The Creepiest Nest Camera Videos Ever Captured

Time to install a security camera!

These are the creepiest nest camera videos ever captured. From a possible poltergeist haunting a garage to a would-be armed intruder caught on camera, these scary nest cam videos will make you want to go out and buy a home security system.

6. Creepy Events Caught on Nest Camera

Thanks to the advent of Nest and personal home security cameras, more and more odd occurrences happen to have been caught on camera in recent years. This video, uploaded to YouTube by user Elvis and Khaleesi, is one of the creepiest Nest camera videos out there.

The video opens with a notification from the Nest camera informing the home’s owner that the device was believed to have heard someone in the supposedly empty garage. Video footage of the garage itself follows, showing a seemingly empty room, however there is what sounds like a radio playing softly in the background.

Checking to ensure the garage’s radio was turned off, which it was, the homeowner appears and sees nothing wrong with the room. After walking out, the radio begins to play again.

After receiving another alert from the Nest device that motion has been detected in the room, the viewer witnesses a distinct white ball of light floating across the screen. Immediately after, the Nest lets the homeowner know that the device has heard a sound as the video picks up the sound of pool balls, apparently moving on their own.

The ball of light continues to float back across the screen, just as the viewer hears one of the creepiest things caught on camera yet. A voice says the word “SILENCE” over and over again as the Nest continues to report odd behavior, making this truly one of the shiver-inducing videos on the internet.

While the radio playing on its own may be explained away by a potential machine malfunction, the sound of the pool balls following the appearance of the orb is enough to make even the most hardened skeptic scratch their head.

Adding in the repetition of the off-camera voice repeating “SILENCE” multiple times, it’s hard to explain what’s going on, as the angle of the camera makes it apparent there is no one present in the empty garage. As the owner comes in to check on the garage multiple times due to each separate alert from the Nest, it seems unlikely that there is a physical presence going unnoticed.

The implications of the possibilities that remain to explain away this creepy video are truly terrifying.

5. Eerie Masked Intruder Caught in the Act

Continuing in the vein of the creepiest Nest camera videos, this video uploaded by YouTube user Brian Goldman depicts one of the craziest moments caught on CCTV. While many found footage videos have captured oddly inexplicable figures over the years, there’s something a bit too creepy about knowing it’s capturing one sneaking onto someone’s personal property.

Captured in the middle of the night, this video depicts an otherwise empty street – empty aside from the figure creepily attempting to walk onto the property.

Dressed in an apparent ode to one of cinema’s most notorious horror icons Michael Myers, the figure walks right up to the home in question. Holding what appears to be a knife in one hand, the figure attempts to walk straight up to the door and try the handle. After seeing the door is locked, the figure walks away.

This is not the end of the oddly costumed figure’s attempts to get into the home, however. The figure returns not once, but twice more in order to try the handle once again, pacing back and forth.

If the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, it is apparent that is what is happening in this video. Without a reason to suspect the door had been miraculously unlocked while the man walked away either time, it is clear the masked figure was likely not in their right mind and lucky for the Nest camera owner their home was securely locked.

4. Earthquake Caught on Security Camera

This video uploaded to YouTube by user Igor Krakovsky proves that security footage doesn’t have to be seemingly supernatural in order to be unsettling. In this video, definitively one of the creepiest Nest camera videos out there, a massive earthquake is captured on camera.

All seems well as the video begins. Wind chimes are heard in the distance, slowly growing more erratic. The lights strung up in the backyard in which the camera is positioned begin to sway back and forth, just as the ripples in the swimming pool pick up speed.

As things start to go awry, a large splash of water emerges from the swimming pool, spilling out into the backyard. The pool water continues to splash back and forth as things continue to escalate.

Showing the impressive power that is a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, the effect of the remaining shocks on the pool is truly one of the eeriest naturally occurring signs of destruction captured on camera.

