Paranormal Activity Almost Too Scary to See

You'll Be Sleeping With One Eye Open After Witnessing This Paranormal Activity

From paranormal activity captured in a room of dolls to security camera footage of a ghostly figure, we look at paranormal activity almost too scary to see.

6. Ghost Appears in Back Yard


Have you ever glanced out into your back yard on a clear night to see strange shadows or moving figures? You may have simply rubbed your eyes while assuming that you were “seeing things.” After all, the night is full of sights and sounds that can be explained away by bouncing moonlight, rustling leaves or rambunctious wildlife. However, this video seems to have captured some otherworldly action that is a little more difficult to “explain away.”

Very little is known about the origins of this footage other than it was recorded on 7th October, 2016 and appears to have been captured on a home security camera.

Watching the video, you can see that it seems to show a ghostly figure making its way across the yard. The wispy shape first appears from a doorway and begins to slowly walk through the darkness. Its hunched posture similar to that of an old and frail person.

This is certainly a very convincing ghost video. However, as is often the case with clips of this nature, there is very little information available for analysis.

What do you think? Has this home security camera actually captured proof of the afterlife? Or could there be another explanation for this creepy footage?

5. The Haunted Hotel Room

Most of us who are familiar with things that go bump in the night know never to check into a place like the Stanley Hotel or Bates Motel. However, it turns out that there are many more potentially haunted hospitality locations out there.

In this video, uploaded to Facebook by River Vaughn, we see a hotel room that could possibly be under attack by a very powerful poltergeist.

It seems that Vaughn documented his time in this room of horrors and shared the result with his friends on the social sharing platform back in 2015.

While the footage doesn’t actually show a ghost or spirit on film, what is captured looks far more terrifying.

The ceiling appears to have the rhythmic motion of a heartbeat – almost as though the building itself is alive. However, the rest of the room appears to remain unshaken.

The camera holder keeps steady footing while filming the footage. That helps to rule out the possibility of the hotel structure moving as a result of external force or impact.

We don’t know much about the hotel where the activity was captured. However, Vaughn does mention that he was staying somewhere in Texas. He also notes that the footage was taken on a windy day.

Could the wind alone be responsible for such a creepy occurrence? Or is there really something supernatural seen in this clip? It may be impossible to determine unless someone else comes forward and confirms that there is indeed a mysterious “breathing” hotel room somewhere in Texas.

4. Ghost Scratches Paranormal Investigator


Paranormal investigator, Greg Newkirk believes that he was attacked by a ghost while visiting the Ohio State Reformatory (OSR). This is a claim that might ordinarily be dismissed as the fantastical hype of a supernatural enthusiast. However, the cameras were actually rolling when it happened.

In this footage, uploaded to the YouTube channel, Planet Weird, Newkirk visits the property with fellow investigators Dana Matthews, Mike Smith and a former OSR inmate.

The group plans to attempt to make contact with a ghost that is said to haunt the reformatory’s infamous “chair room.”

At one point, Newkirk claims to be pushed before being scratched across the back by an invisible, malevolent force. We see Newkirk complain of a burning sensation on his skin as he lifts up his shirt, revealing what appear to be three very large and fresh claw-like marks etched across his back.

The Ohio State Reformatory is what you might call the “perfect” setting for paranormal activity. The historic prison was built between 1886 and 1910 and remained operational until 1990. However, a United States Federal Court ruling eventually ordered the building to be closed.

The facility seemed destined to become a hotbed for the supernatural almost from the beginning. It was built on a piece of land that had been used as a training camp for soldiers during the Civil War.

The first batch of prisoners arrived by train before being put to work on helping to complete the prison’s sewer system and external stone wall.

Ultimately, the prison faced lawsuits stemming from inhuman conditions and was forced to close its doors for good in 1990. Of course, lots of activity has taken place at the prison since its closing. Besides being the location of numerous ghostly encounters, it has featured in several films including The Shawshank Redemption and Air Force One. Additionally, performers like Marilyn Manson and Lil Wayne have used imagery from the facility in their promotional materials.

3. Possessed Doll Caught on Camera


Have you ever met an adult who enjoys collecting dolls?

A woman named Sherrie Schoon was videotaping her creepy doll collection when something rather chilling occurred. In the footage, which was later uploaded to the YouTube channel, The Doll Asylum, you can clearly see that one of the dolls appears to move its hand without contact from anyone or anything.

Some people have been quick to debunk this spontaneous snippet of paranormal activity by saying that someone situated outside of the camera’s view may have adjusted the arm. However, it’s unlikely that this explanation would be enough to give anyone the confidence to spend a night alone in this scary room.

Is there really a possessed doll hiding among this impressive but creepy collection? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

2. Shades of Death Road


This next piece of potential ghost footage needs a little bit of context to be fully appreciated for all of its terrifying details. It was filmed on the famous Shades of Death Road in Warren County, New Jersey.

This ominously named stretch of road along the East Coast of the US is the subject of much folklore. Three very brutal murders occurred on this road during the 1920’s and 1930’s. Additionally, the complicated twists and turns in the road have supposedly caused an unusually high number of fatal car crashes over the years. Drivers who may find themselves stranded by a flat tire or overheated engine on Shades of Death Road are particularly vulnerable to disaster too, due to the packs of wild cats that supposedly inhabit the nearby swamp area known as Cat Hollow.

Reports of ghost sightings along New Jersey’s Shades of Death Road are not new. The fog that routinely encompasses the road makes it easy to feel like you’re in a scene from a scary movie.

Drivers claim to have witnessed apparitions on the road. However, the paranormal activity reported is usually just stories of creepy things that people say they have seen.

In this video, uploaded to YouTube by user tetr4 tetr4, many believe that a ghost can be seen moving in and out of the light. Some who’ve viewed the footage, which was captured along an undisclosed area of the infamous road also claim to be able to see a face appear out of the darkness. However, others dismiss it as nothing more than a flash of light caught on camera.

While the footage is dark and grainy, there certainly does appear to be something unusual present. A white, ethereal-like cloud seems to move to and fro. Coming closer towards the camera before disappearing and re-appearing once more.

What do you think this footage shows? Does it really prove there is a supernatural being haunting this stretch of road? Or is it little more than an optical illusion? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. The Haunted Mansion Exploration


This video, uploaded to the YouTube channel HugoBlog, was captured by a group of friends who decided to film their visit to the abandoned Minnetex Mansion in Houston, Texas.

The fact that this particular mansion has a reputation as a hot spot for paranormal activity makes the situation even scarier. The formerly pristine halls of this estate were damaged by vandals and trespassers as it sat unsold on the market for years. One only has to do a little bit of research to discover that it was also the site of an unsolved homicide.

In the footage, we see the group as they investigate various areas of the mysterious home. However, what they capture towards the end of the video will likely send chills down your spine!

As they enter a particularly dark area of the mansion they appear to inadvertently capture a ghostly child peering through a window. The figure looks like a young girl with pale skin and long, black hair. She also appears to be wearing some sort of gown.

Is this the ghost of a former resident of this infamous mansion? Perhaps the property wasn’t as “abandoned” as first thought?

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that anyone will ever be able to verify whether this building really was haunted. It burned to the ground shortly after this footage was taken. Locals say that a new home is being built in its place.