These Paranormal Disappearances Left Historians Baffled

Are there reasonable explanations?

These are the most eerie paranormal disappearances in history. It isn’t uncommon to hear stories about people “disappearing without a trace.” However, these stories usually have perfectly logical explanations: the person was tragically murdered, ran away to start a new life, or was the victim of an unfortunate accident. Yet, some disappearances are more difficult to explain away. Below, read about 5 paranormal disappearances that have historians scratching their heads.

5. The Disappearance of Stacy Ann Arras

These Paranormal disappearances historians baffled
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Over the years, a number of paranormal disappearances have occurred in United States National Parks. This has led many people to believe that such parks are hotbeds of paranormal activity.

One of the most well-known cases begins in 1981 when 14-year-old Stacy Ann Arras rode into Sunrise High Sierra Camp on horseback with a group of several other riders. She went off alone to photograph a nearby lake. She was never seen again, leaving only a camera lens behind.

According to paranormal researchers, this case is only one example of mysterious paranormal disappearances that happen frequently in National Parks. One theory is that a creature, such as a bigfoot, has been abducting people from the trails of these parks.

Researchers point out that strange disappearances on public lands often have characteristics in common. For example, they have found numerous reports of clothing found covered in sticky, unexplained substances, as if the wearers had melted into their clothes.

One of the most disturbing aspects of National Park disappearances, such as Arras’, is that the United States government doesn’t keep track of people who go missing on public lands. Paranormal enthusiasts point to this fact as evidence that something sinister is happening and that the government is covering it up. Considering the highly bureaucratic nature of most national governments, it certainly seems unusual that these records do not exist.

Despite the case’s cult following, we may never know the truth about what happened to Stacy Ann Arras.

4. The Disappearance of Frederick Valentich

These Paranormal disappearances historians baffled

Many paranormal disappearances throughout history have taken place in the same location: the sky. Most people have heard the stories of Amelia Earhart and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. However, an Australian pilot named Frederick Valentich disappeared under circumstances that make these other stories seem downright normal.

Valentich was a pilot with big aspirations; he sought to become a commercial pilot or join the Royal Australian Air Force but lacked the qualifications for either. On October 21, 1978, he was doing a training exercise over the Bass Strait. At around 7:00 pm he notified air traffic controllers that he was being followed by another aircraft; however, no other craft was reported to be in the area. Valentich reported that the other aircraft seemed to be toying with him by flying in circles around him. The air traffic controllers asked Valentich to attempt to identify the aircraft that was following him. He answered by stating, “It isn’t an aircraft.” Those listening reported hearing a metallic, scraping sound. The transmission then cut off. Valentich was never heard from again.

Later that evening, others nearby reported seeing a green light moving erratically in the sky. Observers believed the light to be a UFO. Valentich also mentioned a green light while reporting the mysterious aircraft that followed him.

Additionally, a local UFO enthusiasts group claim that a photograph taken by a local, appearing to show an object flying out of the water near where Valentich disappeared, provides further evidence that extraterrestrials were responsible for the mysterious disappearance.

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UFOlogists assert that extraterrestrials either shot Valentich’s plane from the sky or abducted him from the aircraft.

Valenttich himself was a staunch believer in UFOs. He regularly watched films about aliens and collected articles about UFOs. Previously, he even claimed to have seen UFOs in the air while flying. Valentich told his family that he worried about what could happen if he ever had a closer encounter with an alien craft while piloting. Some claim that he faked his own disappearance, or that it was a simple accident. Others insist a UFO is to blame.

3. The Sodder Children Disappearance

These Paranormal disappearances historians baffled
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A family of 11 losing their home to a fire is tragic. Having it happen on Christmas Eve is heartbreaking. However, when investigators can find no evidence of several of the bodies in the aftermath, the case becomes highly unusual.

On Christmas Eve, 1945, this is exactly what happened to the Sodder family. Their West Virginia home caught fire. The parents and 4 of the 9 Sodder children were able to escape the blaze. The family assumed that the other 5 had perished in the fire. The house took approximately 45 minutes to burn completely and collapse.

The local fire department didn’t arrive at the scene until the next morning (there were limited firefighters available because of WWII). In the meantime, the surviving family members began to sort through the ashes of their destroyed home. Much to their surprise, they were unable to locate the bones of the children that failed to escape the house. The firefighters told the family that the fire had most likely been so hot that the bodies had burned up completely. However, it is almost impossible to burn human bones to ash.

The official investigation concluded that it had been an electrical fire, but the family insisted that their Christmas lights had still been on when they escaped the home. The report also revealed that the home’s phone line had been cut, leading the family to suspect arson. The family had also received a mysterious phone call earlier in the night, in which the Sodder mother heard a disturbing laugh, adding another layer of mystery to the case.

If the 5 missing children were not killed in the blaze, what happened to them? The answer to this question remains a mystery.

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