These Scary Videos Have People Worried

There Is Something Very Unsettling About These Scary Videos

4. Drone Spots The Weeping Woman

This footage was captured by a man who had recently moved into a new house. He mounted a GoPro onto a drone and decided to fly it around to explore the area.

At it passes by some old ruins, the man spots a strange figure in the nearby trees.

As the drone flies closer, you can see that the figure is actually a woman wearing a long, white dress. She remains perfectly still as the camera approaches.

The man believes that the ghostly figure might be La Llorona – The Weeping Woman.

According to South American legend, a beautiful woman named Maria once married a rich nobleman. They eventually had twins – a boy and a girl, however, over time the nobleman lost interest in his wife and left her.

One day, Maria was out walking by a river with her children when she spotted her husband with a younger woman. In a rage, she picked up her children and threw them into the river, drowning them. Once she realized what she had done, she too, leaped into the water.

It is said that La Llorona now spends an eternity searching for her lost children. If you hear her cries you should immediately run in the opposite direction as it is believed that they can bring misfortune or even death.

3. Mysterious Hand Reaches From Pond

There is very little information available about this video.

The footage, supposedly shot somewhere in Japan, shows two people feeding fish in a pond. The large fish are whipped into a frenzy by the free meal as each one attempts to thrash its way to the front of the queue.

Suddenly, a hand reaches out of the pond. It’s grey and shiny, similar to the fish’s scales. The hand is only visible for a brief second before returning once again into the murky water.

Since the footage first appeared, it has continued to baffle viewers. Some have suggested that it might be the hand of a scuba diver that is unable to surface from beneath the thrashing fish. While others think that it might belong to a ghost of someone who drowned in the pond.

Who do you think the hand belongs to? Let us know in the comments section below.

2. Scary Creature Filmed in Canadian Asylum

This creepy video, uploaded to Abott Ung’s YouTube channel in 2016, shows a group of teenagers exploring an abandoned asylum somewhere in Canada.

As they make their way around the dilapidated building they begin to hear loud cries coming from above.

The group decides to head upstairs to investigate. As they reach the top floor, one of the boys clutches at his nose as if there is a horrible smell in the air.

Suddenly, some sort of creature appears at the end of the hallway. It is crawling on all fours and has long, shaggy hair.

Just as it looks as though the beast is about to leap towards the boys, they run in the opposite direction. The creature’s moans can still be heard echoing down the hallways as the boys make their escape.

The video abruptly ends and the viewer is left wondering if the group managed to make it out of the asylum alive.

What was the mysterious creature? Some have speculated that it may have been a monster while others think that it may have been one of the former inmates of the asylum. One that was accidentally left behind when the facility closed.

Either way, I don’t think these boys will be returning for another look any time soon.

1. My Sister

This scary video, titled My Sister, first appeared on RaiderDawg’s YouTube channel in May, 2001. It shows a woman in a wedding dress slowly approaching the camera with a very disconcerting smile. The video cuts and the woman is now wearing different clothes. Again, she approaches the camera with the same bizarre grin.

The woman changes outfits once more. This time, she holds her stomach as if she is pregnant. As she approaches the camera she reaches for her face and removes a mask.

The video then cuts to the woman in the kitchen eating various foods. First, a slice of cake then a banana. All the while, unsettling music can be heard playing in the background.

She reaches for her face once again and begins stretching out her cheeks. The video then abruptly cuts, leaving the viewer wondering what on Earth it was that they just saw.

One of the strangest things about the video is that it was posted to a channel that almost exclusively releases gaming content.

In 2017, YouTuber, Nexpo released a video discussing his own theory about the My Sister video. He suggests that it might have been made in an attempt to lure more subscribers to his gaming channel. However, the fact that there is so little information available about the video or its creator makes it seem even more unsettling.

To watch the full My Sister video, the link is in the description box below.