Creepy Cryptids Caught on Camera

These Cryptids Continue To Baffle Scientists!

From a mysterious flying humanoid spotted in the sky over Mexico to a strange goblin-like creature filmed hiding under a car, we look at creepy cryptids caught on camera.

7. The Mysterious Gas Plant Cryptid

The mysterious gas plant cryptid - full photo.


In November, 2012, a man known only as Darryl claimed to have taken this photo while working the night shift at a material gas plant in Kenedy, Texas.

He says that at the time he took the photo, there was only four people working at the facility. He first noticed the strange figure when he was standing in the basket of a man lift and spotted something unusual swaying from side to side out of the corner of his eye.

By the time he managed to unhook his harness and get out of the basket, the creature had vanished.

The police were called. However, after searching the premises they were unable to find any trace of the mysterious figure. The officer then told Darryl that they had already received 26 calls related to UFO sightings that night.

He sent the picture to a plant officer and it was subsequently posted in the local newspaper.

The mysterious gas plant cryptid - cropped photo.


If you take a close look at the photo, the creature appears to be somewhat shorter than a human. It looks as though it is dressed in some sort of robe or cloak and it has large, dark eyes and a dark mouth.

Many who’ve studied the photo have divided opinions on what the creature could be. Some claim it is an alien, others think that it could be some type of supernatural entity, a ghost or even a goblin.

While the identity of this creepy cryptid remains unclear, there is little doubt that the photo has captured something very strange. Could the figure really be from another world or is it more likely to have supernatural origins? Without further information, this one will have to remain a mystery for the time being.

6. Elf-Like Creature Spooks Man


This mysterious cryptid sighting was uploaded to Amazing Mystery Videos‘ YouTube channel in January, 2014.

The clip begins as someone is filming two men kicking around a ball in a dimly lit room. As they kick it back and forth, one of the men looses control of the ball and it rolls underneath what appears to be a desk. As the man attempts to retrieve the ball, a small, light colored creature runs from under the desk to the opposite side of the room.

Startled, the man lets out a mighty shriek and falls to the ground.

As with many of these kind of videos the quality is very poor. This has led skeptics to suggest that the clip could easily be a fake. However, there are some that genuinely believe that this video has actually captured a cryptid – possibly a goblin or even an elf. The man’s surprised reaction certainly seems authentic but the video quality just makes it too hard to identify the mysterious creature.

Does this video really show some sort of small cryptid? Or is it simply a bit of post production trickery?

5. Flying Humanoid Spotted in Mexico

In early 2018, this bizarre piece of footage first appeared online. It was captured by a woman in the northern Mexican state of Baja, California and shows some sort of strange object flying through the sky.

The video, seen here uploaded to the Facebook page, Ufologo Pedro Ramírez, clearly shows the object however, there is much conjecture over what it really is.

A UFO expert, Ramirez himself suggested that the clip showed a tubular-shaped UFO that was flying over the city, monitoring recent rocket launches from Earth. He added, “Some of these space missions have ‘suspicious objectives’ that alien being(s) are aware of.”

Others thought that the mysterious flying object looked more like a humanoid figure flying vertically through the sky. If you look closely at the shape, it certainly does resemble a person with a jet pack.

Sometime later, a more skeptical analyst even put forward the idea that the figure could have simply been a human-shaped helium balloon floating through the sky.

After watching the video, it’s easy to see how opinions could be so divided and I’m sure that the furious debate over the object’s true identity will continue well into the future. What do you think it could be? Love to get you thoughts on this one in the comments section below.

4. CCTV Catches Goblin at Bus Station


This video, seen here uploaded to UFO HD‘s YouTube channel in August, 2015, supposedly shows a woman carrying a goblin.

The footage appears to have been taken from a CCTV camera that was apparently overlooking a bus station somewhere in South America.

As the woman dressed in blue appears on the right sight of the screen, you can see that one of the bus station security guards spots the strange creature that she is holding. The footage then shows the woman talking to two people before eventually walking through the security screens.

Up until this point, most viewers will probably suspect that the small figure that the woman is carrying is most likely a child. However, after the woman presents her bag to the security guard for inspection, she then turns, revealing the face of the figure that she is carrying.

It appears to have green skin and large, pointed ears! While some have simply dismissed the figure as a mannequin, if you watch the footage closely, it actually seems to move its head in different directions.

It’s possible that the figure could be some sort of autonomous puppet. However, it’s face is eerily lifelike.

Could this clip actually show evidence of a real goblin? Unfortunately, without further information we may never learn the truth behind this mysterious video.

3. Large Cat Filmed in California

Photo of large cat seen in Norwalk, California.


In July, 2014, a video surveillance camera captured this image of a large, cat-like creature prowling around a residential neighborhood in Norwalk, California.

After reviewing the footage, local wildlife experts apparently confirmed that the creature was not a mountain lion as many had first suspected.

Based on the beast’s size and shape, it was suggested that it could have actually been an African lion, perhaps one that had escaped from a  nearby zoo or circus.

Shortly after the sighting, a representative from the Department of Fish and Wildlife visited local residents to inform them of the creature’s presence in the area.

While most thought that the creature did resemble a lion, others were not so sure suggesting that the beast could have been something else entirely. Some even went as far as to say that the footage could have shown evidence of a shapeshifter. One that possesses the ability to take the form of different animals.

While it’s unclear what the creature seen in this picture really was, it’s certainly large and could potentially be very dangerous. If anyone who lives in the area has any information on other sightings of this mysterious beast, we’d love to here about them in the comments section below.

2. Cryptid Spotted Hiding Under Car


This mysterious video, uploaded to JJPD Producciones‘ YouTube channel in February, 2016, shows a small, elf-like creature hiding under a car.

The video’s description mentions that the footage was captured by a young man who was heading to his car when he suddenly noticed something strange. He then took out his smartphone and recorded this clip.

The footage begins as the man squats down and starts to film underneath the car. Initially, he is unable to spot whatever it was that first caught his attention. However, as he begins to stand up, he spots a strange creature running from behind the car. The creature is fast and certainly seems intent on avoiding the man who does his best to follow with his camera.

He looses it for a second but then manages to spot the creature once again, climbing under another nearby car. The footage cuts abruptly and the viewer is left wondering what happened next.

If you pause the video, just as the figure runs past the car, you can clearly see that it looks very strange. It’s body looks hairless and it has yellowy-brown skin. It has long, thin arms and also appears to have an elongated jaw.

The opinion of the supernatural community is certainly divided over this video. Many believe that the creature is simply the result of a very clever editing job. While others think that the footage could indeed be genuine.

If this video is proven to be authentic, then one thing is for sure. This would have to be some of the clearest footage of a cryptid ever caught on camera.

1. Mysterious ‘Gorilla Bird’ Caught on Camera

In June, 2019, the internet went crazy over this video posted to Twitter by @keita_simpson. In it, the Twitter user appears to have captured evidence of some sort of gorilla-bird hybrid living in Nagoya, Japan.

The creature looks as though it is sporting large, feathery arms and seems to have adopted an aggressive ape-like stance.

While Cryptid enthusiasts were quick to suggest that this video could show proof of some sort of new, yet to be discovered species ornithologists soon debunked the rumors. They claim that the creature is actually a large-billed crow that is simply sunning itself and that its outstretched wings are actually hiding its legs. This creates the illusion that the bird is standing on large, muscular wings.

Even though the ‘gorilla bird’ mystery appears to have been solved we think that based on the initial ‘wow’ factor of the video, this bizarre looking bird still deserves a place on our list of creepy cryptids caught on camera.