Scary moments caught on camera
Caught on Camera

Scary Moments Caught on Camera

These scary moments caught on camera have left social media on edge. From an eerie ritual caught on camera to an urban explorer possibly catching a ghost on film, these scary moments are sure to […]

Caught on Camera

Creepiest Things Caught on Live TV

From a ghost attack during a live interview to a shapeshifter’s disguise malfunction caught on camera, these are the creepiest things caught on live TV. 7. Ghost Spotted on Live TV In 2016, keen eyed […]

A sighting of the Michigan Dogman is one of many real cryptid encounters caught on camera
Monsters and Cryptids

Real Cryptid Encounters Caught on Camera

These real cryptid encounters have left zoologists baffled. From skinwalkers and dogman sightings to a run in with a demon-like creature in a backyard, here are some fascinating real cryptid encounters caught on camera. Real […]