Scary Alien Abduction Cases That Remain a Mystery

Is the truth really out there?

These scary alien abduction cases contain mysteries that still haven’t been solved. From a man obsessed with aliens that completely vanished to an artist that paints his sexual encounters with extraterrestrials, the following alien abduction cases have intrigued even the most staunch of skeptics.

5. The Abduction of Granger Taylor

Black and white photo of Granger Taylor, in what is one of the strange alien abduction cases ever.
Dark Poutine

What happens when a believer knows too much? In the case of brilliant mechanic Granger Taylor, it appears as though extraterrestrial forces may have taken action.

Well-known around Vancouver Island, Taylor was a fixture in the community as a genius mechanic, great with cars – and other side projects. Having dropped out of high school at age 14, Taylor knew where his talents in life resided. At the young age of 14, Taylor was able to build a one-cylinder vehicle all on his own.

Dedicating his life to furthering his understanding of mechanics, Taylor had another mania. Whether it was his vehicular knowledge alone or his having paired it with his belief in life on another planet cannot be said, but Taylor made it known he had created a shelter similar-looking to that of a classic depiction of a UFO, complete with everything he could possibly need to live, including furniture and appliances.

As time went on, it became clear that Taylor was obsessed with extraterrestrial lifeforms and alleged real alien sightings. Taylor made it known that he supposedly experienced contact from aliens almost constantly, and that said aliens promised to bring him to space.

Taylor was just 32 years old when he disappeared in 1980. Conspiracy theorists classify Taylor’s case as one of a few clear cut alien abduction cases, given his complete disappearance and fascination with aliens. Further compounding the evidence for this theory is the note Taylor left his parents that night. “I have gone away to walk aboard an alien spaceship,” he says in the note. He was assured the journey itself would last him 42 months.

Is it possible Taylor’s mechanics went too far, that he came too close to the construction of alien crafts themselves? Was he brought on a journey with them to further their understanding of their own mechanics? The man was a mechanical savant, after all.

Five years later, two pieces of bone and parts of a truck all seeming to match Taylor’s would be found at a dynamite blast site. With the blast site being located near to the family’s property, and as Taylor was alleged to have taken sticks of dynamite with him from his parents’ home that night, it seems highly possible Taylor met his tragic end on that site.

Believers and followers of alien abduction know cases such as Taylor’s all too well, and his exact fate is still a mystery to this day.

4. Alien Abduction Cases – The Birth of an Alien Hybrid

“Do aliens walk among us?” is a question typical of extraterrestrial enthusiasts. But what about human-alien hybrids hiding among us, virtually human in appearance? This is the question the story of one anonymous Montreal woman begs one to ask.

According to Lisa herself, 6’3″ with striking blonde hair and green eyes, she is the product of alien insemination and walks the earth while being regularly visited by aliens.

She explains, in a video posted by Youtube channel Earth Mystery News, that her mother initially underwent a normal pregnancy. However, she believes that about a month before she was to give birth to a healthy baby boy, her mother was visited by two aliens. After allegedly hearing them discuss whether or not they believed Lisa’s mother to be “ready”, Lisa’s mother noted the presence of a metallic object jutting out of the wall.

Perhaps thinking nothing of the event, or believing it was a dream, the alleged alien visitation would go unnoticed until Lisa’s mother was in the delivery room. Having given birth to a healthy baby boy, Lisa’s mother was surprised when the doctors came back in for another delivery, not having been alerted to the presence of twins in the womb for the entire duration of the pregnancy.

What followed was the birth of Lisa, already the product of odd beginnings. She would grow up to allege contact from many UFOs over the years and claim clairvoyance, believing she is the byproduct of her mother’s insemination by an alien father.

This would make Lisa half-human, half-alien, according to her own story, and account for her seemingly frequent alien encounters and extraterrestrial powers. Believing she has been planted on Earth for a special purpose, Lisa also believes many and more human-alien hybrids, products of alien abduction cases, walk among us today.

3. Museum Formally Acknowledges Alien Abduction

Drawing of massive alien ship landing in forest clearing

What happens when one believes, without a doubt, that one has been the target of an alien abduction? Despite the odds, and in spite of a climate of non-believers, one Sheffield family believes it is their duty to speak their truth, regardless of how the rest of the world sees them.

This is the stance the Reeds have taken on spreading the word of their alien abduction, and many would say it has paid off after the Great Barrington Historical Society & Museum has decided to formally acknowledge their story as a part of history.

