UFO Footage That Is Leaving Viewers Stunned

Are these sightings real or fake?

Strange, interesting things have been happening in the skies since ancient times. Civilizations throughout the ages have recorded their observations and encounters with beings from the stars through things like carvings and paintings. These etchings leave behind perplexing evidence of visitors from more advanced worlds. Humans in our era are the first to be capable of capturing UFO footage on film. Is any of the incredible UFO footage credible? Take a look at some unexplained UFO footage to decide if these curious captures are the results of alien visitors or crafty editing work! These are the seven UFO videos that nobody can explain!

7. UFOs Seen Flying Past the Moon

One interesting video appears to show UFOs flying past the moon. The footage, which was uploaded to Youtube by Jean-Michel Tenac, is dated March 26 of 2020. No context is given for the UFO footage other than the fact that it was filmed near Montreal. The footage appears to show two to three pill-shaped craft flying past the moon. While the objects appear small on the screen, their actual size would have to be massive. In fact, each craft could easily measure in at close to 100 miles across when you take into account the size of the moon.

The shape of the UFOs in this particular footage is particularly interesting for sky watchers. Several Navy pilots who have spoken out about UFO sightings in recent years have described the objects they observed as being shaped like Tic Tacs. What’s more, several pilots claim to have seen similar objects on a nearly daily basis between 2014 and 2015.

Critics have been quick to chime in about the video’s authenticity. However, the footage is difficult to refute. The shadows created by the traveling objects are consistent and accurate. This had led some to hypothesize that the objects caught flying past the moon are actually small comets or pieces of space debris.

This stunning footage would be a fitting entry into the mysterious files known as Project Blue Book.

Love to hear your thoughts on this amazing piece of footage in the comments below. Real or Fake?

6. UFO Seen From Passenger Airliner

UFO seen from commercial airliner. from r/veryspookyvideos

Most of us expect to see clouds above, land below and the inside of our own eyelids when settling into a window seat on an airplane to relax. However, one passenger appears to have experienced a close encounter at 31,000 feet. A user named ReventexX uploaded to Reddit what appears to be footage of a fast-traveling UFO darting past an airplane window on a clear, sunny day.

What’s interesting is that the object that zips past the airplane appears to be flying low enough to be detected by radar. What’s more, it comes startlingly close to the airplane. The whole encounter doesn’t last for longer than the blink of an eye.

Critics are quick to point out that the person who first shared the video was lucky enough to be filming the blank sky just as a UFO happened to pop into view. It does seem convenient. However, it’s not uncommon for someone to document the sky outside their airplane window while traveling in this Instagram age we’re living in.

5. Fleet of UFOs Flying Past the Moon

Fleet of UFO’s fly past the moon. from r/veryspookyvideos

Here’s another video uploaded by ReventexX that claims to show UFO footage of aircraft flying past the moon. This time, the video starts with a fleet of three objects that appear as dark dots on the screen. The three aircraft seem to form a consistent “V” pattern as they travel. Things quickly get more intense. The person filming pans out to show what appears to be an entire fleet of aircraft moving in sync past the moon.

The number of aircraft seen in this footage makes it unnerving. However, details like shaky camera work and clumsy zooming do throw some doubt on the authenticity of the footage. Unfortunately, no details about the shape of the UFOs seen in the footage can really be gathered. The aircraft only appear as black dots that don’t seem to leave any shadows or light streaks.

4. UFO Footage – Bizarre Flying Object

This next piece of UFO footage was supposedly recorded on Sept. 8 of 2018. It was uploaded to YouTube by Rob Chapman. The sighting took place at Haver Timber in Wiltshire, England. The footage begins with one large, bright object that can be observed in the sky. The object quickly “pulls apart” to be revealed as two separate UFOs. The two objects in the Wilshire UFO footage appear to do a dance in the sky that resembles two fish gliding in sync. Both UFOs have long “tails” that streak against the sky.

The strangest part of the video happens near the halfway mark. The UFOs appear to let off dazzling explosions that resemble fireworks. This causes the narrator to ponder if he has simply been observing fireworks in the sky. However, even the narrator has doubts that these objects could be fireworks based on the flexible way that they move in the sky. The objects continue to “dance” in the sky after the fireworks show is over. Finally, the objects simply vanish.

