Seriously Scary Videos That’ll Make You Soil Your Pants

These Scary Videos = New Underwear!

From an urban explorer’s lucky escape to a ghostly figure’s sudden appearance, these are seriously scary videos that’ll make you soil your pants.

6. Strange Creature Spooks Boys

Uploaded to YouTube by user Ricardo Costa, this video shows some friends heavily invested in lengthy role playing game session. While the boys are intently focused on their game, a strange creature can be seen scurrying by. As the quality of the video is poor and the surroundings dark it is difficult to see exactly what it is.

However, it has obviously startled the boys, who immediately cease playing and attempt to get a better look. There curiosity is soon rewarded as they catch a second glimpse of the beast. It’s small and hunched and runs quickly on all fours. However, this time it seems that it is being chased by something else – a second, darker creature, also difficult to make out but appears to be larger in size.

While it’s difficult to get a good look at either of the beasts, their outline and the boys’ reaction seem to suggest that they are probably not any type of well known animals.

Scared, the boys continue their search through the darkness. However, they are unable to locate them and soon decide to exit the building via a well lit hallway.

What do you think? Did these boys actually manage to capture some cryptids on camera? Or is there another explanation for what they witnessed? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

5. Hooded Figure Chases Explorer


Posted to YouTube by LlegoPapaTV, this seriously scary video was privately emailed to us by the uploader.

Taking place in an abandoned property known as ‘the murder house’, this building is said to have been the home to a 71-year-old woman who murdered six people.

As the explorer enters the property alone, the viewer becomes immediately concerned for his safety. He explains that he is there to attempt to speak to any resident spirits as well as look for any signs of paranormal activity.

As he begins using an app on his phone, he suddenly spots a flash of light from outside. Thinking that there must be someone else in the building, he immediately runs upstairs to hide.

Managing to keep his camera rolling, the explorer’s microphone captures the terrifying sound of footsteps on the house’s old wooden floorboards. As he waits, crouched in an old shower, the footsteps get closer and closer. Suddenly, another flash of light can be seen on the wall. It seems that someone or something is searching for him.

Genuinely unsure of who or what is in the house, the uploader has no choice but to wait until the coast is clear and attempt to make a break for safety.

Gathering up his courage, he quickly heads downstairs and out the front door. As he does, he turns the camera back towards the house and manages to capture one last chilling shot. There, standing in the doorway is a hooded figure shining a flashlight into the darkness.

To this day, LlegoPapaTV is unsure of who the figure was or why they were trying to find him inside the house. Could they have been attempting to warn him of the house’s sinister history? Or were they there to harm him? Judging by the figure’s sinister attire it seems that it could well have been the latter.

If this was the case then this paranormal investigator was extremely lucky to have made it out of the house alive!

4. Alien-Like Creature Spotted in Car Park


Some of the creepiest videos are often the ones where supernatural beings or mysterious creatures are visible to the viewer but not to those who are actually in the video. This is certainly the case for this clip uploaded to the YouTube channel, real ghost official007.

Taking place outside of a gas station at night, a group of people is seen convening near a bus. However, if you look towards the opposite side of the vehicle, it is clear that they are not alone. Moving just out of their sight, yet still nearby enough to be concerning, a small and creepy creature can be seen lurking in the darkness.

While difficult to spot on first view, if you slow the footage down you can clearly see that there is indeed something there. Given the perspective, it is hard to tell just how tall the creature is, however, it appears to be considerably shorter that the people standing nearby. It has a large gray head, thin limbs and looks as though it is wearing black clothes.

Based on its appearance, it’s easy to see why many viewers have suggested that this creature could in fact be an alien. However, if this is the case, why is it standing in the darkness on the outskirts of a gas station at night time?

Some more skeptical viewers have raised several concerns about the clip’s authenticity, noting that it seems odd that the camera holder was filming such an otherwise mundane moment in the first place. Was this so they could add some special effects to the footage afterwards? Unfortunately, without further information we may never learn the truth behind this mysterious video.

3. Paranormal Entity Forms on Stairs


Posted by YouTuber jeff young, a prolific creator of seriously scary videos, this clip shows his investigation of a haunted house in Halstead, England.

It is thought that the spirit of a man has been haunting the property for some time. That man is believed to be Kevin Butcher, whose parents bought him the home in the 1940’s. Said to have lived a dreary life, Kevin did get married only to have his wife leave him, taking all his money. It would seem Kevin would spend the rest of his life depressed, locked away in this very house.

In 2013, Kevin’s body was found in the residence but only after it had been there for some time. Today, the home’s current owners often feel an ominous presence around them. They hear scary sounds and even witness strange activity inside the house.

A former tenant, who moved in right after Kevin died claims to have witnessed other odd occurrences such as seeing a figure walk right past her that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

While relatively sure that the ghost haunting the house is that of Kevin, Jeff begins the investigation by asking the spirit to reveal its identity. When Jeff asks if the spirit he is speaking to is actually Kevin, the advanced audio seems to reveal the entity replying, “yes.” At one point, the audio also picks up the sound of a ‘thump’ coming from the kitchen, the room where the former tenant claims to have seen the spirit herself.

But perhaps the most solid evidence of Kevin Butcher’s ghostly presence is yet to come. As the investigators gather footage of the staircase, a shadowy figure can be seen stepping backwards, almost as if it is trying to avoid being filmed. As the team was sure that there was no one else present in the home at the time of taping, this clip is enough to chill even the harshest of skeptics.

2. Night Vision Captures Strange Creature


While Jeff and his team are professionals, there is also a slew of seriously scary videos that are captured by those who encounter odd creatures in their daily lives.

Uploaded to the YouTube channel, theswingindicks this clip begins as the camera holder is explaining that he and his co-worker had just arrived at work early in the morning when they noticed something rather creepy. Initially, thinking that it might have been a maintenance worker, the two decide to investigate further.

Soon, they are confronted with what appears to be some sort of bipedal humanoid moving quickly from one side of the camera to the other. The pair call out to it and it seems to respond with a high-pitched shriek. Even more strange is the fact that the creature’s face seems to periodically flash as if the footage is glitching out.

Weirdly, the uploader notes that the song “Surfing with the Alien” by Joe Satriani was playing on the radio as the two of them arrived at the shop. Could this have been some sort of eerie foreshadowing of what was about to come?

While it’s difficult to know for sure just what exactly the pair managed to capture, it’s easy to see why many are calling it a real alien sighting caught on camera. But what do you think? Is it really a being from another world? Or could it be something else entirely? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Ghostly Figure Appears on Road


Posted to the YouTube channel 12 34, this last video on our list is certainly creepy. The footage, which was captured on a driver’s dashcam seems perfectly normal to begin with. However, as the clip continues, a series of events unfold that prove difficult to fathom.

The car that is directly in front of the dashcam suddenly swerves to the side revealing a figure standing in the middle of the road. Oddly pale and weirdly poised, the figure’s behavior and complete lack of fear are seriously disturbing. It appears to make no effort to move to safety, apparently content and stoic while standing directly in the middle of traffic.

Just who or what this figure is exactly has been the subject of debate for some time. Many think that it could have been a homeless person or even an escaped mental patient. Others however, point to the supernatural, suggesting that it was more likely to be a ghost.

While some viewers might be skeptical of the footage, it seems obvious that it has in no way been doctored. It would also appear that it is not a prank as any normal person would be unlikely to put themselves in such danger just for a laugh.

What do you think? Could the figure be some sort of misguided human? Or is there a case for suggesting that it might be something supernatural? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.