These Strange Creatures Have Left Experts Stumped

What are these mysterious animals?

Are these strange creatures yet to be classified by modern science? From a bizarre animal floating in a river in China to an unknown beast howling in the Canadian wilderness, the following strange creatures have left experts stumped.

6. Unidentified Animal Floating in China

The first of many strange creatures we’re looking at, the one featured in this video uploaded to YouTube by channel KIWI TV, is truly unlike anything we’ve seen before, and it’s clear the person capturing the video felt the same.

Featuring an odd marine creature captured on video in a Chinese river, this short clip is worth considerable study. Featuring a creature similar in size and stature to an alligator or crocodile, this creature’s long, protruding snout and unique facial structure makes it clear that it is neither.

While one user asserts that the creature is a river dolphin, these creatures usually have snouts that protrude farther out from their faces and bodies that more closely resemble dolphins.

More eel-like than other common amphibians while being impressive in size, this creature’s overall makeup has us stumped as to what it could be.

Love to hear your thoughts on this one in the comments below.

5. Dave Shealey’s 2000 Skunk Ape Sighting

Some videos captured of strange creatures almost seem to pay tribute to the original Bigfoot footage that started it all. Such is the case with this video uploaded to the Smithsonian Magazine’s YouTube channel.

Captured in 2000, the video titled “Dave Shealy’s 2000 Skunk Ape Footage” displays an odd, human-sized figure walking in the distance, reminiscent of the original Bigfoot footage. In fact, the massive, furry creature is sometimes known as “Florida’s bigfoot.”

As Dave Shealy proclaims himself to be the skunk ape expert, he has made a name for himself by tracking down this elusive creature. Named for both its ape-like size as well as its skunk-like foul odor, the skunk ape has notoriously been spotted running on two-legs through Dade County in Florida.

Dave Shealy’s insistence as to the creature’s existence as well as the footage he’s captured form a crucial piece of evidence. Some entities, such as the United States National Park Service, refuse to acknowledge the existence of the skunk ape, calling it a hoax. Some even claim that the reported sightings must have been those of a black bear, although the footage Shealy captured is almost certainly not that of a bear.

In fact, Dave Shealy claims to have first sighted the skunk ape when he was just ten years old. Describing what he saw as a child as a “man, but completely covered with hair”, Shealy has since dedicated years of his life to tracking down the skunk ape he saw and its other possible relatives.

Since then, Shealy has claimed to have seen the skunk ape on at least three other occasions, going so far as to start a Skunk Ape Research Headquarters, dubbing himself the “Jane Goodall of skunk apes.”

Too large in stature to be anything but a human-like, ape creature, believers of the skunk ape point to Shealey’s footage as important evidence of Bigfoot’s spiritual successor.

4. Unknown Howling, Canadian Wilderness

Speaking of Bigfoot, the legendary cryptid and other strange creatures like it have persevered through the ages. This video uploaded to YouTube by user Stargell Blackstar displays footage of a roadside forest deep in the Canadian wilderness. If you listen closely terrifying screams can be heard.

While no visible footage is captured of the creature emitting the noise, the video’s proponents are quick to name Bigfoot as the screams’ originator. The creature’s screams are both powerful and painful, as though the creature has been injured. However, as the video’s uploader asserts, the sounds were “more bass-y than anything” he’d heard before, leading him to believe they were not the screams of a scientifically classified creature.

Video commenters are quick to offer their theories, ranging from these being the actual screams of Bigfoot to the screams of a bear dying. However, the uploader was also quick to assert in an interview that the scream hadn’t matched any bear sounds he had previously heard. Meanwhile, the Ontario Ministry of National Resources and Forestry guesses the creature was large, potentially a wolf, but remain uncertain themselves.

After multiple experts attempted to analyze the footage without satisfying conclusions, many commenters were quick to cry “hoax”, leaving the video’s originator no choice but to defend themselves against the allegations. Stating that there was no way they would attempt to perpetuate such a thing, and given that a child is heard just offscreen mimicking the creature’s sounds, it seems unlikely that the sounds were added in post-production.

