of a pair of ghostly hands reaching out towards a girl holding a baby.

This is very little information available about this this image but that doesn’t make it any less creepy. While it is possible it is a fake, it doesn’t appear to be a normal photoshop job. It shows a young girl holding a baby in her arms while two ghostly arms reach out as if they are about to grab the girl by the legs. Has the photographer captured a ghost on film? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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