The Creepiest Videos Found on the Internet

We've Found Some Of The Creepiest Videos Hidden On The Internet

From a creepy video of a screaming dysmorphic face to a clip of a robot singing a very unsettling song, we look at the creepiest videos found on the internet.

7. Blank Room Soup


The true origin of BlankRoomSoup.avi has been a topic of hot debate for many years. It first surfaced online sometime around 2005 and was thought to have originated on the dark web. Some speculated that it might have been a torture video while others suggested that it was probably just a very strange performance piece.

In 2015, YouTuber, ReignBot decided to dive deeper into the mystery of BlankRoomSoup.avi and made some rather unsettling discoveries.

She managed to track the video to an old Daily Motion account under the name of RayRay TV. The account featured several videos of the same characters performing in various situations yet none of the clips seemed to have the same sinister overtone. The Blank Room Soup video was also there but it was accompanied by a strange caption that read ‘A clip of people who look like us doing something to someone that we would never do. We promise.’

After some further digging, ReignBot also discovered that the characters, who were known as RayRay had been created by a man named Raymond Persi – a successful animator who had since worked on several popular television shows and films including The Simpsons, Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph.

In an effort to finally get to the bottom of the Blank Room Soup mystery, she decided to email Persi. He responded, telling her that he had originally created the characters as a way of dealing with his feelings of loneliness and isolation that he was experiencing at the time.

The RayRay characters enjoyed success and went on to tour across the US and even performed internationally.

However, one night during a performance in Los Angeles, several of the costumes were stolen.

A few weeks later Persi received an email that included an attachment. It was the Blank Room Soup video.

The strangest part was that the characters seen in the clip moved and acted exactly as they were supposed to. They had all the right mannerisms, something that took trained actors weeks to perfect.

So who was playing the characters in the film? Were they past members of the original show or had they been watching and studying the character’s moves in secret?

To this day, nobody knows.

6. Who Wants to Gnaw on Human Bones?


‘Who wants to gnaw on human bones’ is a short video that was uploaded to treatsforbeasts’ YouTube channel in September, 2009.

It starts by showing a close up of a bizarre figure with a painted face. All the while an unsettling tune repeats over and over in the background. It sounds like a distorted voice saying the words ‘who wants to gnaw on human bones?’

The video then cuts to the figure dancing and running through the wilderness. Their costume appears to be little more than a pink sheet with an upside down bucket for a head.

While this video doesn’t have a creepy backstory like many of the others on this list do, it’s the deadpan expression on the character’s face coupled with the joyful way it moves that evokes a heightened sense of uneasiness from the viewer. It is almost as if the figure itself is reveling in the thought of actually gnawing on human bones as it plays and dances in the field.

5. The Hand Thing


First appearing online around 2007, The Hand Thing is a video that feels like something out of a feverish nightmare.

It starts as a strange figure approaches the front door to a house and asks someone named Shaye if they are ‘still doing the hand thing?’

The footage then cuts to someone sitting on the couch, clapping their wooden hands together. The guest then begins to mimic her movements as the two clap their hands over and over again.

The quick video cuts, unusual angles and fast claps create a sense of real uneasiness for the viewer, almost as though parts of the clip have been sped up.

The video is the work of performance artist, Eric Fournier and includes his character creation, Shaye Saint John. Described as a model, Saint John was said to have suffered a major car accident which resulted in the loss of her arms and legs. In an effort to hide her deformities, she now wears a mask and wig as well as donning a pair of wooden hands.

This unusual character appeared in several videos until Fournier’s death in February, 2010.

4. Yelling Creature


This video, published to Rob Herman’s YouTube channel on 30th October, 2006 shows a creepy, dysmorphic face yelling into the camera.

While the clip itself only runs for six seconds, it’s more than enough time to leave the viewer with an apprehensive and disconcerted feeling.

The head looks as though it has been created using some sort of modelling clay while the face appears to have been superimposed over the top. The result is a very creepy clip that cannot be unseen, guaranteed to give you nightmares for many months to come.

