Freaky Footage That Needs Explaining

Headless men, ghosts and UFO's? Can you offer an explanation for any of this freaky footage?

Sometimes when you see freaky footage on the internet, the comments section is filled with possible explanations for the bizarre events the footage depicts. But some videos are just too peculiar for the amateur sleuths and paranormal investigators of the internet to figure out. From a headless man filmed walking around in the Philippines to a truly spooky poltergeist video, we look at some freaky footage that needs explaining.

7. Headless Man Seen in Philippines

Is it possible to live while missing vital parts of your body? According to this seriously freaky footage posted to YouTube by Febry Adixxon, the answer seems to be yes. In this bizarre clip, we see a man in the Philippines attempting to make his way across a busy street without a very important body part: his head.

The footage has been recorded on a street with heavy traffic in the bright light of day. Only a few yards away from the camera, we see the man who looks rather ordinary at first, attempting to cross the busy street. His missing head however, appears to be causing him some trouble as he boldly walks in between cars, earning angry honks from the drivers.

Are these drivers honking him because he is in their way? Or, like us, are they alarmed at the fact that he is attempting to navigate his way across the road without a head?

One possible explanation for the bizarre headless man is that he is a ghost: perhaps the ghost of someone who was tragically killed along this very roadway. However, he looks altogether too solid and corporeal to convince many viewers that this could be the case.

Another possibility lies in ancient mythology, where headless creatures called akephaloi or Blemmyes were believed to roam the countryside. According to the legends, their facial features were actually on their chests. However, these creatures were believed to only show themselves in remote areas, so it’s unlikely one would appear on such a busy roadway.

Perhaps this legend is true and these creatures have become more bold in recent years. But for now, it seems this headless man will have to remain a mystery.

6. Haunted Tattoo Parlor

Our tattoo studio ghost getting more aggressive by the day. Likes to knock stuff off of shelves and blow out our candles. Doesn’t seem to like men.. from r/Ghosts

CCTV is a great source of freaky footage, and this creepy clip, posted to Reddit by user Littleboe has caused numerous arguments on the popular social media site.

This video takes place in a tattoo shop where an artist is preparing to put some new ink on a client. The artist is sitting in a chair near the wall while the client stands in front of him, showing the area she wants to be tattooed. All of a sudden, the tattooist becomes the victim of what many have described as some kind of paranormal activity.

As he discusses the tattoo design with his client, a speaker on the shelf suddenly falls down, hitting the artist right in the head. As it does, it knocks several other objects off which also land on the unfortunate man.

Some Redditors who have seen the freaky footage believe that the tattoo artist’s chair most likely caught one the speaker’s wires and pulled it down. However, toward the end of the clip, when the client picks up the speaker from the floor, we can clearly see that it is actually wireless. In addition, the artist was sitting completely still in his chair at the time the objects began to fall.

What do you think? Was this simply just an accident? Or could it really have been the work of a resident poltergeist? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

5. Ghost Causes a Ruckus

Most people would probably try not to anger a ghost if they were ever unlucky enough to be confronted by one.

However, the men in this truly bizarre video seem to share a different opinion as they defend their ground against a mysterious figure.

The freaky footage begins by showing the figure standing beside a group of parked motorcycles. Nothing seems out of the ordinary at first, that is until the man begins to move around. As he does, it quickly becomes clear that he is semi-transparent and at times, seems to blend into the background.

Soon, a scuffle ensues and the strange figure appears to move with supernatural speed and possess superhuman strength. Realizing that he is outnumbered, the ghostly man suddenly vanishes into the darkness, leaving the other men confused, wondering who or what they had just witnessed.

Was this really a ghost? Some viewers have suggested that it could have been an ordinary man dressed in some sort of secret military clothing. Clothing that perhaps gave the man superhuman speed and strength as well as the ability to camouflage from his enemies.

Unfortunately, without further information, this video with have to remain a mystery. At least, for the time being.

