Creepy Ghosts Caught Watching The Living

Could A Ghost Be Watching You Right Now?

Have you ever gotten that feeling where the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and you’re almost certain that unseen eyes are watching you from some dark corner? Have you ever considered the possibility that the eyes watching from the shadows may not be of this world? If the evidence in this list is to be believed, those eerie feelings that we get when we’re all alone may come from creepy ghosts who still enjoy watching the living.

6. Ghost Watches from Above


Some creepy ghosts appear to enjoy watching during carefree moments that friends spend together outdoors. At least, that’s what they were doing when this chilling video was captured by YouTuber, Demi2009ization.

They were using a phone camera to record while two of their friends were playing catch on the lawn of the school campus one afternoon. There was nothing unusual about the day at first: just a few friends having a lazy afternoon in the sun. Then, one of them noticed something unusual out of the corner of their eye. They turned the camera and zoomed in to get a better look. Sure enough, someone or something was watching them from a high window in one of the nearby buildings.

The figure watching was ghostly pale, and stared at the group with a menacing expression. The group of friends was disturbed by the sighting, and asked the building manager to let them inside so they could confront whoever was staring at them. However, when they arrived at the room where they would have been, it was empty and had clearly been out of use for a long time. The walls were covered in graffiti and the whole room had a creepy, empty feel.

The group looked around the building for someone resembling the figure they saw in the window, but were unable to locate them, leaving them perplexed. Is it possible that their mysterious watcher was actually a ghost?

5. Google Street View Reveals Creepy Tenant

Ghost spotted in a window on Google Street View.

Elaine McMonagle and her three children once lived in an apartment in Alexandria, Scotland. During their time there, they experienced occasional paranormal events. The experiences were harmless: lights would turn on or off and their belongings would turn up in places other than where they had left them. Every once in a while, they would see shadows moving across one of the glass doors that made them think that creepy ghosts were walking on the other side. Elaine’s daughter Hailey claimed that a little boy would come into her bedroom and jump on the bed with her, but Elaine assumed she was just a little girl with an overactive imagination.

Elaine is no stranger to the paranormal. When she was a child living with her mother and grandparents, she felt as if creepy ghosts were living among them. She would often feel mysterious hands brushing her hair or hear breathing in an empty room. She even talked about long-dead people she had never met. It seems she may have passed down her sensitivity for the paranormal to her daughter.

Close up of the ghost in the window on Google Street View.

After the family moved, Elaine was feeling nostalgic for the old apartment. She decided to use Google Street View to look at photos of their old home. As she perused the images, she noticed something shocking: the face of a ghostly little boy peering out from one of the windows. Could this be the very child that young Hailey used to play with in her bedroom? Elaine doesn’t know for sure, but after seeing evidence of the ghost in the Google photos, she may be less likely to dismiss her daughter’s stories about invisible playmates.

4. Ghost Watches Through the Window


YouTuber Top That! didn’t expect to capture any creepy ghosts when he pulled out his phone to film his friends enjoying a boxing match in August of 2017. However, when he later reviewed the footage, he noticed something unusual that terrified him and all of the friends that had been with him that evening.

As the camera pans around the living room, the shot passes by a sliding glass door. At first, nothing appears out of the ordinary. However, when the footage is slowed down, what at first appears to be a glare on the glass takes on a terrifying form. It looks as though there is some sort of figure standing outside of the glass door, turned to face the television. Evidently, the entity in question is more interested in the boxing match than in the group of friends in the room. Its face appears to be a dull white color, with large, dark hollows for eyes. Not much of its body is visible, but many who have watched the video suggest that it may have been wearing some sort of dark suit.

What makes this particular video interesting is the figure’s posture. It appears almost to be leaning against the door frame, casually watching the TV through the glass. It’s almost as if the entity happened to be passing by and noticed that they were watching the fight and decided to stop and watch for a while. Although its appearance is certainly creepy, nothing about it seems at all threatening. If anything, it seems sad and lonely on the other side of the glass partition.

3. Facebook Photo Captures Eerie Face

Photo of a ghost in a window.


When Michelle Midwinter bought her new home in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, the deed didn’t say anything about the property coming with creepy ghosts. She didn’t find out about that unfortunate part of the deal until she proudly snapped a photo of her new home and shared it on Facebook so her friends could share in her excitement. After she posted the photo, she went back to look at it some more, wanting to admire the beautiful brickwork on the outside of the house. It was then that she noticed a face looking out from an upstairs window. She knew that no one was home at the time except for her and her two-year-old daughter. This was enough to convince her that her new home was haunted.

There have been a few unusual occurrences in the house since she and her daughter moved in, such as a clock falling off the wall inexplicably when no one was around.

Andrew Jones, a local historian, believes he might know the identity of the ghost caught peering out of Michelle Midwinter’s window. He claims that the ghostly face in the photo bears a striking resemblance to Samuel Kent, a factory inspector who once lived and worked in the area. He was the father of Constance Kent, infamous for brutally murdering her three-year-old brother in 1860 when she was only 16. Could the sorrow and heartache that he experienced in life have caused Samuel Kent to linger on the earth after death?

2. Ghost of Grandpa Caught on Camera

Ghost hunter, Jason Griffiths believes he's captured image of his deceased grandfather's spirit.

Inside Edition

When Jason Griffiths began hunting ghosts, he never expected to capture an image of his own grandfather. However, that’s exactly what happened after he got a call from his uncle, who now lives in his deceased grandfather’s home. His uncle claimed to have seen a shadowy figure outside, so Griffiths and a ghost-hunting friend set out to capture evidence.

As the pair investigates the house, they hear mysterious footsteps and feel icy chills throughout the house and grounds. They even hear voices on their radios saying, “We are here.” However, the most shocking thing to come from their ghost-hunting expedition comes from a single screen shot that they discovered after their harrowing night exploring the property and attempting to communicate with spirits.

They appear to have captured a clear image of a face peering out from a kitchen window. According to Griffiths, the face in the image looks exactly like his late grandfather. The figure looks as though it is even wearing his grandfather’s favorite hat. This image is enough to convince Griffiths and his family members that it is indeed the spirit of Alan Price, Griffiths’ deceased grandfather, who has been spotted roaming the house and grounds, keeping an eye on things even after death. Perhaps in the future, when the family sees a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows, it will be a source of comfort rather than of fear.

1. Ghost Caught in Window by CCTV Camera


This final video, uploaded to YouTube by FacelessKnights, may seem familiar to loyal Slapped Ham viewers. While we have featured it before, no list of creepy ghosts caught watching the living could possibly be considered complete without including this next voyeuristic phantom.

The person behind the camera of this video is innocently filming planes taking off from an airport when they notice something unusual in the window of one of the adjacent buildings. Most of the windows are empty or covered by curtains, but in one window, there is a ghastly face.

It is deathly pale and twisted into a horrifying expression. The most unusual aspect of this ghostly face is its shape; it almost appears to be a face trapped inside a perfect sphere floating around inside the window.

For those who might think it was a trick of the light or some clever editing, several viewers have pointed out the bizarre movements of the CCTV camera mounted on the building right next to the window where the face appears. The camera seems to sense the movement of the ghostly figure just behind it, as it swings around to begin recording what it sees in the window. This seems to indicate that what we see in the video is not an editing trick, but something very real.