What is going on in this video? Firstly, this is the first reported case of UFOs that emit “fireworks.” It’s possible that the UFO footage is edited. However, it’s more likely that these supposed UFOs are really just part of a case of mistaken identity. Throughout the video, the narrator comments that the UFOs appear to be “controlled” by something. It does appear that the objects are being controlled to perform swift, rolling maneuvers in the air the way a child might control an RC car. It’s highly possible that what was caught on film was simply a set of RC planes with fireworks strapped to their wings.

Of course, the case may be that pilots from an alien fleet simply decided to take some aircraft with new features out for a spin in our skies!

3. UFO Footage – Weird Flying Object Caught on Camera

This footage of a flying object was recorded in Ecuador. It was uploaded by Alien Invasion on YouTube in April of 2020.

Viewers are supposedly watching a UFO sighting captured from a moving vehicle. You have to get about 56 seconds in before the encounter takes place. Like a flash of light, a UFO darts across the sky overhead. It’s impossible to make out any features of the aircraft other than the fact that it’s illuminated by blue lights. It’s possible that the object is simply a shooting star that appears to be moving so quickly due to the speed of the car in the footage. We may never know unless additional context is provided by the person who captured the UFO footage!

2. SpaceX Spots UFO on Reentry

UFO spotted by Spacex rocket stage 1 on re-entry from r/veryspookyvideos

A nine-second video uploaded by ReventexX on Reddit appears to show a SpaceX rocket encountering a UFO upon reentry. This footage is much more pristine than most of the “amateur” footage of UFO encounters in circulation. The footage leaves no doubt that SpaceX’s rocket did capture an object moving in space. Only a question regarding the object’s nature and origins remains.

The UFO flying toward the SpaceX rocket has a rounded or bullet-shaped quality. It also appears to be quite smooth. It’s possible that this is an aerodynamic spacecraft. It’s also possible that it’s merely a piece of space debris that got its moment on camera.

1. UFO Footage – Strange Circles in the Sky

A video uploaded by Esther Gem in 2017 appears to show two very strange, otherworldly circles in the sky. The circles appear to be “drawn over” the clouds. Flashes of light can be seen moving around the perimeters of both circles. The circumstances regarding where and when this footage was captured remain unclear.

Many people are familiar with the circular contrails that often appear in the sky. That well-documented phenomenon is the result of hot, humid air from jet exhausts that mixes with low-pressure vapors and low temperatures in the environment. The strange circles captured in this footage certainly don’t match the contrail definition. What’s more, contrails are remnants of sky activity. The circles in this footage are very much part of something active.

An alternative answer is that the footage shows the natural optical phenomenon of atmospheric halos. However, support for this theory is shaky at best. Halos are produced when light from the sun or moon interacts with ice crystals in the atmosphere. While they often appear near the sun or moon, halos can technically appear anywhere in the sky. Halos have been a part of weather lore throughout civilization. They typically signal rainfall within the next 24 hours due to the fact that they are caused by clouds that typically belong to frontal systems.

These two explanations however, don’t take into account the strange light source that is moving around the perimeter of the rings.

Alternative UFO footage that may be documenting the same event was also uploaded by SageOfQuay in 2018. However, this footage only appears to show one circle surrounded by beams of moving light. Knowing the time of year or weather patterns associated with the footage could make it possible to figure out if these circles were merely part of a natural weather phenomenon. However, it doesn’t appear that the world will get any answers about this footage unless the people or beings responsible make an announcement.

Keep an Eye on the Skies

It’s strange times for the skies over our world. The number of UFO sightings in North America climbed to 6,000 in 2019. You’re most likely to spot something amiss in the sky if you live in California. The Golden State ranked first in UFO reporting with a total of 485 sightings for 2019. Most of the sightings come from “amateur” sky watchers who just happen to stumble upon UFO activity while living their everyday lives. However, recent footage from a SpaceX rocket and testimonies from retired Navy pilots are making it hard to deny that something is going on out there. Keep your eyes looking up to see what might be unfolding in the very interesting and busy skies above!