Mysterious Shapeshifters Caught Changing on Camera

Are There Actually Alien Shapeshifters Living Among Us?

From human-reptilian hybrids to alien bodyguards filmed shapeshifting into their true form, we take a look at mysterious shapeshifters caught changing on camera.

9. Reporter’s Face Starts Melting on Air


In 2012, this video was posted online that appears to show a reporter’s face melting on live TV. The reporter was covering a story about a drunk, off duty police officer who began beating the staff of a restaurant after they refused to serve him more alcohol.

Everything seems normal right up until the end of the video when the reporter begins to fumble his words. As he does, something strange starts happening to his face.

Many people believe that this footage proves that there are indeed shapeshifters living among us. Mysterious beings, possibly even aliens that have the ability to disguise themselves as humans.

One theory suggests that these shapeshifters are actually descendants of reptilian beings from the Alpha Draconis star system. The theory, which is mainly credited to former BBC television sports broadcaster and conspiracy theorist, David Icke, suggests that these creatures are a result of human-reptilian breeding programs have been taking place on Earth for at least 200,000 years.

Many believe Icke’s theories to be true. He has supporters in nearly 50 countries and often lectures to large crowds. In fact, a 2013 poll of Americans conducted by Public Policy Polling, indicated that 4% of all registered voters actually believed in David Icke’s ideas.

He also claims that these human-reptilian hybrids often obtain positions of power in human society and then use their power to secretly manipulate global events. They supposedly do this to keep humans in a state of constant fear. The hybrids then feed off the negative energy that is created.

The reason that these beings are thought to be unrecognizable is that they possess the ability to shapeshift into humans. Occasionally, this camouflage capability malfunctions allowing us to see them in their true form.

8. The Queen’s Shapeshifting Disguise Malfunction


Possibly, the most well known figure thought to be a human-reptilian hybrid, is the Queen of England. In fact, Icke has suggested that the entire royal family could be hybrids.

This video is believed by many to show evidence that the Queen is indeed reptilian. If you zoom in on her left eye, you can see that it looks very strange indeed. While the official explanation was that her eye was bloodshot, believers insist that it was actually her camouflage malfunctioning.

7. Katy Perry Assumes Her True Form


These reptilian shapeshifters are not only said to disguise themselves as world leaders. Many celebrities are also thought to be hybrids.

This video, uploaded to marinodelfino’s YouTube channel in 2015, shows an excerpt from a Katy Perry interview. While everything seems normal at first, if you slow the footage down, you can actually see that for a brief second her pupils appear to resemble those of a lizard.

While several skeptics have noted that it may be little more than a special effect, the video still evokes an uneasy feeling. What do you think? Could it actually prove that reptilian shapeshifters are infiltrating human society? Or is just a simple hoax?Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

6. Shapeshifter Transforms in Cinema


In September, 2018, this very strange video was uploaded to BogotaDreamTV4’s YouTube channel.

While waiting in a cinema for a film to begin, an audience member begins recording a couple arguing a few rows in front of them. The woman grows increasingly distressed and stands up from her seat. Her boyfriend too, stands up and as he does, the woman appears to take on his form.

The shapeshifter then touches the man who immediately faints. The shapeshifter lowers him to the floor before grabbing a bag and heading for the exit.

The man, who now appears to have totally white eyes lies motionless in the isle as the remaining movie goers rush for the doors.

A short time later, an usher attempts to wake the man. He immediately stands up and runs for the exit. The camera person follows and manages to catch the man running from the theater and down the hallway.

Strangely, if you slow the footage down, at 0:27 you can actually see another woman walking up the steps of the theater passed the arguing couple, who appears to look identical to the woman fighting with her boyfriend.

Is it possible that this video actually shows a real shapeshifter stealing the identity of another person? If so, could it also be possible that the shapeshifter stole the identity of the woman seen walking up the isle as well?

Without further information, it’s difficult to know for sure.

If anyone can tell us what the couple were saying to each other at the beginning of the video we’d love to know.


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