3. I Feel Fantastic


No list of creepy internet videos would be complete without this very strange and unsettling clip. Uploaded to Creepyblog’s YouTube channel in April, 2009, the video shows an android named Tara in a small living room singing the words ‘I feel fantastic, hey hey hey’ over and over again.

No one is certain of the video’s origins. At one point, the footage cuts to a shot of a backyard, leading some to suggest that the android might have been created by a serial killer and this could be where he buried his victims. Some even speculated that the android herself might be dressed in the clothes of the killer’s last mark.

It’s thought that the android sings ‘I feel fantastic’ because that’s what the murderer wanted his victims to say in their final moments. Creepier still, halfway through the song the verse changes to ‘Please leave, run run run.’

The video’s mystery deepens with the cryptic description given alongside the clip. It mentions a sculptor named Pygmalion who became disgusted with women and so decided to use his skills to create himself a perfect companion. This gave birth to rumors that Tara’s creator may have actually murdered his own wife or girlfriend and built the signing robot in her likeness.

Someone eventually traced the story back to an old website named Android World which credits a man named John Bergerson as the creator of Tara. However, he hasn’t been active online for more than ten years leading to further speculation that Tara the android might have become sentient, turned on her creator and murdered him.

2. Mr. 112dirtbag


This creepy video first appeared online in 2012. It shows a man insanely laughing as a classical tune plays in the background.

While the video itself is creepy, it’s the story behind it that truly makes it chilling.

On the evening of February 9th, 2004, a university student named Maura Murray disappeared after crashing her car into a snowbank on Route 112 in Woodsville, New Hampshire.

When a local resident stopped to help Murray she asked him not to call the police as AAA was already on its way. The resident continued home but despite what Murray had told him, decided to call the police anyway.

The police arrived on the scene sometime later, however they were unable to locate Murray. Inside her vehicle they discovered makeup and jewelry as well as driving directions to Vermont. Her debit and credit cards were gone as too was her cell phone.

Prior to her disappearance, Murray had been acting rather strangely. She had crashed her father’s car, was found crying at work and had emailed her work supervisor and university professors telling them that she was taking a week off to deal with a non-existent family emergency.

A subsequent investigation of her online history also revealed that she had searched for directions to the Berkshires and Burlington, Vermont.

Due to the nature of her disappearance, Murray was initially treated as a missing person. However, in 2009, the New Hampshire cold case division listed her disappearance as ‘suspicious.’

Despite the police’s findings, Murray’s father stated that he believed that his daughter was most likely abducted by ‘some dirtbag on Route 112.’

The chilling thing is that this video of the sinister, laughing man was posted to YouTube under the name Mr112dirtbag. It was one of a series of video that viewers thought may have contained clues to Murray’s whereabouts.

Despite this, the authorities were not able to find any evidence linking the uploader with the disappearance of the university student.

To this day, the case of Maura Murray remains unsolved.

1. The Wyoming Incident


Sometime around 2006, a video surfaced online that purported to show a television broadcast hijacking. The footage, which came to be known as ‘The Wyoming Incident’ was supposedly taken from a broadcast from a local channel that served several smaller communities in the county of Niobrara, Wyoming.

The clip consists of a series of disembodied heads and faces along with several unnerving and cryptic phrases like ‘You cannot hide forever’ and ‘We stand at your door.’

Several of the Niobrara residents who saw the transmission, were said to have experienced unusual physical reactions including headaches and nausea. Some also reported experiencing intense hallucinations and even temporary memory loss.

Some locals thought the broadcast came from a supernatural origin. However, it was analyzed by scientists who theorized that the symptoms may have been caused by the auditory frequency embedded in the video. It is believed that the frequency range, which is between 17 and 19 hz may cause the eyes of the viewer to subtly vibrate, inducing hallucinations.

To this day, the Wyoming incident remains a mystery and all attempts to identify the hacker have been unsuccessful.