10 Pieces Of Terrifying And Unexplained Footage – Featuring Danger Dolan

Will You Be Able To Sleep After Watching These?

Is there more to this world than we can perceive? Those misheard whispers and dark figures in our periphery, is it our minds playing tricks or something more? Ghosts, spirits and demons, do they really exist? From a creepy kid in an abandoned house to a winged creature caught on camera, join us as we take a look at 10 pieces of terrifying footage that can’t be explained.

Special thanks to our guest, count-down king Danger Dolan who is here to help us make sense of these unexplained pieces of footage.

First up is 5 Pieces Of Terrifying Footage That Can’t Be Explained:

If that wasn’t enough to wet your trousers in terror, here’s

5 Unexplained Sightings Caught On Tape:

Well there you go. If you want to watch the source videos for these creepy lists go here. And if you’re having trouble sleeping because of this terrifying footage why not come chat with us on Facebook and Twitter – tell us which one really scared the bajebus out of you!