Mysterious Things Caught on Live TV

Live Cameras Sometimes Catch Some Mysterious Things

From a ghost seen during a live football match to a mysterious UFO filmed from a TV news helicopter, we look at mysterious things caught on live TV.

6. Ghost Runs on Football Field


First up on this list of mysterious things caught on live TV is this ghostly footage. While it’s not unusual to encounter plenty of team spirit pouring in from the stands during a football match, in this instance it seems that cameras may have inadvertently caught an actual spirit during a game between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

This video, uploaded to YouTube by Metal Video Blog shows what appears to be an “extra” player sprinting across the field during the match.

The ghostly figure appears to be running as they move toward the other players before suddenly disappearing. Interestingly, the players themselves don’t seem to notice anything unusual.

The fact that something appears to be moving across the field becomes more obvious when you slow the footage down.

While skeptics have suggested that it’s likely to be a shadow or camera glitch, it’s certainly hard to deny that the shape does indeed look like a person running towards the ball.

What do you think? Could this really be a ghost caught on live TV? Or is there another explanation for this figure’s sudden appearance? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

5. Ghostly Figure Filmed During Live Interview


In this creepy video, the YouTube channel On Demand News shares what looks like an ordinary piece of footage filmed live following an accident on the M11, just outside of London. However, those of us with a sharp eye might notice something odd on the highway just behind the broadcaster.

A dark shape appears to descend from the sky and then seems to move across the road.

Shortly after the clip was posted online it quickly went viral, racking up millions of views. While some supernatural enthusiasts have speculated it could be a spirit returning to the scene of the accident, other, more skeptical viewers were not so sure.

The clip’s attention was so overwhelming that the producers were even forced to investigate. Their conclusion was that is was simply a bug crawling across the camera’s lens.

However, without definitive evidence either way, it seems that we’ll just have to leave the identity of this mysterious figure up to you to decide.

4. Paranormal Activity in Haunted Pub


When an Australian reporter traveled to a supposedly haunted pub in the English county of Kent, he seemed rather skeptical. However, as this footage uploaded to 9 News Australia‘s YouTube channel shows he may very well have changed his mind after his visit.


Security camera’s set up inside The Tyler’s Kiln look to have captured several supernatural events. From a chair being mysteriously pulled through the beer garden to doors slamming shut and stools being moved away from the bar. But perhaps the most chilling thing caught on camera is this footage of a cushion being lifted into the air and thrown across the room by some sort of unseen force.

Unconvinced, the reporter attempts to recreate several of the events himself. However, he seems unable to do so while attempting to lift a large umbrella without appearing on camera.

The pub’s owner, Alistair Collins thinks that the old landlord, Gilbert might be responsible for the creepy activity. As Collins explains, Gilbert, who passed away in 1978 was apparently a stickler for tradition and maybe doesn’t like what he has since done with the place.

While it doesn’t seem that Gilbert the ghost means any harm, he could be responsible for the mysterious happenings in this quaint English pub.

An electrician tells of the time he was working in the building when he suddenly heard the bar doors begin to swing back and forth, closely followed by footsteps up the stairs. When he called out to the only other person who was in the pub at the time, he came out of the kitchen and there was no one upstairs.

While it is not uncommon for pubs and bars to claim they are haunted in order to attract more patrons, the security camera footage captured at this particular venue is certainly creepy and if authentic, possibly some of the best paranormal evidence out there.

So, if you happen to be thirsty while travelling through rural Kent remember to keep your eyes open for this potentially haunted pub.

3. The Ghost of Whiskey Bill


Uploaded to the YouTube channel Haunted Nevada, this video shows footage of Reno paranormal investigators, Boogie Men NV in a local news segment that was filmed in 2014.

The crew decided to head to the former home of a local legend known as Whiskey Bill, in search of a supernatural encounter.

The setting is creepy enough when you glance at the crumbled remains of what used to be a “bootleg” alcohol distillery out somewhere in the middle of dusty Nevada. However, the surrounds suddenly seem a lot creepier once you learn that the land not only contains the ruins of Whiskey Bill’s former home but also hosts his buried remains.

The investigators begin by sharing some eerie footage they’ve previously captured at the site. A dark, shadowy figure of a man standing tall in what appears to be a cowboy hat suggests that Bill’s ghost might not have strayed far from his bootlegging oasis.

Another image shows shadowy crosses, almost like graves, despite there being no crosses there at all.

Not long into the segment, the news crew happens to catch sounds of clanging metal coming from inside the ruins. Voices can also be heard letting them know that they are “not alone.”


The news crew then decides to return to the location at night to see if they can capture any additional paranormal events. Suddenly, things begin to get a whole lot creepier.

According to the Boogie Men NV crew, mysterious activity that’s invisible to the naked eye sometimes shows up in photographs. The team then decide to snap an image of the reporter on the scene. Strangely, the picture seems to show what appears to be a mysterious substance clinging to his clothing.

Next, the crew climbs the hill where Whiskey Bill’s grave is located to see if his ghost will make an impromptu appearance. That’s when an arrow seems to launch out of nowhere and hits a member of the crew.

Finally, the night ends as chilling music can be heard emanating from somewhere on the property without explanation.

Understandably, when it comes to authentic paranormal experiences these clips have their doubters. Some think that the Boogie Men NV crew might have been behind several of the eerie events that the news crew witnessed that night. However, there are those that maintain that this location really is haunted by the ghost of Whiskey Bill.

What do you think? Did this news crew really manage to capture proof of the old man’s ghost on camera? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

2. News Chopper Spots Strange Light


This mysterious video was uploaded to the AZFamily Powered by 3TV & CBS5AZ‘s YouTube channel in December, 2017. The strange, white streak was spotted by reporter, Jerry Ferguson while riding along in his station’s news chopper.

The reporter’s bewilderment is clear as he narrates what he’s seeing flying through the night’s sky. Zooming in on the object, he suggests that it could be a missile or even an airplane contrail as the stunning, bright light pierces through the darkness.

When seeing footage such as this, one’s mind tends to wander towards UFO’s piloted by extraterrestrials or even some type of covert government experiment. However, it turns out there is actually some closure to be found regarding exactly what this bizarre light is.

The Arizona new station soon learned that what its bewildered reporter was actually witnessing was the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that had recently been launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The small, swirly patterns that appear in the rocket’s wake are apparently Iridium satellites being deployed.

1. Live Broadcast Catches Something Mysterious


The Israel-Gaza border is a place that’s well known for drama and conflict. However, it was also the setting for one of the best cases of mysterious things caught on live TV.

Footage of a BBC broadcast shared on Israr Ahmed‘s YouTube channel appears to show a ghostly figure racing past a correspondent as he reports on a story.

While the figure is difficult to make out in the initial footage, when it is slowed down, it becomes somewhat easier to see. The clip also highlights just how close the mysterious figure actually gets to the broadcaster. The reporter seems completely oblivious to the entity moving just feet away from his back.

The reason why so many people think this could be a ghost is its seemingly unnatural speed. Whoever or whatever is gliding past the reporter is moving far too quickly to be a human.

Some skeptics have dismissed the mysterious shape as a mere blur on the screen. Others think it might be the shadow of a person passing by on a bicycle. However, this doesn’t account for the figure’s great speed.

I’ll through this one out to the audience. What do you think the camera has captured? Is it really a ghost? Or could the strange figure actually be something else. Unfortunately, without more information, we may never learn the truth behind this so-called mysterious ghost of Gaza.