These Unexplained Videos Are Freaking Skeptics Out

These videos are bizarre!

5. Strange Sky Phenomenon, Jerusalem

It would appear a giant ring of fire appeared in the skies over Israel in 2016.

If this video is to be believed, an epic ring of fire appeared in the sky above Jerusalem much to the amazement of hundreds of onlookers. An ominous sound of trumpets was also heard blaring around the town while the phenomenon lit up the skies.

When the clip went public, numerous theories were put forth. Most viewers hailed it as a sign from god. Many referred to the Book of Revelation which states that seven trumpets will ring in the beginning of the apocalypse. Others thought it was the work of project ‘Blue Beam’, a conspiracy theory that suggests that the US government is manipulating a New World Order via a technologically simulated Second Coming. Then there were the usual suggestions of aliens or even chemtrails.

Skeptics have noted that the ‘ring of fire’ does look like CGI, which could mean the whole thing is nothing more than a hoax.

As with most of these strange religious themed videos, we’re either all gonna die horribly or it’s a fake.

4. Real Vampire Caught on Film

This bizarre clip started getting shared around social media in mid-2014. It’s taken from security footage in an unknown shoe store in the US.

Everything seems normal, until a mysterious man dressed in all black leaves the store. As he heads for the exit he passes a mirror that doesn’t show a reflection. The previous customer walked by and there’s a normal reflection but the second man doesn’t appear to cast any reflection whatsoever.

When the short clip was first uploaded, viewers were quick to call the man a vampire.

According to legend, mirrors hold and reflect part of the human soul. Therefore vampires, which are often depicted as soulless creatures, can’t be seen in mirrors.

Analysts are stumped by this bizarre piece of footage. They’ve not been able to debunk the clip and can’t identify whether it’s been digitally enhanced or not.

What do you think, real or fake? Love to hear your opinion on this one in the comments section below.

3. Real Dragon Body Found

This mysterious footage has been floating around the Internet since 2016. It seems the more the video gets shared the more varied the origin story gets. Some say it’s a dinosaur corpse that was found deep in the Himalayas near a remote ravine. Others say it’s a dragon’s body that was discovered on an island off the coast of Spain.

When the footage first surfaced it spearheaded a debate about whether dragons do actually exist in remote areas of the world. True believers hailed the footage as ground breaking evidence that would surely rewrite the history books.

However, the hype was quickly quelled when footage was released showing an artist by the name of Juan Villa Herrero making a detailed model of a dragon that looked identical to the one allegedly discovered. In Fact, it was an exact match as the artist revealed he made the video to promote an upcoming TV show.

So sadly our fantasy of real-life dragons will once again have to be relegated to the realm of imagination.

2. Cloud Floats on Ground

Here’s another clip that viewers are calling a sign from heaven.

Uploaded to Youtube in mid-2016 to the channel HipHopCommittee, this bizarre video seems to show a cloud floating down the road.

Several onlookers gather around to watch the mysterious cloud as it hovers along the road, almost as if it’s obeying the road rules. Understandably, the witnesses keep their distance as they try to comprehend what’s actually going on.

The mysterious object continues to float along before taking off into the sky.

Some viewers took it as a sign of the end of days, referring to the bible Revelation 8:7, a section which talks about the sky falling with hail, fire and blood. Others said it was the beginning of an alien invasion or a glimpse at the government controlling the weather.

Other commentators put forth more reasonable explanations such as a large amount of bubble bath foam that can often occur if prankers fill a town fountain with gel. Some thought it could be a sea foam caught in the wind, but without knowing the location it’s hard to comment. A final theory suggested it could be a toxic foam that can be created with a mixture of ammonia, phosphate, and low dissolved oxygen from a body of water. When these combine, they can sometimes create a foul smelling foam.

What do you think, end of days, aliens or bubble bath foam? Cast your vote in the comments section below.

1. Unexplained Video of Ghost Caught on CCTV

This is some creepy footage taken by the security cameras at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai, India.

In the clip we see a set of automatic doors at the entrance to one of the wings of the hospital. In the beginning the doors open normally for a man entering the building. Then a short while later the doors begin to open and close on their own. This happens a number of times. On the second time, a strange distorted shape appears behind the glass. It almost looks like two children kneeling on the floor.

The clip has since gone viral throughout the subcontinent with many saying that the figure is the ghost of Jayalalitha, a prominent politician and actress who died mysteriously at the Apollo Hospital. According to news reports, the influential figure was recovering in hospital when suddenly her condition declined and she died of septic shock.

Locals are now saying that her spirit wanders the halls of the Apollo Hospital, perhaps unaware that she’s even died.

Could this security camera have captured a glimpse of her restless spirit? Or is there a simpler explanation?

So there’s our look at 10 unexplained videos that are spooking the Internet. What was your take on some of these bizarre videos? Leave us a comment down below or on any of our socials.