Weird Footage That Can’t Quite be Explained

These clips are creepy!

This weird footage has left social media users on edge. From a ghostly girl disappearing on camera to a terrifying police encounter, this collection of weird footage can’t quite be rationally explained.

7. Weird Footage – Ghostly Girl Spotted in Bank


Looking for proof of ghosts that you can take to the bank? This first piece of weird footage might fit the bill!

A video shared on YouTube by Hidden Underbelly 2.0 appears to show the ghost of a young girl running through a bank full of people before simply vanishing.

The incident took place at Banco de Crédito (BCP) in Lima, Peru. Footage from the bank shows a girl who looks to be about 10 years old passing through a cubicle area full of bank employees rather clearly. The bank employee who spots the girl is baffled to see a child crying as she runs through the bank. He is even more perplexed to discover that she has simply vanished even though there was nowhere she could have possibly hidden!

To make incident even creepier, moments later we see footage of the automatic doors to the bank opening without any bank customers in sight.

This piece of strange footage does leave some questions unanswered. We don’t actually know why one of the employees participating in a conversation with colleagues just happened to be filming right in the direction where a child’s ghost would eventually be passing through. Is it possible that a camera is always rolling in the facility as part of security protocol? Skeptics will say that it’s a little too convenient. However, it’s pretty hard to dismiss what the weird footage reveals!

6. Strange Sounds Heard Around the World


Do you remember hearing anything strange back in January of 2012? Many people around the world heard the same peculiar, unexplained humming sound in different pockets of the world. What’s more, many of them filmed these bizarre auditory encounters. A video posted to the YouTube channel MrDiabolism showcases a compilation of these encounters  and now has more than 1.2 million views. Can we trust our ears?

The sounds in the compilation sound like a mix between whales flying in the sky overhead and furniture being moved somewhere in the atmosphere. They are heard in both wooded areas and suburban neighborhoods. There are many theories behind the strange sounds that appear in this video and others like it.

Many people refer to the phenomenon of unexplained sounds coming from the sky as “sky trumpets.” Some people assume that sky trumpets are apocalyptic signs that are meant to herald warnings. Others simply believe that the sound of sky trumpets is a natural phenomenon that we simply don’t have a scientific explanation for yet. Some people believe that the sounds could come from solar storms or atmospheric events. Additionally, some people believe that strange sounds that resonate across the skies all over the world are part of a government intervention called the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). There’s also the possibility that the unexplained sounds are caused by UFOs screeching across our skies.

Science or supernatural? It’s hard to listen to this video without chills running up your spine even if you suspect there’s a way to explain the sounds away with science. What could be out there causing such bizarre sounds? Let’s just hope none of us run into what could be causing these sounds if they are due to some unnatural phenomenon.

5. Weird Footage – The Case of the Disappearing Pope


Did Pope Francis pull a fast one on a papal audience recently? Video footage shot in April of 2020 appears to show the pope vanishing into thin air after waving to crowds from a window at the Vatican. Of course, conspiracy theorists were quick to jump on the footage as proof that something strange is going on in Rome! What really made the pontiff go poof?

Most people who view the weird footage of the pope are quick to dismiss this video as nothing more than a shabby editing job. Others are convinced that the “image” of Pope Francis that appeared in the window was actually a hologram projected out toward the crowd. Of course, the easiest explanation of all is that the glitch is simply the product of a lag in the live video recorded during the pope’s appearance!

4. Lip Gloss Defies Gravity


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Our lips definitely aren’t sealed about how confused we are about this piece of weird footage shared by TikTok user eggthehamsterr in June 2019.

Most of us know TikTok as a platform where people share fun dances and quirky uploads. However, some pretty bizarre stuff does pop up on the platform from time to time. This is one of those times.