4. Single Bamboo Branch Moving

Took a walk on an abandoned road in rural Japan, saw this. Not sure what to make of it?? Local friend said he’d never seen anything like it before. from r/Ghosts

Redditor, flowersliders probably wasn’t expecting to record any freaky footage while taking a walk on an abandoned road in rural Japan. However, it seems that supernatural experiences have a way of finding you when you least expect them.

As they were walking, they noticed some strange movement in the bamboo trees along the side of the road. While it isn’t unusual to see trees swaying in the breeze or moving as animals scurry about, it is definitely bizarre to see the trunk of a single tree shaking back and forth while the others around it remain perfectly still.

In an attempt to explain the odd movement, several Redditor’s offered their opinions. One theory suggested that a large animal could have been feasting on the tree’s roots underground. However, others asserted that there are no subterranean animals that eat bamboo roots big enough to cause this type of shaking that live in Japan.

Another theory is that the strange movements were caused by the Kodama: spirits from Japanese folklore that are said to inhabit trees. It is said that the Kodama protect the forests where they dwell and anyone who attempts to cut down a tree will become cursed. If this truly was the work of a Kodama then hopefully this Redditor left the trees alone after recording this freaky footage.

3. Strange Entity Knocks Bottles Over

According to this video uploaded to YouTube by steve5681, some ghostly entities seem to enjoy causing trouble after-hours. This creepy clip shows what a security camera caught when a shadowy figure showed up in a bottle shop after closing time.

The CCTV camera focuses on one of the aisles in the store. At first, everything is still. As the camera rolls, the view of the aisle suddenly becomes obscured for a split second as what appears to be a white shadow, passes over the screen.

Suddenly, dozens of bottles begin to fall off the shelf, smashing all over the ground.

If the mysterious, white figure truly did cause the mess, then it would seem that it could have been a very powerful poltergeist. In the future, this store’s employees should be extra careful when wandering the aisles after hours.

2. UAP Detected in Puerto Rico 2013

2013 Aguadilla Puerto Rico UAP/USO from r/veryspookyvideos

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), commonly called UFO’s, are not not all that unusual. However, in this freaky footage shared by Redditor, RevenTexX the unidentified object behaves in ways that have UFO enthusiasts scratching their heads.

In the clip, a black orb can be seen zooming around the sky. Without knowing how far away it is from the camera, it’s difficult to gauge the object’s size. However, its movements appear faster and more controlled that one would expect from a drone or other human-controlled aerial device.

Several minutes into the video, the object suddenly dips into the water. However, it does so without leaving a single splash or ripple behind. A few seconds later, the object re-emerges from the water but now appears to have split in two. Both craft fly in tandem for a few seconds before disappearing suddenly, perhaps slipping back beneath the waves.

The strange behavior of the object in and around the water is unlike anything UFO specialists have seen before. So far, no one has been able to come up with a reasonable explanation for what this object was or how it was able to perform such unbelievable maneuvers.

1. Old Man Spotted on Road

There is no better place for freaky footage than a dark, abandoned roadway late at night. In a video uploaded to YouTube by Drunken Monk OFFICIAL, one group of friends came across something very bizarre during their late-night joyride.

As the car drives down the lonesome road, a bright white figure suddenly appears, illuminated by the car’s headlights. Those in the vehicle appear disturbed, but as they approach closer, things get even more bizarre. The figure looks to be an old man wearing a white gown. He holds a gnarled walking stick in one hand as he slowly shuffles down the street.

It’s not just the odd appearance of the man that seems to startle the occupants of the car but also the way in which the he walks. His legs stick out at odd angles, and he seems to be walking slowly backwards down the road. Even when the car is directly behind him, he never turns around.

Some have posited that the figure in this freaky footage is just an ordinary old man, perhaps lost or making his way home. However, others have questioned the man’s bizarre behavior. The occupants of the car are too disturbed to get a closer look, so the truth about this strange figure’s appearance on the road that night will most likely remain a mystery.

What do you think? Is this just an ordinary man walking backwards down the street? If so, why? Or could these joyriders have stumbled upon something far more sinister? Let me know what you think is going on in the comments section below.