These Scary Videos Have People Worried

There Is Something Very Unsettling About These Scary Videos

From a scary video of a ghost girl in a haunted house to one of the creepiest videos ever uploaded to YouTube, we take a look at these scary videos that have people worried.

8. The Grey Man of Pawleys Island


This eerie video was uploaded to ghost guys go’s YouTube channel on 16th September, 2018.

The footage, which is reportedly from a live feed captured during hurricane Florence, appears to show a ghostly figure walking across a pier.

Some have speculated that the figure might actually be the infamous Grey man of Pawleys Island – a ghost that is often seen in the area just before a severe storm. 

Local legend says that the Grey man is the ghost of a young man who died whilst travelling from Charleston in South Carolina to see his fiancee. As he approached the marshes near Pawleys Island, his horse became stuck in the quicksand-like mud and he was unable to escape.

However, no one is certain of the man’s identity. Some think that it may have been Percival Pawley, the man who the island was named after. Others think that it might have even been the famous pirate, Blackbeard.

Over the years, many locals have credited The Grey Man with saving their homes during severe storms.

In 1989, Pawleys Island residents, Jim and Clara Moore claimed to have seen the Grey man just prior to Hurricane Hugo. The two said they saw a man on the beach but when they waved at him, he disappeared. Their house was untouched by the storm even though their neighbor’s houses were heavily damaged.

Could this footage prove that the Grey Man of Pawleys Island actually exists? If so, was he attempting to worn locals of the impending danger of hurricane Florence?

7. Strange Aliens Leaving Hospital


This very strange video was uploaded to UFO mania’s YouTube channel in December, 2017.

It appears to show two very tall humanoids walking in a hospital. They have large heads and very long, slender limbs. Their skin is purple and they are wearing unusual, white gowns which they have hitched up in their hands. The figure on the right also looks as though it may be carrying a baby in its arms.

As they walk past, there is a woman standing close by, almost as if she is ushering them from the building. The creatures take a few more steps before releasing their gowns, revealing long, flowing trains.

While the lack of information makes it difficult to comment further on the video, it is possible that it could simply be a well made fake.

What do you think? Could this actually be real footage of aliens leaving a hospital after treatment? Or is it just a clever hoax? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

6. Ghost Girl Haunts House


This scary video was uploaded to mancebaby’s YouTube channel in August, 2007. It shows a young girl watching TV while another films her.

Suddenly, the camera holder notices a creepy face with long, black hair peeking through the doorway. She immediately runs to the door and sees a ghostly girl standing at the top of the stair case.

The two girls run screaming from the house. Once outside, they see that the same ghostly figure is now staring at them from the upstairs window.

Then, just a few seconds later they spot the figure again. This time it’s walking past one of the windows on the ground level.

In the video’s description, the uploader mentions that this sort of thing happens often in their house. I’m not sure about you, but if it was me, I would have run out the front door and just kept going!

5. Specter Seen at Brazilian Prison


This scary video was captured by a security camera at a prison in Campo Grande, Brazil.

It shows what many believe to be some sort of ghost or demon floating outside the prison walls.

The apparition first emerges from behind some clothes hanging on a line. It then appears to float up the wall before disappearing into a nearby window.

When the footage first surfaced in Brazil it made quite a stir with several high profile news services featuring the clip.

It was reported that the director of the prison attempted to debunk the footage by claiming that it was little more than a garbage bag flying in the wind.

However, if you look closely at the shape, it appears to move with purpose. Almost as if it is crawling its way up the prison wall.

What do you think? Has this security camera actually captured evidence of the supernatural or is it just a bag blowing in the breeze? 

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