Creepy True Crime Cases That Will Give You Chills

The truth is often stranger than fiction

These creepy true crime cases read like something out of a book. From a man claiming he was ‘infected with mayonnaise’ to a woman who attended her own funeral, these creepy true crime cases will give you chills.

5. Creepy True Crime Cases – Ghost Hunters Discover Body

Aerial shot of Kuhn Memorial State Hospital
Abandoned Playgrounds

While some paranormal activity is certainly expected when visiting a well-known site for ghost hunters, one of the last things one might expect to find is physical proof of a crime. Hoping to catch something paranormal on camera is one thing, but finding a dead body, is a whole other level of creepy.

In the first of many creepy true crime cases on this list, a group of ghost hunters would experience just that during what they thought would be a standard visit to a creep site. Old Kuhn Memorial State Hospital in Vicksburg, Mississippi is known by locals and ghost aficionados alike to be a hotbed of paranormal activity.

Many local groups are familiar with the site, such as the Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute. While the group has permission to visit the site, it would be another group of urban explorers that would call the police after stumbling upon a gruesome sight.

The abandoned Kuhn Hospital is a run-down maze, dark and eerie, famous for the appearance of apparitions and odd paranormal activity. Bracing themselves for any sort of mysterious activity, one could only imagine the ghost hunters’ terror when they stumbled upon the body of a woman dragged outside of the hospital.

Unsure whether they had stumbled onto the victim of a crime or someone who had fallen prey to ill-intentioned spirits, the ghost hunters alerted local authorities who then quickly tracked down the murderers. The McCloud brothers had murdered and dragged 69-year-old Sharon Wilson from her home after robbing and kidnapping her.

It seemed the murderers could think of no better place to hide the body than the already abandoned and creepy Kuhn Hospital, which begs the question: just how many other bodies are abandoned there, and how many hospital apparitions were victims just like Wilson?

4. Hammersmith Ghost Murder Case

Black and white sketch of Hammersmith Ghost Murder

There are very few times when a supposed ghost sighting leads to a complete upheaval in national law, but in the case of creepy true crime cases such as this, it is entirely possible.

The Hammersmith Ghost murder case would go on to set a precedent in UK law regarding the effect of mistaken belief, in this case, the belief that one had seen a ghost, in regards to manslaughter.

This case dates all the way back to 1803 in the London district of Hammersmith. Rumors of a potentially dangerous ghost haunting the city had begun to swirl around, with the townspeople believing they were being attacked by a suicide victim. As at the time it was believed that suicide victims should not be buried in graveyards or consecrated grounds as their souls would not rest, the townspeople soon came to fear the worst.

The ghostly rumors came to a head when a group of women, one pregnant and one elderly, claimed to encounter the ghost. So shocked were they that the women soon passed away. This event, coupled with several other close encounters, would soon lead to a feeling of general unrest among the townspeople.

Without a dedicated police force, the town would grow increasingly panicked about the supposed ghost’s presence. Things would come to a head when 29-year-old exciseman Francis Smith decided to take the hunt for the ghost into his own hands. As he told the night-watchman William Girdler to meet him that night in order to take care of the ghost once and for all, Smith would shortly seal his own fate.

Smith did, in fact, encounter the supposed ghost that night, and taking the law into his own hands, would fire a fateful shot. Horrified, Smith discovered he had shot bricklayer Thomas Millwood, a man dressed in the white trousers typical of his trade at the time.

The trial of Francis Smith would go on to set legal precedent in the United Kingdom, with the legal ruling being that he had not acted in self-defense, as he had been unprovoked, nor had he attempted to subdue the supposed apparition first.

One of few creepy true crime cases that would go on to have a lasting effect on the law hundreds of years later, Francis Smith’s guilty verdict changed the course of history.

3. Creepy True Crime Cases – Ghost Adventures Star Kills Wife

Ghost Adventures Stars Killed in creepy true crime case.
National Post

Sometimes those who investigate the supernatural have their own set of woes far more worrisome going on behind the scenes. It seems this was true in the case of Mark and Debby Constantino, stars of the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures.

