Creepiest Things Caught on Live TV

The Cameras Manage To Capture Some Spooky Things

From a ghost attack during a live interview to a shapeshifter’s disguise malfunction caught on camera, these are the creepiest things caught on live TV.

7. Ghost Spotted on Live TV


In 2016, keen eyed fans spotted something very unsettling during a telecast of a English sports program. As the hosts discuss a recent football match, a groundsman, who appears to be wheeling equipment off the ground suddenly disappears.

What makes the footage even more mysterious is the fact that a short while later, a second man can also be seen disappearing from the ground.

When the footage first aired, fans immediately began debating what they had seen. Experts were initially stumped, however some suggested that the disappearing groundsmen might have just been an illusion created by some sort of video edit. Despite this, many thought that the clip did indeed show something paranormal.

While some viewers were convinced that the camera had captured ghosts, it’s difficult to know for sure without further information.

What do you think? Does this clip really show proof of ghosts lurking inside this football stadium or could there be another explanation for this bizarre footage?

6. Ghost Attacks Boy During Interview


In November, 2010, a news channel reported on an 11 year old boy from Spanish Town, Jamaica who claimed to have been haunted by a ghost.

His family claimed that they had prayed for him and even tried taking him to church but said that the ghost would have followed and ended up causing havoc inside.

The clip begins as the boy is being interviewed by the reporter whilst sitting in a chair. Suddenly, he appears to be grabbed by some sort of unseen force from behind. A woman, presumably his mother then quickly catches him before he is thrown from the chair.

Shortly after, the boy tells the news crew that he can see the ghost standing by a wall and walks over to stand next to it. Just as before, something appears to grab at the boy, this time pulling violently on his leg.

The boy claims that the ghost was actually a friend of his who had passed away four year prior. He says that it appeared to him one day and has been causing chaos ever since.

Even his neighbors are spooked by the haunting claiming that they too have been terrorized by the mischievous ghost.

While it’s unclear if the boy ever managed to rid himself of the spirit, this footage certainly qualifies as one of the creepiest things caught on live TV.

If anyone has any further information on this story, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

5. UFO Watches English Football Match


This unsettling video was uploaded to Yorkshire Conspirator UFOs‘ YouTube channel in May, 2019. The footage, which was supposedly captured at a football match somewhere in London has many claiming that it shows proof of a UFO.

Near the beginning of the video there is a sudden flash in the sky which is shortly followed by an orange colored orb that slowly descends from above. It hovers for a few seconds before suddenly disappearing.

The players don’t seem to notice the strange light as they continue their pre-match warm ups.

While several skeptics have noted that the descending light could simply belong to a drone, this theory doesn’t explain how the object could suddenly vanish.

What do you think? Have actually captured an alien spacecraft curiously watching a local football match? Or could the orb be something else entirely?

4. Woman Disappears on Live TV


In 2016, this mysterious clip first surfaced that was supposedly taken from a live interview on Norwegian Television.

As the woman with the trolley exits the shot, the woman behind her mysteriously disappears.

When the clip was first uploaded to YouTube it immediately went viral racking up millions of views in the first few days.

Conspiracy theorists were quick to analyze the footage with some labeling it as evidence of time travel. Others even thought that the clip proved that we could all be living in a giant computer simulation and that the woman’s disappearance was simply a glitch in the Matrix.

However, several skeptics also noted that the incident could simply have been an optical illusion created as both women walked out of the shot together.

What do you think? Is there something supernatural at play in this video or could there be a more rational explanation for the woman’s sudden disappearance?

3. Ghost Filmed Running Through Stadium


This brief clip is an excerpt taken from the television broadcast of a live football match.

Just as the goalkeeper is about to kick the ball back into play, a mysterious dark figure can be seen running through the stands.

The figure moves at extreme pace and appears to run straight through several members of the crowd.

This footage has long baffled experts who are at a loss to explain who or what the dark shape could be. If you watch the clip closely you can see that the figure definitely appears to be humanoid and it clearly moves with a well defined running motion.

Many viewers are convinced that the figure must be a ghost with some even suggesting that it might be a shadow person.

While the footage is brief, it certainly does appear to show something very unusual.

Has the camera really captured a ghost moving at great speed through the crowds of onlookers or is it possible that this clip is simply the result of some very clever video editing?

2. Shapeshifter’s Malfunction Caught on Camera


This creepy video, uploaded to Inaworldoflove‘s YouTube channel in October, 2018, is supposedly a clip taken from a report shown on the Spanish news. The uploader claims that it could actually show proof that reptilian shapeshifters are living among us.

Just as the reporter is finishing his story he blinks, revealing what appears to be a second set of eyes.

During the video, the uploader mentions that, as the reporter had finished his interview he might have thought that the camera had already been turned off and for a brief moment lost his disguise.

While the idea that the human race is slowly being infiltrated by a secret race of lizard people is certainly a controversial one, it certainly does have its supporters.

The theory, mainly credited to former BBC television sports broadcaster, David Icke, suggests that these shapeshifters are actually descendants of reptilian beings from the Alpha Draconis star system – the result of human-reptilian breeding programs that have been taking place on Earth for at least 200,000 years.

Many believe Icke’s theories to be true. He has supporters in nearly 50 countries and often lectures in front of large crowds. In fact, a 2013 poll of Americans conducted by Public Policy Polling, indicated that 4% of all registered voters actually believed in David Icke’s ideas.

While this clip certainly does appear to show something very unsettling, could it really show proof of an alien-lizard infiltrator? Or is it more likely that the reporter’s double eyes were caused by some sort of glitch in the footage?

Many viewers believe that this is just another piece of evidence that supports David Icke’s theory that the Earth is indeed being over run by lizard overlords. Whatever the case may be, it certainly does make for a very creepy video.

1. Demonic Possession Caught on Live TV


In July, 2016, a model began to exhibit some very strange behavior during a live interview on a Thai talk show.

Thippawan Chaphupuang told the host of the show that a spirit had attached itself to her during a recent vacation to the city of Rayong.

In the clip, she explains that the ghost, know as a ‘pop’ in Thai culture has an insatiable hunger and at one point screams out ‘bring me pig blood!’

After explaining her story, Chaphupuang’s demeanor suddenly changes as she appears to become possessed by the spirit. The demon then begins talking through her as she starts to act very strangely.

After several attempts to convince the spirit to leave the girl, the host tries to place a necklace of Buddha around her neck. The act makes the woman recoil in fear as she begins to shriek uncontrollably.

The host finally manages to get the necklace on her and it immediately seems to silence the demonic voice.

When the clip first appeared online it immediately went viral across Thailand, racking up millions of views in the first few days. Opinions were divided about its authenticity however, with some viewers suggesting that the woman appeared to be acting.

Despite this, many still believe that the model was the victim of a demonic possession and that the incident had been caught on camera.

If anyone can help translate the original video, there’s a link in the description box below. We’d love to know exactly what both the woman and host are saying during the interview.