10 REAL Cases Of Time Travel That Cannot Be Explained

These People Claim To Be Real Time Travelers

From a time traveler that passes a lie detector test to a man from the future that made a fortune on the stock market, we count 10 real cases of time travel that cannot be explained.

10. Time Traveler Passes Lie Detector

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyWOjfSxt3Q[/embedyt]

In February 2018, a man who claimed to be a time traveller underwent a lie detector test on camera. The man, known only as Noah, said he was from the year 2030 and made several predictions for the near future. Among them, he said that Donald Trump would be re-elected to a second term of presidency, in 2028, time travel will be invented and the first humans will visit Mars. He also claimed that Bitcoin will be used as a currency but that cash money also still exists.

Noah also claims to have some sort of futuristic technology implanted in his wrist that is somehow involved in the time travel process. An x-ray confirms that there is in fact some sort of device embedded under the skin but he refuses to have it surgically removed.

Several days after the lie detector test, Noah was reported to mysteriously vanish during a live stream. It was then revealed that he contacted the channel via email stating that he was briefly taken back to the year 2030 for interrogation but is now back in our time.

9. Journalist Travels Through Time

World War II air raid - 10 REAL Cases Of Time Travel That Cannot Be Explained

Graveyard Shift

In 1932, journalist J. Bernard Hutton along with photographer Joachim Brandt were sent to do a story on the Hamburg shipyard for a German newspaper.

The pair claimed that shortly after they arrived at the shipyard, bombs started reigning down from the sky and they had to scramble to safety.

When they emerged, they took several photographs of the devastation before returning to Hamburg.

When the pair told their story, no one believed them as there had not been a bombing of any sort. Determined to prove that they were not crazy, they developed the photographs they had taken. To their shock, the photographs showed no signs of an air raid whatsoever.

Eleven years later, Hutton was living in London when he opened a newspaper to read that there had been an air raid on the Hamburg shipping yard. The bombing was part of the allied attack code-named Operation Gomorrah. To his amazement, the photographs in the newspaper looked just like the ones he thought he and Brandt had taken years earlier.

Did the pair slip through some sort of time rip? Had they actually witnessed an event that was yet to occur?

8. Time Traveler in World War 2

Man on cell phone in Iceland during World War II - 10 REAL Cases Of Time Travel That Cannot Be Explained

Iceland Magazine

In 2016, a mysterious photograph surfaced on Icelandic social media. It showed downtown Reykjavik in 1943 at the height of World War II. In the foreground, a group of American GI’s can be seen standing outside a taxi station as well as a man leaning against a window who appears to be talking on a mobile phone long before they even existed.

Originally posted to a Facebook group by Kristján Hoffmann, it quickly began to attract attention across the internet.

The photo was so convincing that many people said it was irrefutable proof that time travel must exist. While others thought that it showed that the mobile phone must have already been invented and in use in Iceland by the 1940’s.

What do you think? Is this man from the 1940’s really using a cell phone?

7. Woman on Cell Phone

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLU3F9glcgg[/embedyt]

There has been several recorded instances of people seemingly using technology that should not exist at the time. Many believe it to be evidence of time travel.

This footage of a woman exiting a DuPont factory was taken in 1928. If you look closely, it appears that she is talking on a mobile phone.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj3qesTjOE8[/embedyt]

This footage was taken from the opening of a Charlie Chaplain film in 1928. As the camera pans in, a lady can be seen walking past chatting on another mobile phone.

What do you think? Does this footage prove time travel really exists?

6. Time Travelling Hipster

Time traveler at the South Fork Bridge reopening in Canada in the early 1940's - 10 REAL Cases Of Time Travel That Cannot Be Explained


This now famous black and white photo was taken on the day South Fork Bridge reopened in Canada in the early 1940’s. Take a look at the man in the middle right of the image. He is wearing a pair of modern sunglasses, a hooded jumper and a logo printed t-shirt. if this is a real time traveler, why has he traveled to the 1940’s to witness a bridge reopening in Canada?

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