Although the couple appeared onscreen together, attempting to solve the mysteries of the paranormal, things were not exactly pleasant between the two offscreen. In fact, the story of their own relationship would go on to become one of many creepy true crime cases related to TV stars.

According to police reports, Mark and Debby had lived in an abusive relationship for years, with Debby often allegedly physically harming her husband. While the exact timeline of abuse and mistrust in their relationship may never be known, it is clear that things would go from bad to worse.

It seemed the couple was finally giving in and ending their relationship after years of abuse, as the couple was scheduled to appear in court in order to finalize their divorce proceedings.

This, however, would not be good enough for Mark Constantino, who felt the need to take far more drastic measures. The police would be alerted to Debby Constantino’s disappearance from her home in September 2015, with the man they would later learn to be her boyfriend found dead in the home.

With Mark Constantino already a suspect in the man’s murder, the police were now dealing with a potential kidnapping case on the part of Debby’s husband. Tracking her cell phone to their daughter’s apartment, the police would find themselves confronted with the sound of shots being fired as they approached the door.

Hauntingly, Mark Constantino would tell the police to give him some time, stating: “15 minutes to gather my thoughts or I’ll kill her.” Constantino would go on to murder his wife before turning the gun on himself.

2. Wife Crashes Own Funeral

Woman crashes her own funeral in creepy true crime case.

Luckily, not all domestic true crime cases end with a successful murder. Such was the case of one Noela Rukundo, the woman who watched her own funeral from a distance in Melbourne Australia.

Rukundo’s story would start with another funeral. After the death of her stepmother, Rukundo had returned home to her native Burundi. What should have been a time for her to grieve and pay her respects, Rukundo found herself the victim of a kidnapping.

Receiving a phone call from her husband telling her to leave her hotel room in order to go outside and get some fresh air, Rukundo would think nothing of it. It was only when she had gone outside that she found herself face to face with a man pointing a gun at her. Quickly blindfolded and stuffed into a vehicle after being threatened, it would take about a half an hour for the men to arrive at their destination.

The first thing the men would ask her, however, was what she had done to make her husband pay them to kill her. Bewildered and claiming her husband would never do such a thing, Rukundo would be in for a shock when the kidnappers got her husband on the phone, his voice echoing out as he gave them the order. “Kill her,” he had said. Those words would haunt Rukundo for years to come.

Just when Rukundo began to accept her bleak fate, the men surprised her. They did not believe in killing women. In fact, it turned out that the men knew her brother. The men planned on taking her husband’s money, telling him they had done it, and setting her free, giving Rukundo a second chance at life.

With the help of her pastor, Rukundo would return home in order to formulate her plan. When she got home, Rukundo discovered her husband had told everyone she had already died in an accident, which is when Rukundo knew she would be confronting her husband at her own funeral.

Rukundo’s husband would go on to plead guilty, stricken by the image of his supposedly murdered wife appearing at her own funeral. Although Rukundo would be left to deal with the trauma of her husband’s betrayal, as well as raise their eight children all by herself, Rukundo would affirm that she would, “stand up like a strong woman”, starting a new life, making this one of few creepy true crime cases with a rare happy ending.

1. Man Kills Wife After Being ‘Infected’ with Mayonnaise

Trial of man accused of killing wife because of mayonnaise in creepy true crime case.

However, as we’ve seen, Rukundo’s exception is not the norm for creepy true crime cases, especially when they involve domestic violence. Such is true in the case of the deranged Nathaniel Robertson who would go on to beat his wife Lidia to death after allegedly being ‘infected with mayonnaise’ by an unknown group.

It would take the police little to no time to ascertain that Robertson’s delusions were likely due to his frequent drug use. A regular crystal meth user, Robertson would tell detectives that he had killed his wife in order to “give her compassion and mercy” and that “the alignments were not in place to protect her.”

Perhaps even stranger, Robertson would also go on to say that he had something within him that was releasing information about the Revolutionary War. When asked how he had been infected by mayonnaise, Robertson would go on to blame a group he could only refer to vaguely as “they.”

For all his drug-induced ramblings, Robertson would still make a point of telling police that his wife had been his best friend. Robertson would assert that he loved his wife and had not wanted her to die painfully, despite his having beaten her to death with a block of concrete.