3. Poltergeist Activity Caught on Nest Camera

While there is a wide array of odd Nest camera footage out there, most enthusiasts of the creepy and supernatural likely install these cameras hoping to catch a glimpse of a ghost or spirit. This video uploaded to YouTube by user yooofii seemingly accomplishes just that.

Capturing Nest footage in an empty room at night, things first start to go wrong as the cord attached to the window blinds begins to bump and move against the window on its own. Slamming itself against the window violently over and over again with nothing around it, this activity alone captured on camera would be eerie enough after just a few times.

However, the cord continues to slam itself against the window forcefully, seemingly on its own, making this one of the creepiest Nest camera videos out there. The cord even separates many times during the video, which could rule out the possibility of someone with fishing wire just off camera. The angle at which the Nest camera is positioned too seems to eliminate the chance of a figure in the room moving the cord in some other way.

It seems as though nothing short of an otherworldly being could cause the cord to move on its own, cueing poltergeist conspiracies.

Is this really poltergeist activity caught on camera? Or can it be explained some other way?

2. Mysterious Orb Caught on Camera

Many are quick to assume one polarized end of the argument when it comes to the topic of floating orbs caught on camera. For every supernatural enthusiast out there willing to suspend their disbelief and assure themselves they have seen a ghost or other supernatural entity caught on camera, there is a skeptic claiming the video has picked up dust or other particles.

This series of videos uploaded by YouTube user Marilyn Manfrom helps to confirm the view of the supernatural enthusiast.

In a series of videos from separate cameras depicting the same inexplicable floating orb on different nights, these videos give a bit more credence to the idea that orbs caught on camera are of a supernatural origin.

The idea of the same orb being caught by not one but two separate cameras makes these two of the creepiest Nest camera videos we’ve seen yet.

Showing a residential yard from multiple angles, the Nest cameras are set up to monitor the same area from different points of view. The first and longer video is sped up but seems to reflect the supernatural orb in question moving past the camera in real-time.

The video uploader notes that this is not the first time said orb has been spotted by the Nest device, and that it usually alerts the homeowner that there is inexplicably vague “motion” occurring in their yard.

Instead, the uploader notes that this instance stood out due to the Nest device alerting them as though there was human activity detected in the yard. The orb is seen floating in and out the camera’s frame for a substantial amount of time, seemingly for over four hours, according to the video’s uploader.

The second video does not appear to be sped up and depicts the orb floating slowly across the screen in a pattern similar to the range of motion that was captured on the first camera.

While extended footage of an orb floating around ethereally is creepy enough, having said orb captured on two different cameras on two different nights is another matter entirely, disproving the idea that there is dust or a lens flare fluke impacting the recorded footage.

What’s more, the idea of the Nest reporting these orb occurrences truly lends weight to the idea that there is something floating past the camera with its own physical presence.

1. Armed Visitor Foiled by Nest Cam

Occasionally, even cable news networks get in on the game of reporting on the creepiest Nest camera videos. Fox5 Atlanta is one such example of this type of network, and has uploaded one of the most chilling Nest camera videos yet to YouTube.

Similar to the video depicting Michael Myers attempting to open an unsuspecting resident’s door, this video depicts a man walking straight up to a resident’s home. In this instance, it is likely having the Nest camera installed at their front door saved these residents’ lives, as the man is shown brazenly walking up to the door with a gun in his hands and in plain sight.

Attempting to slightly duck around a corner so that he would be mostly obscured as the resident opened the door, the man rings the doorbell and waits for the resident to come to the door.

Seemingly saved by the Nest camera, the resident refrains from opening the door, potentially saving their life from the unknown man. As the Atlanta news channel reports in the description, the authorities were then notified and set on the lookout for the man, apparently unknown to the home’s residents.

While Nest cameras have captured a wide variety of seemingly threatening supernatural occurrences, this practical example of a flesh and blood threat is one of the most chilling videos on the internet.