10 Optical Illusions That Will Bend Your Brain

These Optical Illusions Will Mess With Your Head

5. Checker Shadow Optical Illusion

Checker shadow optical illusion.


Original created by Edward H. Adelson

The checker shadow illusion was published by Professor of Vision Scientist, Edward H. Adelson in 1995. It shows an image of a green cylinder casting a shadow across a checker board. Looking at the image, the square labelled ‘A ‘clearly appears to be darker than the square labelled ‘B’. However, both squares are of identical brightness.

Take a look what happens to the two squares when they are joined together below:



Checker shadow optical illusion solved.


Original by Edward H. AdelsonFile created by Adrian Pingstone, based on the original created by Edward H. Adelson

The illusion is created by two elements. The first is local contrast. Our brains perceive that a lighter check surrounded by darker checks must be lighter than average while a darker check surrounded by lighter checks must darker than average. The second element relates to the sharp boundaries of the checks and the soft boundaries of the cylinder’s shadow. The sharp boundaries of the checks cause our minds to interpret a change in surface colour while a gradual change in light is perceived to be caused by shadow.

4. Wooden Blocks Optical Illusion

Impossible object optical illusion.

List 25

Take a look at the pieces of wood in this picture. Do you see the two pieces lying next to each other or one on top of the other?

The wood is actually stacked one piece on top of the other but if you look at the far end of the image it appears that they are lying side by side. The optical illusion is created here by the horizontal and vertical screws at opposite ends of the wood and the fact that the man’s hand appears to be resting on top of both pieces of wood at the same time.

3. Spinning Optical Illusion

Spinning optical illusion.

Beau Deeley

Created by Beau Deeley in 2012, The Spinning Optical Illusion is a static, two dimensional image that actually appears to be rotating. The perception of depth and contrasting colours within this picture create the illusion of movement. Interestingly, if you stare at an individual orange circle for a few seconds the image stops rotating.

See more amazing psychedelic art and optical illusions on Beau’s website: beaudeeley.com

2. Blue/Green Optical Illusion

Blue/green optical illusion.

Optometry Today

Much like the blue and black, white and gold dress that divided the internet back in 2015, the blue/green optical illusion is based on a person’s ability to perceive colour.

Believe it or not, the ‘blue’ and ‘green’ lines in the bottom left and top right rectangles of this image are actually the same colour! If you don’t believe it, try opening the image in photoshop and use the eyedropper tool. What do you think? Are the lines blue or green? Let us know in the comments section below!

1. Troxler’s Effect Optical Illusion

Troxler's effect optical illusion

Bright Side

If you stare at the centre of this image without moving your eyes, it will mysteriously fade away. First identified by Swiss physician Ignaz Paul Vital Troxler in 1804, Troxler’s fading is due to unvarying stimulation of the neurons in the visual system. In other words, if an image in front of you does not move while you are viewing it or you do not move your eyes while viewing it, the unvarying stimuli will soon disappear from your awareness.

To get the best effect, stare at the very centre of this image for about 20 seconds. Freaky isn’t it?


That was 10 optical illusions that will bend your brain. Which one did you like the best? Let us know in the comments section below!