These Unexplained Videos Are Freaking Skeptics Out

These videos are bizarre!

Here are 10 unexplained videos that are freaking skeptics out. From a possible vampire sighting to god walking across the sky, we take a look at some bizarre videos that can’t be explained.

10. Thai Ghost ‘Gong Goi’ Caught on Camera

Many are saying this eerie clip is proof of the mysterious ‘gong goi’ ghost from Thailand folklore.

The video started surfacing in September 2018. Supposedly filmed in a rural area of Laos, the video shows a strange figure hopping on the side of the road. The entity looks to be wearing a white dress with long black hair. It appears to be hobbling along on just one leg.

Facebook user Chantha Sitouluk uploaded the clip. He said he took the footage on his phone while driving along a dirt road late at night. He claims he spotted a strange creature on the side of the road, hopping along.

The clip quickly went viral in South East Asia with many calling it a ‘gong goi’, a fearsome creature from Thai mythology.

Gong Gois are child-sized creatures that are said to live deep in the jungle. They hop around on one contorted leg, screaming ‘gong goi, gong goi’. They have a tendency to prey on lone hikers who have gotten lost. It’s said that they suck the blood from their victims through their toes, leaving them for dead. They then hop off eerily into the night.

Is this really footage of a legendary Thai ghost creeping through the night? Without more information we may never know.

9. God Walks Across Sky

Some viewers are saying that this is footage of god walking across the sky.

During a Facebook live stream this Alabama resident inadvertently captured something very unusual. The user was filming the impending storm, telling her friends to look at a bright gap in the clouds and didn’t even notice that she had captured something unusual – that was until she reviewed the footage.

In the clip you can see a bright gap amongst the grey storm clouds. To the right, you can see a strange figure walk across the sky. It’s faint, but if you zoom in, you can make out what looks to be a humanoid entity walking along.

When the clip started getting shared across social media, religious fanatics were quick to call the footage a miracle sent directly from god. One viewer implied it was a sign of armageddon, saying: ‘…there will be signs and wonders in the last days, believe what you want, but God is coming back to claim his children in the clouds of glory!!!! I’m gonna be ready how about you?’

Others took a more scientific approach saying it could be a cumulonimbus, a cloud formation that is created by water vapor carried by powerful upward air currents.

Whatever the opinion, it’s still a curious piece of footage that has sparked fierce debate across social media.

8. The Earth is Breathing

Startling footage uploaded to Twitter seems to show the Earth breathing and it’s got people freaked out.

A hiker took the footage while in Sacré-Coeur forest in Quebec, Canada. As they make their way along a walking track, the ground begins to move, heaving in and out, as though the earth is breathing.

While many viewers desperately want the footage to be evidence of some kind of legendary rock elemental that may burst from the ground and demand all passerbys to solve a riddle, there is actually a relatively simple explanation. During heavy rain and high winds, the ground becomes saturated loosening the soil’s attachment to the tree’s roots deep underground. Then when the trees sway in the high winds, sometimes the ground can heave in and out just like in this video.

There are quite a few videos on Youtube showing this phenomenon happening around the world – it makes for some fascinating viewing.

7. Ghost Filmed in Office

Has this security camera captured the moment a ghost walks through an office wall?

This eerie clip was allegedly filmed on the second floor of Infosys, a technology company in Bangalore, India.

The CCTV system seems to have captured an entity that resembles a woman in a white dress with long black hair. The figure floats through walls and has a translucent quality.

A local newspaper looked into the incident and asked employees if they recalled anything unusual. One worker said they heard a strange knocking sound coming from the store room but when they investigated there was nothing that could’ve been making the noise.

Some viewers have noted the cliche appearance of the alleged ghost, suggesting the the footage is a hoax.

Unfortunately, without more information we may never know the true nature of this unsettling clip.

6. Cobra Protects Ancient Shiva Shrine

This next clip is like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.

In the Indian state of Karnataka, workers were excavating a site near Sadashivgad Fort as part of a roadworks operation when they uncovered an ancient Shiva shrine. It was unearthed when a part of the mountainside collapsed during the works.

In the footage, beside the possibly centuries old relic, a cobra is standing guard. It hisses at workers, warning them to not come any closer.

According to legend, the god Shiva wore a cobra around their neck, symbolising the control of death in the past, present and future.

Could this be an omen sent from the gods to protect this sacred site or is it all just a bizarre coincidence?


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