These Scary Nest Camera Videos Are Freaking People Out

Big brother is watching

It seems like every day, there’s a new piece of technology available to capture little slices of our lives. Sometimes, these devices are meant to preserve our memories for posterity. Sometimes, they are meant to keep us safe. Either way, videos from devices such as the Nest home security system can be more terrifying than you bargained for. Below, read about the scary nest camera videos that are freaking people out.

6. Ghost Caught on CCTV

When YouTuber “The Genderuwo” uploaded this eerie footage, people started freaking out.

The homeowner in the clip began suspecting he was sharing his home with something that wasn’t entirely human, so he decided to set up a closed-circuit camera system to capture it, and ended up with a truly scary Nest camera video

The first camera in this video watches over the homeowner as they sleep. At the start of the video, we see him sleeping fitfully, as if there is something in the room disturbing his slumber. After a while, we see an indication of what may be causing the disturbance. Among what first appeared to be a mess of rumpled blankets there appears a more solid form. If we look closely, we can see that it has the clear and distinct shape of a body. The man pulls the covers aside, but is unable to find the source of the strange shape.

The footage then moves to a different Nest camera placed at the bottom of a staircase. The resident walks across the shot. A moment later, a short, thin, almost transparent form crosses the screen from the other direction. The man seems to notice that something is amiss and returns to investigate, always missing the strange ghost-like figure by mere seconds.

In footage from a final Nest camera, we see a long, dark hallway. Without explanation, a door opens. Seconds later, a small, dark shadow moves through the doorway, hovering several feet above the ground. It flies around the hallway for a few seconds before disappearing. While it isn’t entirely clear what is going on in this apartment building, this homeowner seems certain that he is dealing with something supernatural.

Could these really be ghosts caught on CCTV? Let me know in the comments below.

5. Teen Loses His Marbles After Breakup

Breakups can be quite painful, as this footage uploaded to YouTube by user “I see you” clearly shows.

In this scary Nest camera video, one teenager takes his breakup to extremes when he decides to fight with his girlfriend late one night, begging her to take him back, as they walk down a deserted street together.

Unfortunately for the heartbroken teen, a Nest camera caught the entire spectacle on film.

The video begins by showing the backyard of the house where the cameras are placed. The couple walk along the street arguing when suddenly the man’s anger escalates. He lets out a guttural scream that sounds truly disturbed.

The clip then cuts to another Nest camera that’s placed in the front yard of the home. Here we get a clearer view of the quarrelsome couple. The man descends into a violent rage, smashing cars as he goes. His screams are manic and frightening.

The girl crosses the road in an attempt to get away from the man but he runs directly at her. The girl doubles back and escapes in the opposite direction, all while the exacerbated man erupts further down the street.

This scary Nest camera video is absolutely chilling. Luckily the girl managed to get away without violence, but what happened after this incident is not known.

4. Scary Nest Camera Videos – Orb Shower

On the YouTube channel “American People” a scary Nest camera video features a dog that begins acting rather strangely. Many people believe that animals are particularly attuned to the spiritual world and that they become aware of ghostly presences before humans do. In the case of this eerie Nest video, it seems that this theory about our four-legged friends might be exactly right. Many people believe that pets see things their owners can’t.

At the start of the video, the dog is moving slowly around the living room, carefully sniffing various spots around the room. It is almost as if he has noticed something strange, but can’t figure out exactly what it is that he is sensing. He investigates the room for a while before the camera picks up anything that could explain the pet’s unusual behavior.

As the camera rolls, small reflective orbs suddenly begin flying quickly across the camera. Unlike most orb videos that show only one or two, this footage is covered with them. The cascade of orbs lasts for around 20 seconds only stopping as suddenly as it began. Many people attempt to explain these types of orbs by stating that they are caused by dust. However, in this unusual video, there is nothing to explain the sudden stop and start of the waterfall of orbs passing in front of the camera. Even if it was dust, how could it have begun and ended so abruptly? The homeowners attempted to replicate the video numerous times without success.

