Mysterious Footage That Will Make You Question Everything

What have these cameras captured?

The following mysterious footage will make you question everything. From a man investigating a haunted cabin in the woods to poltergeist activity caught on security camera, this collection of mysterious footage will surely give you the chills.

7. Mysterious Footage – Man Explores Abandoned Cabin

Some videos present viewers with an unsettling feeling right from the start. This video uploaded to YouTube by user Memória Sobrenatural INC is one such example. In the mysterious footage that is presented, the viewer first sees a man decked out and ready to fight anything malicious that comes his way. Equipped with an ax and belt of bullets, the man seems to be headed toward some serious danger.

Having driven to what appears to be an abandoned cabin, the man doesn’t waste any time breaking the front door down violently. It quickly becomes apparent why the man has taken such drastic and forceful measures from the start as the camera pans over to a set of double-doors seemingly opening all on their own.

It seems as though the building itself is rebelling against the man’s presence as it is shown falling down around him.

As the footage continues, a candle is seen burning out without any force around it as well as objects moving on their own. Focusing on eerie statues and burning effigies as well as odd stray animals and strange decor, one has to wonder what the building had previously been used for. If it was a residence, it is clear something disturbing must have occurred there.

Objects continue to fall in the man’s path seemingly pushed by poltergeists or other such forces. Perhaps most frightening of all, the video depicts a Christmas tree suddenly engulfed in flames spontaneously. Leaving the room, the man next sees a chair on fire, moving on its own as the door to the room closes itself. Truly frightening, this video depicts one of the most seemingly haunted areas to exist.

6. Haunted by a Masked Figure

There is perhaps little more frightening than the idea of a supernatural attack occurring in your own home while you’re sleeping. The mysterious footage uploaded by YouTube user The Genderuwo is a disturbing account of just that. Showing a man fast asleep, the viewer soon sees things go quickly awry.

As the man is sleeping, the CCTV footage captures an object falling directly off the wall, unprompted. Next, the man’s sheet is swiftly pulled off him as he continues to sleep. A curtain is pulled back on the wall as the man readjusts himself. Realizing his sheet has been pulled off, the man pulls it back over himself and returns to sleep.

Just as the man turns over, a figure is spotted on the outside of the window seemingly floating and staring into the room. Creepily, the figure continues to floating and stare into the room as another object falls off the wall. This seems to wake the man up as he finally sits up. The presence outside slips away as the man begins to get up.

Flipping on the light, the man realizes the room is askew and readjusts the curtain, picking up the falling objects. Switching off the light once again, the video takes a second to readjust to the lack of light. The light in an adjacent room flickers on and off as the man gets back into bed.

A rattling sound is heard as the curtain covering the ghost’s window begins to move once more. The curtain peels back just as the ghost reveals itself in the window of the adjacent room this time, much nearer to the sleeping man. Objects in the opposite corner are thrown violently and the man’s sheet is pulled back yet again just as the ghost disappears. The man does not seem to realize why he feels unsettled but is awoken once again, surveying the thrown objects.

Turning on the light once more, the man picks up the thrown objects as the ghost reappears in the window. The man has the opportunity to come face to face with the ghost this time as it does not back away. The man takes a sip of water, seemingly oblivious to the face until an eerie noise is heard. Looking up, the man finally comes face to face with the ghost only to fall down in absolute shock. The man’s fate is unknown, as that is where the video ends.

Truly one of the scariest moments caught on camera.

5. Wooly Mammoth Footage

Uploaded to YouTube by the channel True Horror Stories of Texas, this footage was allegedly originally captured by a Nazi photographer in Siberia in 1948. As though that fact alone would not make any footage captured unsettling enough, this video is particularly unusual.

The mysterious footage appears to capture an animal that can only be classified as the long-extinct wooly mammoth. The size and shape of a large-tusked elephant, the creature seems too obviously long-haired to be anything else. The timing is eerie as at the point the animal had long been extinct while technology had not yet evolved to the point of creating such an animal digitally. An extremely short clip, this footage is still unsettling nonetheless.