In 1966, a 6-year-old Thomas Reed would experience an event that would shift his life forever. In his childhood bedroom, Reed remembers bits and pieces of what happened to him. He remembers the odd lights illuminating his room, the inexplicable figures in the hall, and suddenly being transported to the woods, face to face with a UFO with his younger brother Matthew.

The boys would go on to experience a similar event the following year, accumulating in their mother finding the boys in the woods once more after searching for them on horseback.

Years later, the mother and grandmother would also experience their own alien encounter. The mother recalls being stranded on the side of the road after her car had broken down. The next this she recalls was being transported to a giant room with alien figures placing them in a cage. Their collective memory cuts out there. The next thing they remember is being placed back near their car.

The Reeds have faced backlash over perpetuating their story over the years, but Thomas and Matthew have resolved to follow their mother’s maxim: speak the truth.

So they have gone on to talk about the story that has impacted his family for decades. Dealing with post-traumatic stress has not been easy for the family. Dealing with non-believers has been almost equally as strenuous.

The Reeds are aware of how their story sounds, and admit they would rather not have to perpetuate the story. However, they stand firm that their account of these strange events is the truth, and the truth must be told.

With three of the nine voting members of the Great Barrington Historical Society & Museum remaining skeptical of the Reeds’ story, their alien abduction cases have nevertheless become immortalized as a part of local history and hopefully do something to ease the pain of those traumatic memories.

2. Alien Abduction Cases – Kristina Florence

Photo of Kristina Florence, an woman who claims to be part of a scary alien abduction case

While some emerge from their alleged alien encounters with a memory of what had happened to them, others find it more difficult to account for their missing time. It is unclear why some remember these events more easily than others, but in the case of Kristina Florence, it would take a little coaxing to fill in the gaps of her memories.

Kristina’s story begins in 1974, with her mother driving her and her sister to San Francisco. On the way, the car overheats. Kristina and her sister are left with the car as the mother leaves to get water.

Kristina’s sister exits the car, walks around to the back, and shouts for her sister to come quickly. Kristina runs over, and her memory goes blank. She remembers waking up on a blanket, lying down in the park, and then driving away with her mother extremely quickly.

For the longest time, the sisters remembered only the bare bones of the event and nothing else. Attempting to get to the bottom of what happened to them that day and fill in the gaps in their memory, the sisters enlisted the help of Budd Hopkins, a chronicler of UFO sightings and missing time experiences, in 1986.

Kristina undergoes hypnosis and is shocked at what she finds when she fills in the gaps of her memory. She and her sister are laid out on a table with aliens surrounding her, taking pictures, exposing them to odd fixtures and textiles. Asking them about her sister, the alien beings respond that she is okay before they are transported back to their vehicle.

While Kristina’s story seems unbelievable, psychologist Susan Fox would go on to back up Kristina’s claim that her story is legitimate. In a sea of potential alien abduction cases, Kristina’s adamancy of what happened to her that day has gained her a wide range of support over the years.

The missing time and memories bares a striking similarity to the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction case.

1. Man Loses Virginity to Alien

Man paints drawing of his scary alien abduction case
Trey Speegle

While many alien abduction cases prove to be traumatic to those experiencing them, some alien visits are more welcome than others. In the case of one Hoboken man, David Huggins, the visits are somewhat more of a pleasing event.

Huggins claims to have first experienced seeing alien creatures at age 8. After experiencing parental disapproval and wrath, Huggins initially kept the visits to himself – but no longer.

In fact, Huggins is known for his explicit paintings detailing his lifelong sexual exploits with alien creatures. Huggins claims his sexual romps with aliens started at the age of 17 when he first encountered a sexually suggestive alien woman waiting for him in the woods.

After experiencing what Huggins described as a mind-blowing sexual experience with her, Huggins has gone on to laud losing his virginity to an alien at the age of 17.

Now married and in his 70s, Huggins explains that he never stopped being visited by aliens. He clarifies that not all of the visitors are sexually suggestive, although apparently many are, as he claims to have fathered 60 alien children over the course of his lifetime.

In a documentary titled “Love and Saucers”, Huggins proudly displays the lurid paintings he’s composed as an ode to these alien love encounters. Whether or not one gives any credence to Huggins’ story, the output of his work centered on the theme is truly prolific, delightfully absurd, and highly worth seeing for oneself.