10 Most Haunted Places in India We Dare You to Visit!

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5. Malcha Mahal, New Delhi

Malcha Mahal is one of the Most Haunted Places in India
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Malcha Mahal is an ancient hunting ground built in 1325 by Firuz Shah Tughlaq. During the early 1980’s a bitter legal battle began between Princess Wilayat Mahal, part of the last of the descendants from the noble bloodline of Oudh, and the Indian government. The local government seized ownership of Malcha Mahal but Princess Mahal claimed she was the rightful owner of the property. After a lengthy seven year dispute the princess was finally awarded rightful ownership.

This is where things go a little strange.

Over the years, the once royal estate had become overgrown and dilapidated. Several of the buildings on the property were all but in crumbling ruin. Trees had grown through roofs and roots had displaced floor boards and tiling. It was hardly fit for a princess and her family.

Despite the state of the property Princess Mahal moved in with her two daughters. They lived a secluded existence away from the public eye, without modern comforts and no electricity. Little is known about what took place over the subsequent years but locals believe the Princess slowly turned mad.

On the 10th of September, 1993 Princess Mahal committed suicide at the age of 62 by consuming crushed diamonds.

The daughter’s placed the body of their dead mother upright at the study desk, leaving it there for ten days.

Since the incident, locals have reported strange sightings in and around the property. They say they’ve seen shadow figures moving around inside the buildings, lights turning on and off, despite the property being completely deserted.

One young boy said he saw Princess Mahal standing in the driveway of the estate. She stared at him blankly, turned around, took several steps then vanished into nothing.

4. Haunted Ramoji Film City

The Ramiji Film City in india is one of the Most Haunted Places in India

Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, India is an enormous film studio complex spread over 1666 acres. It’s used by dozens of production crews and is considered one of the most haunted places in India.

Legend has it that the city is built on an ancient war ground where thousands of soldiers lost their lives.

Today, visitors report the sound of marching footsteps and loud battle cries coming from nowhere. The distinct clash of steel swords can often be heard in one of the courtyards of the property.

One actress fell into hysteria after she claims to have seen a man standing behind her in the mirror. She said he had traditional attire on and was grinning eerily at her. When she screamed, nearby members of the crew rushed in to see the actress trembling on the ground. She said a man was in the room but after an exhaustive search no one was found.

Film crews often report inexplicable equipment failure. Stage lights have been known to crash to the ground despite numerous safety checks. Lighting crew say they’re worried for their safety. Some have said they’ve felt strong pushes in the back when working high up in the rafters.

An unusual amount of stuntmen have suffered near fatal wounds while working in the Ramoji Film City. Females particularly seem to experience eerie things while on the property. Some have said they’ve felt their dresses being ripped off by a mystical energy or have been locked in rooms from the outside.

There’s even been ancient languages found scrawled on mirrors and walls with no explanation.

Tourists now flock to the city in a hope to see or experience something in the realm of the paranormal.

3. Mussoorie’s Haunted Savoy Hotel

The Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie is one of the Most Haunted Places in India
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The Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie, India is a stunning, luxury hotel that is believed to be haunted.

In 1911, a mysterious murder case took place on the grounds of the hotel. As it happened, a spiritualist by the name of Frances Garnett-Orme was staying at the property with an associate Eva Mountstephen who frequently ran seances to contact the dead.

One morning after Mountstephen left the hotel, Garnett-Orme was found dead in her room. No one could explain what had happened. There was no sign of forced entry or struggle and her door was locked from the inside.

The autopsy later revealed that she had been poisoned with cyanide. Further still, the doctor that had been assigned to investigate the case mysteriously died of strychnine poisoning, a highly toxic alkaloid that is often seen in assassinations.

Mountstephen was later arrested for suspicion of murder. It’s alleged she tampered with Garnett-Orme’s sodium bicarbonate bottle, adding poison to it. However, she was found not guilty in court.

The unsolved murder inspired Agatha Christie’s first novel in 1920, The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

The legend goes that Rudyard Kipling asked Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write about the murder; the famous author never looked into the case but instead suggested it to Agatha Christie.

Some historians think that Garnett-Orme’s spirit wanders the grounds of the Savoy Hotel looking for her killer.

Guests often report strange occurrences around the grounds of the hotel. Objects move on their own, doors slam shut and running can be heard along the hallways in the middle of the night. The room where the murder took place is notoriously cold. Guests say they have horrible nightmares while sleeping in the room and have a feeling of always being watched.

Some people think that Mountstephen held a seance the night before the murder took place and invoked evil spirits into Garnett-Orme’s room, possibly causing her death.

2. Jatinga Bird Suicide

Jatinga village and it's bird suicides is one of the Most Haunted Places in India
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Jatinga is a small town in Assam, India. It’s home to an eerie phenomena where thousands of birds, each year, commit suicide. Despite significant research by some of India’s top ornithologists the event remains a mystery.

On dark, foggy and moonless nights between 6:00 pm and 9:30 pm, during the monsoon months of September and October, thousands of birds fly to their death. For an unknown reason, they become disturbed and descend upon the villages, slamming into buildings and other structures dying instantly.

Locals believe the birds are commanded by evil spirits and as such have erected sharp bamboo poles which also contribute to the killing of the flocks of birds.

Creepier still this event only occurs in an area 1500 by 200 metres.

Experts have suggested that the birds become disorientated in the fog and are attracted to the lights of the village. However, the event remains largely a mystery as no one has been able to explain why it happens under such specific conditions each and every year.

1. Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort is one of the Most Haunted Places in India
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Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan is often voted as the most haunted place in India and has become a major tourist destination for those seeking paranormal experiences.

The site is considered so haunted and dangerous that the government forbids access from sunset to sunrise. There are actually signs warning tourists not to visit during the night.

Legend has it that a powerful wizard by the name of N.K. Sinhai became enamored by Princess Ratnavati. He became so obsessed that he decided to employ the use of magic to gain her admiration, but as the princess learned more about his sinister intentions, she commanded his death. Prior to the wizard’s demise, he damned the citizens of the fortress to ruin. Shortly after, the fort was invaded by the Mughal Empire. Up to 10,000 people, including the princess, were killed in a bloody and brutal battle.

Ever since the curse was placed on the fort, none of the buildings have been able to be restored. Every time a roof is place on any part of the fort, it mysteriously collapses, often injuring workers.

Today, locals believe that the wizard’s evil presence can still be felt in the crumbling fort. It’s thought that he haunts the halls looking for the spirit of Princess Ratnavati who is also damned to eternally wander the grounds.