Real Teleportation Footage That’s Scaring Scientists

There one minute, gone the next. Is teleportation possible?

From a man who appears on a busy road to a woman who seems to teleport out of sight, we look at real teleportation footage that’s scaring scientists.

8. Young Girl Teleports

Posted to the Facebook page Real Ghost videos, this bizarre footage seems to show a young girl appearing out of nowhere.

The video begins as a woman is seen walking alone outside. She stops and extends her hand, as if she is reaching for something. At first, her movements seem unclear as there is nothing there. Then suddenly, a small girl appears by her side. However, the woman does not seem phased at all, remaining calm as the young girl begins to walk in front of her.

If you watch the video closely, it looks as though the woman is actually expecting the little girl to appear, almost as if she is summoning her. The woman’s calm reaction also suggests that this might not be the first time this has happened.

What do you think this video shows? Does this little girl really possess the ability to teleport? Or is it actually the woman that can make people appear? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

7. Teleportation Footage Caught on Dashcam

Uploaded to the YouTube channel The truth Don’t deny, this is potentially some of the most alarming teleportation footage that can be found online. Taken from a vehicle’s dashcam, the video shows just how dangerous a person’s sudden appearance can actually be.

A car is driving down a highway at a relatively fast speed. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary until roughly two-thirds of the way through the clip. That’s when a man suddenly appears right in front of the car.

Acting quickly, the startled figure just manages to move out of the way of the oncoming vehicle.

The most shocking thing about this clip is that you don’t actually see the man enter the frame, nor do you see him moving into the path of the car. He simply just appears. That, coupled with his surprised reaction and the subsequent frantic nature of his actions tend to indicate that this footage could indeed be real.

Was this an actual teleportation that went wrong? Some viewers have suggested that is almost looks like the man expected to appear somewhere else.

Regardless of his intentions, the man’s sudden appearance seems to have put himself, and others in a rather dangerous situation.

6. Woman Disappears on Live TV

This video, posted to YouTube by user, Natholdet caused quite a stir when it first appeared online.

It is footage taken from a news broadcast in which a man is being interviewed. In the background, you can see other people going about their business. However, if you focus your attention on the woman casually standing with her arms crossed near the baggage claim, you will notice something very strange.

She appears to be waiting for someone as she interacts with the people around her, nodding and chatting to a woman who is pushing a trolley full of luggage.

The woman with the trolley begins to walk towards the camera and briefly obscures our view of the woman behind her. Then, as the trolley passes, she appears to have vanished without a trace! There is now just a vacant space where she was once standing.

While it certainly appears that the woman has disappeared, several skeptics have suggested that it could simply be a trick of the eye, noting that she might have began moving at the exact moment the other woman with the luggage started to walk forwards.

What do you think? Did this woman really teleport out of sight? Or is more likely that the whole thing was just a well timed coincidence? Either way, it is certainly a strange piece of footage an one of the creepiest things ever caught on live TV.

5. Superpowers Caught on Camera

Uploaded to the YouTube channel Artama TV, this teleportation footage shows something you would more likely expect to see in the movies. As a woman is seen making her way down the street, she seemingly begins to display skills similar to that of a superhero.

The woman is dressed with her hood up and hands in her pockets as if she is trying her best to remain unnoticed. However, her efforts are unsuccessful as an odd glowing circle, similar to a halo, suddenly appears above her head.

If you watch closely, you can see that the person to the right of screen seems to immediately notice the strange light. The camera holder appears to see it too and turns to follow the woman.

Then, as if realizing that she is being watched, the woman makes a run for it. The camera holder gives chase, following her as she navigates her way down a flight of stairs.

Suddenly, there is a flash of light and the woman is gone. However, if you pay close attention, you can actually see the light as it zips away over the water.

At the beginning of the video, the uploader explains that the footage is actually taken from a Chinese website but apart from that, there is actually very little information available. Some think that the clip was created to promote a video game while others believe that it truly does show a real teleportation.

In any case, the video itself certainly is shocking. But is it real? Unfortunately, until more information comes to light, it will have to remain a mystery. At least for the time being.

4. Security Camera Catches Figure Teleporting

This creepy security camera footage uploaded to the YouTube channel What In The World! is yet another example of a person that seems to disappear without any logical explanation.

The clip shows a semi-transparent figure walking through a parking lot. Already showing supernatural tendencies, what the figure does next seems to confirm this notion.

As the person makes their way towards the right side of the screen, they suddenly begin to fade away, disappearing from the video entirely.

Confused, several onlookers can be heard discussing the mysterious footage, with one heard exclaiming ‘Then he just disappears!’

Watching the clip, it certainly seems that the person does indeed disappear but has this security camera really captured footage of a teleportation? Or is there another explanation for the mysterious figure’s sudden disappearance?

3. Man Disappears in Store

Footage from security cameras can often be difficult to verify. Sometimes it can be explained away by equipment malfunction or even human error. With this video, posted to YouTube by user MySterY it is the reaction of the witnesses that lends some real legitimacy to the clip.

Set in a well-lit book store, a crowd can be seen gathering around a single man. However, it is unclear whether he has done something previously to warrant the attention.

Suddenly, the man disappears, leaving the book that he was reading briefly suspended in mid air before it crashes to the floor. The perplexed onlookers can do little more than attempt to process the shocking event that has just occurred right before their eyes.

What do you think? Could this actually be real teleportation footage caught on camera? Or is it more likely to have been a clever editing trick? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

2. Man on Bike Teleports in Russia

Uploaded to YouTube by user Michael Dunne, this video seems to show something very perplexing. As the camera holder talks to his companions, another man riding a bicycle suddenly appears in the background. However, unlike the previous clip, no one seems to have any reaction to the man’s sudden appearance.

If this truly is a case of a teleportation caught on camera then the man on the bike was quite successful in doing so without drawing any attention to himself.

Online, this clip has racked up a large number of views as armchair experts attempt to debunk the mysterious footage. Some have suggested the man’s sudden appearance is simply a trick of perspective. While others believe the footage is more likely to have been manipulated in some way.

Despite the skeptics offering several plausible explanations, many assert that it just doesn’t seem possible that the man on the bicycle was actually there the whole time. They argue that both the rider and his bicycle would likely take up too much space to be concealed by the single man in the foreground.

As the debate over the man’s sudden appearance continues, it seems unlikely that viewers will agree on a definitive explanation any time soon.

1. Man Appears Out of Thin Air

This next video has been stumping even the most die-hard of skeptics. Captured in the middle of the day, in a well-populated and well-lit section of a street, a security camera appears to have captured some real teleportation footage.

As the clip plays, everything seems normal. We see the regular bustle of people going about their day, moving quickly back and forth across the small section of the street that the camera shows. Over the 30 seconds of video, only a few people cross in front of the camera. However, if you watch each person closely, one of them does something inexpiable.

If you pay attention to the street sign next to the white van in the bottom, right corner, you’ll notice that a man seems to appear out of thin air. What makes his appearance so strange is that, unlike the other people in the footage, this man doesn’t enter from the edge of the frame, he is suddenly just there.

In fact, when he appears it would seem that he is already in mid-step, as though he has been walking across the street normally.

The man proceeds to step onto the curb and then quickens his pace. Almost as if he has somewhere that he really needs to be.

If you slow the footage down, you can clearly see that the man does indeed appear out of nowhere. What do you think? Does this man really possess the ability to teleport at will? Or is there another explanation for his appearance? So far, no one has been able to offer an explanation for this truly bizarre piece of footage.