The young woman in the clip is holding what appears to be an ordinary tube of pink lip gloss. However, what we actually see looks more like a beauty product from a science-fiction film. The gloss on the applicator appears to defy gravity as the young woman in the video moves it around. The gloss actually drips upward at one point. It has us wondering if we’re in beauty school or physics class.

It’s unclear if the video has been altered in any way. However, the girl demonstrating the anti-gravity effects of her lip gloss appears to be as confused as the rest of us. The lip gloss seen in the video appears to be part of the high-gloss collection belonging to the Kylie Cosmetics line by Kylie Jenner. Some theories have suggested that the friction caused by rubbing the applicator in-and-out of the bottle may cause the effect somehow, as there are a number of videos showing similar effects.

This is definitely one of those creepy Tiktoks that no one can explain.

What do you think is causing this lip-gloss to defy gravity? Let us know in the comments below.

3. Weird Footage – Alien Creature Spotted on Railroad


Did a group of friends encounter an alien creature by a set of railroad tracks one dark and spooky night? This next piece of weird footage uploaded to Youtube by Ravanha seems to suggest that they may have!

It definitely takes a little bit of patience to get to the meat of this weird footage. First, the group takes us on a journey along the railroad tracks that’s illuminated by flashlights. Shaky camera work and nervous chattering among the group certainly create suspense. Does it pay off? Feel free to watch the whole video if you love a good buildup to a scary scene. However, you can also skip to around 5:57 in the video if you want to get right to the “encounter.”

We catch a glimpse of what appears to be an illuminated alien creature standing beside the railroad tracks. Unfortunately, the cameraman filming the encounter is too shaken up and jumpy to actually get a clear, steady shot of what the alien creature looks like.

Is the weird footage credible? It’s hard to say. The fact that we only see a creature appear for about a second in a piece of footage that lasts for 10 minutes makes this video fall a bit flat. Was the group really terrified? Was the whole thing staged intentionally to create blurry camera work that makes it hard to pin down what we’re seeing? You may need to watch this strange footage a few times before you can make your own decision.

These boys are lucky this incident didn’t turn south and become one of those scary alien abduction cases you hear whispers about.

2. Cemetery Screams Send Patrol Officers Running Scared

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What would a cemetery sound like if it could talk? A creepy clip of weird footage uploaded to Tiktok by @spd815 might provide a clue!

The clip shows footage of two patrol officers walking through a cemetery after dark with flashlights in their hands. However, the patrol doesn’t last for very long! The officers are spooked by a terrifying scream that sends them running.

Of course, the video does raise some questions. We don’t know why the officers were patrolling a cemetery at night but the footage looks to be captured by a dashcam. No information regarding the location of the cemetery is provided. Is this an organic piece footage caught on tape? Or was it a cruel prank played on officers called out to investigate something strange in a cemetery on a spooky night? The one thing we do know for sure is that this video is a good reminder of why you shouldn’t go prancing through a cemetery late at night unless you want to risk hearing a bone-chilling scream!

1. Weird Footage – Motorbike Monkey Snatches Toddler

Not all weird footage involves ghostly visits from other worlds or unexplained phenomena from the skies. The strangest videos of all are sometimes the ones that capture something from the natural world all around us.

This piece of weird footage from Indonesia that was supposed to showcase some family-friendly entertainment went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Twitter user @peteerh shared disturbing footage of a monkey on a motorbike attempting to snatch a toddler. The footage was also shared by a number of news outlets around the world.

The monkey in the video speeds down a walkway on a tiny bike. It appears to be a happy scene until the monkey gets to a bench where a group of children are sitting. The monkey hops off the bike and lunges at a toddler without warning! The monkey then pulls the toddler down to the ground before attempting to drag it away with extreme strength. The stunned child is pulled along for a second before breaking free. The scene is both bizarre and disturbing.

Fortunately, it has been reported that the toddler in the video is just fine. The monkey is apparently part of an entertainment group in Indonesia. However, this clearly isn’t the type of entertainment its handlers were going for.