Creepy TikTok Videos No One Can Explain

TicTok captures some weird and unexplainable footage.

No one has been able to explain these creepy Tiktok videos. From a teddy bear moving on its own, to a well documented haunting that will send chills down your spine, these creepy Tiktok videos are starting to seriously creepy viewers out.

4. Creepy TikTok Videos – Chair Moves on Its Own

Thought I heard something and for once I was right😭 no one lives there but me and my grandpa and he was at work and I was playing games so I heard something moving and so I started recording from Ghosts

This TikTok which was posted to Reddit by user NoxiouslySeth, seems to show something we’ve all had nightmares about.

In the video, the uploader is seen sitting in his home playing video games. Capturing his Apex Legends gameplay using the Tiktok app, the uploader quickly found himself filming something else entirely.

Engrossed in his game, one can only imagine how disturbed the uploader was as he heard a screeching sound nearby. He explains he quickly discovered the source of the sound was a chair in his dining room apparently being dragged around the floor by an unknown source.

Thoroughly creeped out, the quick thinking uploader turned the camera on himself. He describes to the viewers what happened, then the uploader turns the camera back on the chair in question, wondering if the odd occurrence will happen once more and verify his suspicions.

After a few seconds of nothing, the chair finally does move. You can see this is unsettling to the uploader.

Some Reddit comments dispute the legitimacy of this video, due to the fact that you can only see part of the chair in the footage. But this video and the uploader’s reaction to the chair’s movements are disturbing nonetheless.

Do you think this is a genuine haunting or simple tricks for Tiktok views? Let me know in the comments below.

3. Creepy Bear


Literally filming a challenge for this video… our house is hunted! #foryourpage #ghost #fyp

♬ original sound – therodrigueztwins

Uploaded by TikTok user therodrigueztwins, this clip inadvertently captures something really unsettling.

In the video, the brother approaches his sister with a bottle of hot sauce. The hot sauce challenge forces the person confronted to either drink the hot sauce or say something embarrassing. This viral trend gets massive views on TikTok. Perhaps because these videos are taken so often, they provide uploaders the perfect way to capture the odd supernatural events happening around them – often completely by accident.

Such is the case in this instance. Right after the brother walks into his sister’s room, a teddy bear is seen slumping over on its own. The brother points out that the bear moved on its own, drawing his sister’s (and the viewer’s) attention to the bear.

At first, the bear moves only a little. Then it flips over and travels partway across the bed.  Its actions are clearly visible and appear to be almost purposeful. Unsurprisingly the frightened siblings take that as their cue and hastily exit the room, away from whatever spirit is possibly possessing or controlling the teddy bear.

2. Creepy TikTok Videos – Contact From Dead Auntie


i was talking to my sister about our auntie who recently passed away and…#foryou #fyp #fy #ghost

♬ original sound – teddybear.tuness


This video uploaded to TikTok by Michaelowen666 may have captured the moment when the spirit of a dead aunt made contact with her family.

The uploader takes what was likely a truly creepy supernatural experience and gives it the TikTok treatment. He edits a hip hop beat over it, which somehow highlights the creepiness of this occurrence even more.

As the text at the start of this short video explains, the uploader “heard a noise coming from by the mirror and started talking to [his] sister about [their] auntie who had recently passed”.

As the video starts it focuses on a mirror with a water bottle positioned in front of it. The uploader is heard asking their sister if she thinks their aunt is actually the source of the sound.  Just as the they finish asking this question, the water bottle’s lid springs open unaided, clearly surprising everyone in the room.

The timing of the incident is downright creepy. Could it be the spirit of the deceased aunt is responsible for the odd occurrence? Or is it all just too convenient that they were filming with the Tiktok app when something allegedly supernatural happened?

1. Is This Man Haunted?

A series of creepy TikTok videos posted by user nickcimino68, seem to show evidence of a genuine haunting.

While many other videos on TikTok can be regarded as one off events or freak occurrences, the frequency and content of the videos posted by nickcimino68 certainly indicate something unusual about the user.