The pet dog in the video certainly seems to think that the orbs were a sign of something amiss. Near the end of the footage, he leaps to the window and begins growling at something that the camera doesn’t see. Is it an intruder, or something even more sinister?

3. Scary Nest Camera Videos – Man Shoots Windows

As YouTuber “Mark C” shows on his channel, not all scary Nest camera videos out there are supernatural in nature. Sometimes, human nature can be just as frightening.

This video shows the area outside of our YouTuber’s house. It appears to be the holiday season, as a home across the street is adorned with festive Christmas lights. Numerous cars line the narrow street, but a few particular cars will soon become of interest.

A few seconds into the footage, the Nest camera shows two individuals walking down the street. They are wearing baggy clothes with hats and hoods covering their heads, making it difficult to get a clear look at them. One of the men stops on the sidewalk next to one of the cars. He raises his arms, revealing that he is holding what appears to be a small rifle. He quickly shoots the window, shattering it. The vandal glances inside of the car to see if there’s anything inside he’d like to steal before moving on.

The man walks to the left of screen and shoots out another window on a car further down the street.

It’s hard to tell what sort of weapon the vandals were using. You’d assume if it was a rifle the shots would have alerted neighbours to the disturbance. This then suggests perhaps the would-be thieves were brandishing air-rifles. Either way, the senseless destruction and ill intentioned behavior is quite unsettling.

Despite the camera footage, the vandals were never caught. However, the damage they left behind was both costly and frightening.

2. Scary Nest Camera Videos – House Fire

Another video, this one uploaded by Anjan Amirishetty, shows just how terrifying real life can be. In this shocking Nest camera video, we see how the simple act of cooking dinner can easily result in tragedy.

In this video, the Nest camera was placed high on the wall in the kitchen of the house. As the footage begins, we can see that there is a pot boiling away on the stove. The voices of children can be heard in another room, suggesting that the adults of the household are likely off tending to the children.

Seemingly without cause, the pot on the stove suddenly bursts into flames. The fire grows into a huge, cracking ball, blazing for almost a minute before the parents of the household notice the danger that they are in. They suddenly run into the room and begin scrambling for a way to extinguish the flames. The room’s smoke detectors finally start beeping, long after the flames have grown out of control. The woman is in a panic, unable to commit to a course of action. Then, the man finally runs into the room carrying a large bucket of water. He tosses the water onto the flames. For a moment, the fire appears to grow larger. The man retreats, falling over his young child behind him.

After a few seconds the fire dies out, filling the room with thick, black smoke. A few small tongues of flame still smolder on the stovetop, but the situation appears to be under control.

Authorities recommend that water not be used on grease fires, as it can actually exacerbate the problem and create a much larger fire. Luckily in this case, the bucket of water worked but it could have ended much worse.

1. Ghost Caught on Nest Camera

When YouTuber “Griffomedia” came home to find their trash cans in the wrong spot, they decided to take a look at the Nest footage from the cameras installed in their garden to hopefully find an answer. They claim that they never believed in ghosts, so they weren’t expecting anything supernatural to show up on the footage. They were quite surprised when they ended up with one of the scariest Nest camera videos the internet has ever seen.

The footage shows the trash bin resting along the side of the driveway next to another bin. Suddenly, one of the trashcans begins rolling across the driveway before suddenly coming to a rest on the other side of the driveway.

Some naysayers have attempted to debunk the video by claiming that the driveway must have been on a downhill slope, causing the bin to begin rolling on its own. However, this explanation is unlikely. Had an incline been the reason for the movement, the bin would have started moving gradually and only come to a stop when it hit the wall on the other side. In the video, the bin begins moving suddenly and stops several inches away from the wall. Also, why does only one bin begin to move when both are in the same place?

In addition, a still from the video shows that there may have been a human-shaped shadow standing on the sidewalk behind the bins when one of them began to move. Some viewers have suggested that this haunting figure could have been a ghostly apparition: a poltergeist who playfully pushed the bin across the driveway as a prank against the homeowner.

While the explanation for the moving trash can may not be clear, the footage is certainly creepy to watch.