Scary Ghost Videos You Should Watch With the Lights On

Reach For The Light Switch! It's Time For Some Scary Ghost Videos!

When you’re home alone in the dark, even the slightest noise can make your hair stand on end. If you choose to watch scary ghost videos while the lights are out, you’re just asking for nightmares. From a ghostly figure seen in a basement to a strange entity filmed in a tunnel, we look at scary ghost videos that you should watch with the lights on.

6. Mysterious Entity Filmed in Tunnel


Dark, deserted tunnels are the perfect place for scary ghost videos to be captured. In this particular tunnel, somewhere deep underground in Indonesia, an amateur ghost hunter manages to capture something truly creepy on film.

Recorded in black and white, the video quality is grainy. However, it is still detailed enough to allow us to see into the inky blackness of the tunnel. The light from the camera illuminates one man sitting on a ledge along the side, while a few yards away, we can barely see the dark outline of an open doorway. It is in this doorway where the true creepiness begins.

A few seconds into the clip, the man starts waving his arms in the air, as if attempting to get someone’s attention. Not long after, a light colored entity begins to form in the doorway. It never seems to take on a solid shape, looking more like a dense, wispy fog. It also appears to be confined within the doorway, almost as it is trapped inside the room at the end of the tunnel.

The ghost hunter who filmed this terrifying footage has never been identified, so no one knows any details about the location or what the ghostly apparition actually was.

Let’s throw this one open to the viewers. What do you think has been captured on camera deep within this tunnel? Could it really be a ghost? Or is there another explanation for this creepy footage? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

5. Ghost Under the Covers

Twitter user @shyannrachael is no stranger to scary ghost videos. When her father started to feel like he was not alone while trying to sleep at night, he set up a camera to get to the bottom of those creepy feelings. However, what the camera actually captured was much more terrifying than he could have ever expected.

According to @shyannrachael, her father had begun to feel a strange presence in his bedroom late at night. He claimed that it felt like someone was sitting on the end of his bed or even pulling the covers away from him. Because he sleeps alone, these feelings were understandably disturbing.

The footage shows a view of the man tossing and turning in his bed, likely unable to sleep due to the mysterious presence that he senses in the room. As he begins to settle down and get comfortable, the blankets on the bed suddenly begin to lift and move all by themselves. It is almost as if there is a ghostly entity under the covers with him. The bizarre motions occur twice in close succession before the covers gently settle onto the bed.

The family has been unable to explain what the camera captured. So far, the ghost has only been a nuisance, and not at all malevolent. Perhaps it is just looking for a cozy place to sleep. However, the entity doesn’t seem to like it when the man tosses and turns in bed, so he might be wise to be a bit more peaceful at night to avoid angering his ghostly bed-mate.

4. Renovations Stir Up Ghost


YouTuber Xhauntings is very familiar with scary ghost videos, creating a channel dedicated to the creepy and macabre. However, they may never have expected to capture any paranormal activity of their very own.

While doing some construction work in the basement of their house, it seems that they have stirred up some potential ghostly residents. At first, everything seems quiet and normal. However, a few seconds into the video, the silence of the dark basement is interrupted by a chilling scream. In a slow motion replay, it becomes clear that the voice actually seems to be yelling the words “Get Out.”

Not long after the terrifying warning, the camera catches another unusual encounter. For a split second, we can see a streak of white light fly across the screen, almost as if fleeing the area from where the scream was heard. The slow motion replay does little to solve the mystery. The light’s appearance is still vague, similar in shape to a speeding comet. It moves too quickly to make out any discernible features.

The arrival of this strange, ghostly light is quickly followed by an influx of orbs: small, round spots of light that hover in the air. Many believers claim that orbs are a common manifestation of ghostly activity that appear around supernatural hot-spots. However, skeptics insist that orbs caught on camera are merely dust particles reflecting light.

Whether or not you’re a believer in the paranormal nature of orbs, one thing that we can all agree on is that this footage is certainly chilling.

3. Ghost Flies into Tree


In another clip from Indonesia, uploaded to YouTube by TheGhostMetalHead666, we see some seriously scary ghost footage that was supposedly captured in a cemetery late at night.

As the camera rolls, a mysterious figure makes its way into the frame. At first, it obviously appears to be a human dressed in a bright white robe that obscures any view of its face. The stooped figure continues to slowly walk across the screen. Then, after a few seconds, it jumps from the ground and into a nearby tree.

According to the title of the video, the entity could actually be a pocong: a particular type of ghost found in Indonesia and Malaysia. According to the stories, pocong are the souls of deceased people who are still wrapped in their burial shrouds. It is said that these spirits are able to fly and possibly even teleport, much like the eerie apparition seen in this terrifying footage.

2. Poltergeist Activity in the Basement


When YouTuber An EveryDay Canadian began hearing scary sounds coming from his basement late one night, he probably wasn’t expecting to also capture a scary ghost video. However, this footage really is nothing short of spine-chilling.

As the clip begins, the uploader explains that the noises he was hearing started to freak him out because his kids were all upstairs asleep and the washing machine that is located in the basement makes a completely different sound.

He grabs a camera and bravely heads down the stairs to investigate. As he moves further into the dark underbelly of the house, the strange banging noises continue, making him reluctant to go any further. Suddenly, he hears a sound that causes him to turn. Then, what looks like a child’s toy trolley begins wheeling towards him as if pushed by some sort of unseen force.

At this point, the video ends, preventing us from getting any additional clues about the ghostly activity. However, viewers have suggested that the entity is most likely a poltergeist: the only type of ghost thought to possess the power to move things in the physical world. Poltergeists are said to range from playful to downright dangerous, so this YouTuber might want to steer clear of whatever is haunting his shadowy basement until he has a better understanding of what its intentions actually are.

1. Shadow Person in the Darkness


YouTuber, Advilll is another unfortunate soul who seems to have something spooky happening in his basement. While relaxing at home, he begins to hear voices coming from the lowest level of his house.

At the top of the stairs, he calls out to the voice, warning it that he’s about to turn on the light. He then heads bravely into the basement, intent on making contact with the source of the sound.

The uploader spends a few seconds circling the camera around the darkened room while continuing to call out to the entity. However, nothing happens; the basement remains still and quiet. Then, just as he seems ready to give up, a glass cabinet suddenly begins to move on its own. Startled by the movement, the uploader turns quickly for the safety of the stairs.


Two days later, the same YouTuber released another video on his channel. Apparently, the poltergeist that moved the basement shelf wasn’t quite finished with its shenanigans.

This clip begins in a similar manner to the previous one. As he calls out to the entity, an eerie whisper returns from the darkness. Then, moments later, a shadowy figure walks past the doorway. At first it is very difficult to see and anyone who is not paying particularly close attention will most likely miss it. However, if you zoom in and lighten the footage, you can clearly see that there is indeed a dark figure lurking down below. It almost blends into the shadows of the basement, bringing to mind the ghostly shadow people that are sometimes said to haunt the nightmares of those unfortunate enough to see them.

It’s clear that whatever is in this basement is probably best left well alone.