House P10: I have learned the spirit is upset that I am trying to leave. I have so much more dropping soon. #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #viral #ghost #fy

♬ original sound – nickcimino68

In the first video we can see the uploader is clearly shaken and alarmed over the peculiar activity happening in his home. In the video, he is seen frantically running through his house, attempting to capture footage of the spooky events taking place in various rooms. As he films, he describes what is happening and states that this is not the first time he has witnessed such occurrences.

Taps have been mysteriously turned on in two different rooms, doors can be heard slamming around the house all on their own. The uploader appears to be home alone making it impossible for this to be a series of pranks.

In the second video in this series of creepy TikTok videos, it appears as though the spirit haunting this man’s home has become even angrier and more desperate. Again he is home by himself so there is no explanation as to why lights are being turned on and off. In the clip we hear the man attempt to communicate with the spirit asking why it is behaving this way.

The mayhem ensues, one thing after the other continues to happen around him, each as strange as the next. A glass is broken and it would seem this is not the first time.  Machines are mysteriously switched on and have to be turned off by the man.

The creepiness continues to mount in this third video. It begins with the uploader explaining that his neighbour called him in order to say they saw an odd figure in his window. Getting ready to flee, things get even weirder around him.

Obviously scared, the uploader checks all around his home for any sign of the possible intruder, only to grow increasingly panicked as doors close and slam around him. A knocking sound is heard at the front door. When the uploader opens the door to investigate, it is slammed behind him, leaving him outside. Upon entering his home, he finds a vacuum has been turned on and the uploader continues to implore the spirit as to why it is tormenting him.

He attempts to follow the spirit to where it is leading him. The video ends with the uploader outside his home once again, while all of the lights inside turn off.

The next video shows the uploader falling into further distress at the state of his home. Doors continue to open and close as the lights in his home flicker on and off. He is clearly distraught as he explains that he hears creepy things all the time. Viewers are able to hear the odd slams for themselves and a TV turns on by itself.

Continuing this trend, the next video seems to show that it is not just the house that is haunted but the man himself. After ending his shift at work, he and his coworker explain they have been watching security videos of further odd activity taking place in the store.  It is eerily similar to those events we have previously seen in the uploader’s home.

Objects fly around, there is continued banging and lights turning on by themselves. It would appear the spirit is not confined to the uploader house but has now followed him to his place of employment.


Part5. This is just a small part of what I caught. #viral #fyp #foryou #ghost #foryoupage #haunted

♬ original sound – nickcimino68

Yet another  video shows the uploader alone at work at night. Once again the viewers can see the lights in the store flickering on and off by themselves.  This time the uploader videos himself playing with the light switch which has no impact or control over the lights activity whatsoever.  It seems there is no logical explanation for what is happening in the store.

Loud slams are heard from above.  The uploader investigates the attic space in which upended chairs can be seen scattered on the floor.

Next follows a series of security footage videos all captured at the store. At this point, it seems as though the spirit has followed the uploader to the store in order to remain and haunt the space. Objects are seen falling and moving all on their own in the security footage. Other employees have started documenting the weird occurrences themselves as they are now also being impacted by the odd events.

A clue as to why this haunting is happening becomes apparent when the man finds medical notes and prescriptions dating back to 1965, from Kings Park Psychiatric Centre, all located hidden away in his home. It would appear his home was built on the grounds of the former psychiatric centre. This series of videos shows the man finding the bag, opening it, and looking through the prescriptions.

Detailing that many of the patients suffered from psychotic episodes and schizophrenia among other illnesses, the uploader begins to piece a theory together.

The conclusion to this series of creepy TikTok videos explains the fallout of this research. As the uploader was in the process of getting ready to move, he began to see the spirit of a woman. The spirit slowly began to get increasingly angrier with him as he continued to dig into the past history of the property, and the uploader’s family even began to be impacted.

In a bold and compassionate move, the uploader explains he has decided to respect the dead by stopping his research and moving their files away from a place associated with such terrible memories.


Part4. I have so much to show you guys.Series is still on #ghost #haunting #foryoupage #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – nickcimino68