Regardless of their stance, the commenters are quick to come to somewhat of a consensus; regardless of what kind of creature is making the noises, it is very obviously suffering in some way, making this one of the saddest instances of found creature footage we’ve seen yet.

3. Mysterious Creature Swimming in River

Uploaded to YouTube by user Jack Heath, this video captures one of many strange creatures that are unlike anything seen before. While the previously noted aquatic creature on this list had at least some qualities of other water dwelling animals to compare it to. This creature, on the other hand, is so unique that it has no other animal even even similar to it.

The video begins with the camera holder filming a pleasant waterside scene. Several people are heard in the background.

Suddenly a bizarre creature rises from the darkness of the water.

From what is visible of the creature, it is longer than the average fish but smaller than most sea mammals. Aside from its long, reptilian face and protruding whiskers, most of what is visible of the creature is what seems to be its spine.

Aside from these few distinct features, the general shape of the creature is unknown. However, what is shown in the video is enough to confirm that it is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, leaving both the video’s uploader and the comment section stumped.

Could this be a creepy cryptid caught on camera?

2. Strange Creature Spotted in Woods

This video uploaded to YouTube by user PANJI PETUALANG comes from a group that had not set out to record a mysterious creature.

In fact, this group had absolutely no intention of capturing video of anything other than frogs the night they went out. Instead, the group was in the fortuitous position of having captured video of what they refer to as an alien-like creature.

In real time it’s hard to spot the strange creature lurking in the darkness.

When slowed down however, the video shows an odd, humanoid creature creeping through the darkness. Hunched over, seemingly with claw-like hands extended, the creature moves at an alarming rate until it is just out of frame.

The video uploaders are quick to note that they had not seen the creature in real-time as it was walking through. Shrouded in darkness and on the hunt for frogs, it is easy to see how they could have missed the odd creature until it came time to review the footage. However, once one’s attention has been drawn to the creature its presence is bone-chilling.

However, on their way back from releasing a snake towards the end of the video, the video warns viewers that the mysterious creature was about to make another appearance. This time, it would not go unnoticed by the frog-catchers.

Bravely, the men choose to make a run straight towards the oddly shaped creature, only to find it’s too late – the creature has already gone. After the creature makes its escape, the men confer. All of them had seen the creature, with a few of them left in shock as to what they had seen.

Upon review, with the video slowed down, an odd, lightly colored creature is visible in the general direction the men are looking toward. The men chase after it, but it is too late. The seemingly alien-like creature is far too fast for the men and makes its escape before they even get close.

1. Sea Monster, Lake Michigan

Uploaded to YouTube by user timbuckyball, this footage is reminiscent of another famous genre of strange creatures, the lake monster. The video, taken in South Haven, Michigan, depicts a raging gale rocking the pier.

Seemingly washed up by the strong winds is an enormous, slithering creature. Dark and large in size when compared against the pier and lighthouse, the creature rubs against the pier through the video.

While the video uploader and many commenters maintain that the creature was likely a large lake sturgeon, which have been known to reach up to 200 pounds in weight and an impressive length of seven feet, there is room for doubt.

Lake sturgeons are typically not as flexible as the creature shown in the video. In fact, a local veterinarian would go on to suggest that the creature was an eel or lamprey, although no such specimen has been reported to reach the impressive length of the creature captured in the video.

While the footage is taken from afar in distorted conditions, the mysterious creature’s presence is none the less perplexing. While this sighting is unclear, it adds fuel to the fire that many Michiganites have been waiting for – the possibility of a lake monster showing up in Lake Michigan. For years, nearby lake Erie, which is just 200 miles to the east, has had its own resident cryptid reportedly living the waters.

Nicknamed Bessie, supposed sightings of Lake Eerie’s monster have been recorded since 1793, with increased sightings having been produced in recent years.

Said to be around 30 to 40 feet long and a single foot in diameter, Bessie has been spotted in the area over and over again, making it a cult favorite up there with Bigfoot.

While it is unknown if Lake Michigan has finally become home to a distant relative of Bessie’s, this video is certainly promising.