Could this really be a wooly mammoth that has somehow managed to survive in the harsh wilderness of Siberia?

4. Mysterious Footage – Ghost Caught at Football Match

Uploaded to Youtube by Amazing Football Skills, this video was meant to capture a routine football game. Instead, the mysterious footage seemed to have captured something else entirely. Throughout the game, it appears a supernatural guest goes largely unnoticed. As the camera focuses on the crowd it looks as though a mysterious moving figure is running to and fro between the ends of the field, straight through the crowd.

The figure runs with unnerving speed between the spectators. No one moves out of the figure’s way as it continuously moves between crowds, up and down and back and forth in a way that is inhuman. Compared to the football players on the ground, the figure is moving extremely quickly.

What do you think this figure is? Is it simply a camera glitch or something far more sinister?

3. Security Guard Spots Ghosts

Making the list of some of the most mysterious footage on the internet is this disturbing clip uploaded to YouTube by LUCAS FIRMINO Sucesso 2019. What is evidently footage of a security guard touring the perimeter of his building at night, the footage begins in a relatively routine way. The building seems to be abandoned and empty, with everything seeming normal at this time of night.

Touring the perimeter, everything seems to be occurring as usual. That is until the man focuses the camera on a nearby escalator. There a strange figure is seen riding the escalator upwards.

The guard appears to report the sighting before making chase. The footage goes blurry at the guard runs toward the figure. He looks up the escalator but there’s no one there. He then turns to see what appears to be a young girl, running down a corridor. The guard yells and starts running. The footage then cuts out and we’re left wondering what it is we’ve just seen.

How is it that the young girl went up the escalator but seconds later was somehow on the ground floor again? Were there two intruders playing a prank on this unsuspecting guard? Or did he witness the inexplicable movements of a ghost?

2. Mysterious Footage – Haunted Dispensary

This mysterious footage uploaded to YouTube by The Oregonian works to prove this Oregon dispensary’s claim that it is in fact haunted. This short clip shows just a handful of supernatural activity, but that alone is enough to provide substantial evidence to even a skeptic.

A camera set up to provide security footage captured multiple odd occurrences over the course of just a few seconds.

If you keep an eye on the jar of pens on the counter something eerie happens. As the footage elapses it seems as though the pens move on their own.

Next, the tip-jar on the counter seems to be moved by some unseen force. As a worker nearby is otherwise preoccupied the tip-jar moves several inches on its own across the countertop. Captured from two separate angles, it seems impossible that anything except the supernatural could have moved that tip-jar across the counter.

In an interview with the man working in the dispensary at the time the footage was taken the man explains that he felt as though there was a presence standing next to him at the moment the jar was moving. As the jar falls, Andy gets the idea to check the surveillance cameras and sees the jar moving on its own.

Speaking on both the jar and the pens, the general manager of the dispensary explains that the footage could not have been legally doctored as it is against state law to do so as the cameras monitor goods of a sensitive nature.

As the dispensary had been built in a building that formerly housed a pharmacy at the turn of the 20th century, the general manager goes on to say she believes the building to be haunted by the ghost of the pharmacist rearranging the items in the dispensary.

When speaking to an expert on Oregon hauntings, the expert explains that the city is supposedly extremely haunted due to the city’s rich history – in fact, it’s often considered one of the most haunted cities in the world. Regardless of the city’s past, the shop’s owners seem to think the supposed ghost to be benevolent and harmless.

1. Turnstile Moves on its Own

Ending our list of mysterious footage is this video uploaded to LiveLeak by ViralTab Video. The clip depicts a turnstile moving completely on its own.

The footage begins with a passenger filming an otherwise deserted train station.

With no one around, a nearby turnstile rotates as though someone is moving through it. The flashing motion sensor even seems to detect that something is moving through the ticket checkpoint.

The camera holder runs up to get a closer look. They even look around the side of the turnstile to make sure there’s no one hiding.

This simple yet eerie clip leaves you wondering whether something paranormal has been caught on film.

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