10 Optical Illusions That Will Bend Your Brain

These Optical Illusions Will Mess With Your Head

From a flat image that appears to rotate in 3d to an illusion that disappears when you stare at it, we count 10 optical illusions that will bend your brain.

10. Elephant Legs Optical Illusion

Elephant legs optical illusion.

The Guardian

The Elephant Legs Optical Illusion is what is known as an impossible object – an object that could not possibly exist in real life. If you begin to stare at the legs you will quickly notice a problem. How many legs does the elephant have? Let us know in the comments section below.

9. Ebbinghaus Optical Illusion

Ebbinghaus optical illusion.


Take a look at this image and decide which of the orange circles is larger?

They are in fact, exactly the same size.

Named after its discoverer, German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, the Ebbinghaus Illusion is based on relative size perception. The orange circle on the right appears larger because it is surrounded by smaller circles while the orange circle on the left appears smaller because it is surrounded by larger ones. Recent studies suggest that the distance of the outer circles in relation to the central circle also plays a crucial part in creating this optical illusion. If the surrounding circles are closer to the central circle, it will appear larger and vice versa.

8. Panda Optical Illusion

Panda optical illusion.


This optical illusion was created by Russian artist Ilja Klenencov in an attempt to help raise awareness of the diminishing number of panda’s in the wild. To best see the hidden image, try squinting at the picture or stair slightly cross-eyed, the hidden panda should begin to reveal itself.

7. The Spinning Dancer Optical Illusion

Spinning dancer optical illusion.

A Real Me

The Spinning Dancer Illusion was created by web designer Nobuyuki Kayahara in 2003. This spinning silhouette of a female dancer is an example of a kinetic, bistable optical illusion. Observers will initially see the woman spinning either clockwise or counterclockwise and sometimes may even see the woman suddenly spin in the opposite direction. What way do you see the dancer spinning? Let us know in the comments section below.

6. Parallel Lines Optical Illusion

Parallel lines optical illusion.

Mail Online

Also known as the cafe wall illusion after it was observed in the tiles of a cafe wall near St Michael’s Hill in Bristol, UK this image will really mess with your head.

The grey lines seen in the image are not diagonal at all. They are in fact, parallel. It is thought that the contrast polarities between the black and white squares cause our minds to interpret the lines as running in a diagonal direction.

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