10 Crazy Moments Caught on CCTV

These clips are intense!

The most insane moments caught on CCTV. From a freewheeling car tyre disrupting a business meeting to the moment a baby was caught after falling from a two storey apartment window, we count 10 crazy moments caught on CCTV that will leave you amazed!

10. Car Vs. Parking Lot Gate

Watch as this parking lot security door gets the better of this car.

There’s not a lot of solid information about this clip. It’s not known where this took place but it appears to be at an entrance to a public parking lot.

In the footage we see a car approach a closed security door. It pauses for a moment as a passenger hastily exits the vehicle then rams right through the wire gate, much to the dismay of the escaped passenger. For some reason the car reverses back into the gate, this time connecting with the back of the car, bizarrely lifting it into the air. The driver attempts this two times, each time lifting the rear of the vehicle into the air. Finally, he grows impatient and reverses at speed fully flipping the car upside down.

It’s not known whether the men were robbing the place or drunk or possibly both. Either way, it makes for some entertaining footage caught on CCTV.

9. Rogue Tyre

This is some crazy footage caught on CCTV in Adana, Turkey in April 2017.

Over multiple security cameras we see dramatic images of a dislodged tyre bounce down the road only to disrupt what looks like a very serious business meeting in a pharmacy.

Owner, Abdulkadir Erdeve, said he was chatting to two men in his pharmacy when suddenly the rogue tyre burst into the store scraping one of the men.

According to witnesses the tyre became dislodged after a nearby car accident took place up the road. Upon impact the tyre gained momentum rolling at great speed down the street, hitting the curb, which made it change direction toward the store front.

The men escaped with only minor injuries.

8. E-Cigarette Explodes in Pocket

In February 2016 a CCTV camera in a gas station in Kentucky captured the moment when an e-cigarette exploded in a man’s pocket.

In the video we see a man by the name of Josh Hamilton walk up to the counter to pay for his fuel. As he reaches into his pocket to pay, the e-cigarette ignites, spitting sparks and flames out of his pants. He runs outside patting himself down in an effort to stop the explosion. Luckily, the quick thinking clerk, follows Hamilton with a fire extinguisher.

Hamilton was admitted to a local hospital with burns to his thigh and abdomen.

7. Pedestrian Stacker Hits Sprinkler System

This is some hilarious footage taken way back in 2008.

Caught on security camera at an unknown Target warehouse in the United States, we see an employee handling a pedestrian stacker. He lifts the fork high into the air, colliding with the warehouse’s sprinkler system. Water begins to rain down from the roof. What happens next is almost something out of a Benny Hill sketch.

First the employee tries moving a pallet of stock away from the spraying water. Then he finds a ladder to reach the broken sprinkler system. He tinkers with the pipe, using a wrench to quell the deluge of water. At first it proves quite effective, as the water almost completely stops. However, the employee doesn’t seem fully satisfied and gives the wrench one last good yank for good measure. As he pulls, the entire pipe bursts knocking him off the ladder. A torrent of liquid floods down from the roof, the warehouse floor becoming inundated with water.

The perpetrator and fellow employees stand by dumbfounded, helpless to do anything.

6. Woman Hits Herself with Sprinkler

Sticking with broken sprinkler systems this quick thinking woman tried staging an injury in the hope of getting worker’s compensation.

Taken on CCTV in an office in Fort Lauderdale, we see Sheyla Veronica White working away at her desk when a piece of pipe from the roof’s sprinkler system falls in front of her. Startled, she stares at it for a moment. Suddenly, she picks the piece of metal up and hits herself in the head. She grasps her forehead in pain.

White went to her boss claiming that the sprinkler had fallen onto her head. She was hoping to get a pay out from the employer’s insurance company.

Suspicious of the accident the insurance company, along with state authorities, reviewed the CCTV footage to see what had happened. And there, clear as day, was evidence that White smashed herself in the head with the faulty sprinkler piece.

White was convicted of fraud and given 18 months probation.


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