Strange Videos That’ll Make You Question the Truth

These Strange Videos Prove That The Truth Is Out There!

From a disappearing cat caught on camera to military jets seen escorting a UFO, these are strange videos that’ll make you question the truth.

6. Invisible Plane Caught on Camera


As the availability of new forms of technology increases, it seems likely that governments around the world will always reserve the best for themselves in order to remain in control.

These strange videos uploaded to YouTube by users thetruthergirls and Madmagickmoon could support this idea as they both appear to reveal the existence of some sort of secret aircraft cloaking technology!

The first video shows the ‘invisible’ jet releasing what many conspiracy theorists believe to be chemtrails – chemical or biological agents that are sprayed into the air for the purposes of weather modification and psychological manipulation. Of course, these claims have been dismissed by the scientific community. They posit that these line-shaped clouds are little more than condensation trails created by the aircraft engine’s exhaust.

Whatever the reason, the fact that this video seems to show that they are being created by an invisible jet is certainly very strange.


Further evidence is seen in the second video, which examines a photograph taken of a similar phenomenon. However, this photo seems to show one more important detail.

In the image, the outline of a plane is clearly visible while the plane itself seems to be transparent. However, the very same trails are seen following behind the plane.

While some conspiracy theorists assert that these planes prove that governments do not want the population to know about secret chemtrail spraying, the fact that the planes themselves appear to be invisible seems to mute their point. If the government does possess invisible jets, why would they risk exposing the technology by dumping clearly visible chemtrails behind them?

Despite this, the two clips do seem to corroborate each other and given that they were likely captured in completely different areas, they also beg the question: Could invisible planes actually exist? If so, what sort of technology is likely to be involved? If you have any information on this theory we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

5. The Disappearing Ghost Cat

Ghost cat from r/Ghosts

This video, posted to Reddit by user _EagleEyedTiger shows footage taken from a surveillance camera. At first, the clip seems rather mundane, showing little more than a cat walking around in a backyard. There appears to be nothing out of the ordinary about the video whatsoever – that is until the cat seems to disappear into thin air.

While cameras often capture humanly-shaped ghostly figures vanishing from sight, footage of animals accomplishing similar feats are few and far between.

Some paranormal enthusiasts have suggested that this clip offers proof that animals can indeed become ghosts, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for creepy hauntings.

Others believe that the clip might not show a ghost animal at all but rather some sort of supernatural being that possesses the ability to teleport and even possibly shape shift into different animal forms.

4. UFO Speeds Across Sky


Posted to the YouTube channel Alien invasion, home to an array of strange videos, this clip will likely make you question your beliefs. Even the staunchest of skeptics might find it hard to come up with another explanation for this video other than that it really does show some sort of alien space craft.

Captured by a car’s dash cam somewhere in Ecuador, the clip begins without incident. Then, all of a sudden a speeding object zooms past high in the air.

At first, the object appears to be a dull gray color but just before it exits the shot it transforms into a brilliant blue light.

What makes this footage so impressive is that the object can be seen so clearly, appearing in stark contrast against the dark night sky.

The strange blue glow of the light and the speed at which it is moving seems to rule out the possibility that the object if of earthly origins. Planes are unlikely to travel that fast at such a low altitude and other smaller flying objects like drones would not be able to reach such high speeds.

What do you think this dash cam has actually managed to capture? Was it really an alien spacecraft? Or is there another explanation for this mysterious object’s appearance? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Bizarre Anomaly Spotted in Sky

Electromagnetic interference, shockwaves… nah, we know what’s really going on, it’s aliens! from r/MysteriousUniverse

Of all the strange videos we’ve seen, this one posted by Reddit user Nihilist911 is so unique, it’s unsettling.

Captured in the Syrian sky, the clip shows what appear to be intense waves or ripples passing through the air. Whether they are affecting the clouds directly or actually moving in front of them is unclear however, they continue to pulse through the sky for the entirety of the video.

The occurrence is truly unlike anything we’ve ever come across. The title of the video implies that electromagnetic interference could be causing the mysterious waves. While one Redditor noted that it looked as though a cloaking mechanism was suffering lag whilst rendering.

This footage is likely to make some question reality as it suggests the idea that some sort of illusion is being broken, as if we are all collectively witnessing a glitch in the Matrix.

While the concept that there could be some sort of force field or false projection in the sky is certainly unsettling, up until now it has been an idea reserved only for science fiction. So, even though this video does appear to show something rather strange, it will have to remain a mystery, at least for the time being.

2. Strange Video Questions Reality

This video, uploaded to Twitter by user @mattparaice4 certainly fits into the category of strange videos that’ll make you question the truth.

Clipped from a broadcast of SkyNews, a politician is seen walking alongside a companion while holding a distinctly red folder. However, when the pair emerge from behind the parked car, the folder seems to have completely changed color.

While the object in question does briefly disappear from view, the politician’s head remains visible throughout the entire shot. Some have suggested that it could be possible that he somehow switched folders behind the car. However, this seems unlikely as his posture doesn’t appear to change as he walks by. In addition, the other man was clearly not carrying any objects in his arms prior to passing the car nor did he have enough time to retrieve anything from his backpack.

Some even think that something supernatural could be responsible for this mysterious footage. However, it is more widely accepted that the video has been edited in some way. Of course, if it has been edited then it raises the important question of who is actually responsible?

Was it a gaff made by the news broadcasters? Or possibly even the government? If so, why were they trying to edit this seemingly innocuous footage in the first place? This reveals a deeper level of concern. One that suggests that even footage you view from seemingly credible sources could be doctored to conceal certain information.

While this notion is certainly bordering on conspiracy, the clip certainly does make you wonder what really is going on.

1. Military Jets Chase UFO


The last clip in this series of strange videos was uploaded to YouTube by Dracco Zelta. Seemingly showing something that the government did not want the public to see, this footage continues to raise the eyebrows of many UFO enthusiasts.

Two low flying military jets appear to be following closely behind an odd, disc-shaped craft.

After viewing the video, you can easily see why there are two main schools of thought about what it is that we are actually witnessing. Either the jets are hot on the tail of a rogue UFO, making sure to track its every movement or they are actually providing a military escort for the craft.

Either way, it’s easy to understand why the camera holder seems to be disturbed by the sight. However, they still manage to keep their composure as they frantically run to catch a second glimpse of the aircraft as they disappear over the hillside.

This time, the video clearly shows the distinctly silhouetted outline of the jets. While the disc shaped craft looks very similar to the classic depiction of a UFO. If this footage is indeed genuine, then it seems that the camera holder has captured something that was probably not meant for public eyes.

What do you think is happening in this clip? Are the jets chasing the craft or could they actually be escorting it to a nearby air base? Unfortunately, there is very little information available. So, for the time being at least, the truth behind this video will have to remain a mystery.