Scary Clips That Can’t Be Explained

Even The Skeptics Are Baffled By These Scary Clips!

Science has explained solar eclipses, earthquakes, and many other mysteries of the universe. However, there are still some questions that even the brightest minds haven’t been able to answer. Sometimes, people capture things on video that are so baffling that even the collective hive mind of the internet can’t come up with an explanation. From a scary monster spotted in an abandoned building to a headless man seen walking the streets, these are scary clips that can’t be explained.

6. Man Teleports in Front of Car


In some scary clips that circulate the internet, the bizarre events that leave viewers scratching their heads contribute to real scientific debates. In this video, a man seems to appear from nowhere, leading many to speculate about the possibility of real-life teleportation.

This video was taken from the dashboard camera on a car driving down the road one ordinary day in the province of Jilin, China. Just in front of the camera, we see a white SUV driving down the road at a normal speed. Suddenly, the car veers to the right as if to avoid some unseen obstacle. It is only a split second later, when the car has moved further off the road, that we can see what it was trying to avoid: a man who has seemingly appeared in the middle of the road.

If you watch the footage closely, you can actually see him hanging for a brief second in mid air, as if he has been caught falling from the sky. He seems to have appeared just in front of the car, giving it mere seconds to swerve out of the way.

As the SUV continues its swerve, coming to an abrupt stop by the side of the road, the man stands up and hurries away without explanation.

Some viewers of the video have speculated that the man jumped from the back seat of the car. However, his appearance happens too quickly for any human to have made the jump. In addition, when the SUV stops, we can clearly see that the door he would have needed to jump from is tightly closed.

Some scientists believe that teleportation is possible but we just lack the ability to understand how it works. So for now, it seems that the limited knowledge humans possess on the subject relegates scary clips like this one to the area of paranormal rather than scientific.

5. Terrifying Monster Spotted in Abandoned Building


In many scary clips captured by urban explorers they come across terrifying creatures that look like nothing you’d see in an ordinary museum or zoo. Are these beings paranormal, or just unusual creatures that scientists have yet to classify?

In this video by YouTuber romeo candido, a group of urban explorers accidentally encounters something that sends them running for their lives. As they explore a dark, abandoned building, their night-vision camera captures a strange creature huddled in a dark corner. It only appears for a moment, making it difficult to discern any clear features. However, it looks to be humanoid, although very pale and extremely emaciated. It has dark, stringy hair that covers much of its wrinkled, pale face. As soon as the explorers spot the creature, they run screaming for the exit.

According to the explorers, they believe that the creature they encountered is most likely a manananggal: a vampire-like beast native to the Philippines. These creatures are typically malevolent, often feeding on the blood of sleeping victims. They are usually described as hideous, monstrous creatures that have elongated tongues that they use to suck the blood from their victims. In some myths, they can even detach their torsos from the rest of their bodies and sprout wings.

What do you think? Have these urban explorers managed to capture evidence of a manananggal on camera? Or is there another explanation for what is seen in this scary video?

4. Eerie Figure Spotted on Road


Many of the scary clips found on the internet feature entities that viewers believe to be ghosts. Scientists often attempt to explain the sightings as power of suggestion or fanciful imaginings. Some even assert that certain frequencies and electromagnetic currents might cause us to perceive unusual things around us that we believe to be ghosts. However, many of these explanations are more difficult to apply when faced with actual photo or video evidence of a ghostly figure.

In this footage taken from a motorcycle’s dash cam, someone is driving down a dark, winding road late at night, recording the gentle curves as the beam of the headlight bounce off the trees. There are many shadows long the side of the road, making it easy for your imagination to start to run wild. However, a few seconds into the footage, something appears that is unmistakably bizarre: a white figure floating down the opposite side of the road.

The figure almost looks like a person with a white piece of cloth draped over their head and body. However, its preternatural stillness and the way it seems to float down the road makes the scene incredibly eerie. The terrified driver continues to speed down the road, not allowing us a closer look at the spooky entity.

For now, its appearance will have to remain a mystery.

3. Shoes Moving on Their Own


When objects are seen moving on their own, it is often attributed to a specific type of ghost called a poltergeist. A poltergeist is said to possess the ability to interact directly with the physical world, usually manifesting in objects being moved around. Typically, poltergeist activity is limited to small movements, such as flipping a light switch or closing a door. However, some poltergeists have been known to cause significant physical damage by lashing out at their victims, scratching their skin or even leaving bruises.

There have been a few attempts to explain poltergeist activity. Often, supernatural skeptics believe that such claims are hoaxes, and that any objects that are being moved around are actually being manipulated by unseen humans.

In this footage, we see a tiled floor covered with dozens of pairs of black shoes. As the camera rolls, one of the shoes begins spinning around on its own. Then, another shoe picks up the movement, spinning around in place for several seconds. There are no people around who could have caused the movements, and no obvious mechanisms are visible.

Could this bizarre footage be the work of a playful, or possibly dangerous, poltergeist? Or is there another reason for the shoes’ strange movement? Love to get your thoughts on this video in the comments section below.

2. Tiles Mysteriously Cracking


In another case of possible poltergeist activity, a tile floor in an unknown building is all but destroyed by majorly violent energy.

As the video begins, we can see that several of the tiles near the end of the hallway are already broken. However, these are not the small, hairline cracks that you would expect to occur from the normal wear and tear on a floor. Large chunks of the tile have split off and are strewn around the hallway. As the camera rolls, we see exactly how this damage occurred. Several more tiles spontaneously break, exploding dust and debris into the air.

What could cause floor tiles to crack like this? One possible explanation could be a buildup of pressure beneath the floor, which eventually caused the tiles to break. However, the amount of pressure necessary to cause the tiles to explode as they did in the video would have to be significant. Another theory is that the tiles could have been damaged by a minor earth quake. One that might not have been felt by the camera holder but was still strong enough to rock the foundations of the building. If neither of these explanations are valid then it’s possible that something supernatural might have been responsible.

1. Headless Man Spotted in Malaysia

In this video from the Facebook page, Real Ghost Videos a headless man can be seen walking down the street! While it isn’t unusual to see a person walking around with a missing arm or leg, (limbs are body parts you can live without) it’s a different story entirely to see a man walking down the street missing a head.

However, that’s exactly what happens in this bizarre footage recorded on a busy Malaysian street in broad daylight. Taken from inside a moving vehicle, the video shows a man walking casually down the street. He looks completely normal, except for the fact that he has no head. To make matters even stranger, the man seems to move quite conventionally. As he makes his way down the sidewalk, he steps out of the way of various obstacles in his path, just as if he had seen them blocking his way.

While several skeptical viewers have dismissed the video as a hoax, if you look closely at the man, it really does appear as though he has no head! However, as there is very little information available about the clip, it’s difficult to determine just what exactly this person has managed to capture on camera.

Is it possible that this really is a headless man walking down the street? If so, how is he able to move around? Or is it more likely that there is another explanation for this truly bizarre video?