Shocking Ghost Footage Caught on Tape

Do you believe?

Could this shocking ghost footage caught on tape be real? From a shadow person appearing on camera in a notoriously haunted old mansion, to a demonic presence shaking an entire house, the following shocking ghost footage is sure to leave a mark on your psyche.

7. Shocking Ghost Footage – Building Site Poltergeist

When something is not quite right in the abandoned building you’re working in… from r/veryspookyvideos

This ghost footage posted to Reddit by user Amajormalfunction proves that ghosts don’t always have to be visible to cause a scare. As though there wasn’t already something creepy enough about working in an abandoned building, the added confirmation of ghostly activity would send anyone running out of the building for good.

The video features a man exploring the abandoned building he’s working in, seemingly already on edge due to the creepy environment.

As the man is heard either talking to himself or chanting some sort of prayer, the ghost present in the building seems to respond in turn as he enters the second room captured in the video.

Turning the corner, a table is seen in the center of the room with an assortment of objects placed on it. Just as the man makes his way near the table, an object is seen moving on its own.

Startled, the man runs from the room and footage abruptly ends.

This is a curious piece of footage as it’s clear there’s no one else in the room that could have manipulated the object on the table. One viewer suggested that perhaps a rat or mouse was hiding on the top of the table and managed to move the bowl, or whatever the object is.

Love to get your thoughts on this bit of scary footage in the comments below.

6. Shocking Ghost Footage – Shadow Entity

this video was taken off of my friends old phone when she visited the lemp mansion in at louis years ago. in the video around :50 you can actually see a figure materialize out of nowhere. she didn’t see it at the time. from r/Ghosts

This ghost footage posted by Reddit user bak3dpotato, originally captured by one of their friends, demonstrates just how creepy incidental ghost footage can be.

Captured in the infamous Lemp Mansion, the uploader’s friend encountered something truly unsettling while doing a tour of the old property.

Known as one of the most haunted homes in America, the Lemp Mansion was at one time home to the popular pre-prohibition brewing family. Despite their success, tragedy would strike the family in the form of the death of son Frederic Lemp. This tragic death would trigger a series of three suicides of other Lemp family members, all within the walls of the Lemp mansion.

Over the years, the infamous Lemp mansion has been renovated into a boarding house and later a restaurant and popular ghost tour sight. It is said the spirits of the Lemp mansion remain present still, haunting the walls where so much tragedy occurred.

While viewers have never been able to pinpoint the exact identity of the figure captured in this footage, the idea that it is likely one of the Lemp relatives does not seem to be too far of a stretch.

As the camera pans around the mansion, nothing out of the ordinary is seen until it happens to pan across what appears to be a dark figure wearing a wide-brimmed hat; the kind that likely would have been popular when the last of the Lemp family inhabited the mansion decades ago.

Although it seems the friend who captured the video didn’t notice the figure at the time, or even during the first subsequent viewings of the footage, the figure is hard to miss once spotted. If you slow the footage down, there is indeed a shadowy figure there. When the camera pans back over the same space just seconds later, the figure is gone.

Quiet and unobtrusive, it would seem the Lemp family likely means no ill-will toward those now inhabiting their former family home yet would still like to make their presence known.

5. Pub Ghost Sighting

Security footage from my work a few days ago (it’s an old pub that was a hotel even before that!). I’m not sure what to make of it as I’m a sceptic at best, any thoughts? from r/Ghosts

Posted to Reddit by user TomatoSouperMan, a self-professed skeptic, this shocking ghost footage is unlike the previous two examples. Captured in an old pub, formerly a hotel, the security footage shows a ball of light traveling in a distinctive arc across the screen.

Vivid and bright, the light traveling across the screen feels like much more than a speck of dust or fluke of the lens. As it travels around the corner and up the stairs, the light seems to perfectly mimic the trajectory of someone walking along the staircase, as though the light that is visible only partially represents the spirit present.

Given the site’s long and storied history it’s no wonder that staff and guests alike have all reported strange happenings around this old pub. Interestingly, this pub and Lemp mansion were both at some point boarding houses and hotels, the connection between the two is worth a note. Perhaps the more people that pass through the halls of these old buildings, the higher the chance of getting lingering spirits in the afterlife.

With the light’s clear visibility and purposeful behavior, this shocking footage has stumped both the uploader and viewers alike.

4. Shocking Ghost Footage – Raging Poltergeist

This next piece of shocking ghost footage submitted by Slapped Ham viewer loganc878 and featured on Mind Seed TV provides viewers with some seriously disturbing content.

A viewer reached out to Mind Seed TV, explaining that their grandfather had recently passed away and given him his house. However, an unknown and malicious spirit has prevented him from being at peace when entering the house.

The group sets out to undergo an intense paranormal investigation, bringing multiple pieces of equipment along with them, including standard emf detectors and thermal cameras; however, this footage really unsettling when the group breaks out their ouija board in an attempt to communicate with the spirit.

As the investigators explain, they were met with an immediate sense of foreboding when entering the house. Walking through its rooms, there was not a single place where the group did not feel an eerie, dark presence.

Continuing to walk through the home, the group mentions that one room, in particular, gave off so foul of a stench that the group became convinced a dead animal must have made its way into the house. However, one of their cameras immediately malfunctioned after entering the room, leaving viewers to believe that the room must be the epicenter of the paranormal activity.

Continuing to make their way through the home, feeling watched, the group eventually picks up the sound of a spirit telling them to “come get it.” It is when the group decides to bust out the ouija board and one of them breaks contact for a second that a light flickers in the room.

Towards the end of the video, the investigation takes a very dark and ominous turn. The group believes they heard the piano being played, even though no one else is around. One of the members decides to encourage a response by playing the piano and asking if anyone is there – the response is truly terrifying.

Seconds later the entire house begins to shake. Doors, and windows rattle violently as though an earthquake has ripped through the house. Even the chandelier is left swaying in the aftermath.

The paranormal investigators immediately leave the house, fearing that they might actually be harmed in some way if they stayed any longer.

Finally the crew of Mind Seed TV recommend that the home owner no longer stay in the house until it’s been cleansed.

3. Vicar’s Hill Ghost

Uploaded to YouTube by user Armagh, an eerie black figure is seen walking out of a building on Vicars Hill in Armagh, Northern Ireland. What the figure does in the video has left local residents absolutely petrified.

Vicar’s Hill is one of the oldest areas of Armagh. It has a long history of alleged witchcraft. One ghost story has persistently scared local children into scurrying home before dark for decades. The ghost of the Green Lady is said to wander the streets of Armagh at night time, scaring the wits out of anyone unfortunate enough to cross her path.

For years this story was thought to be nothing more than an urban legend, but there is some solid truth running through this ghostly tale.

In 1888, twenty-one-year-old Bellina Prior was arrested for the murder of four-year-old Ann Slavin. It’s said that Prior drowned the child in a kitchen boiler while in a blacked-out rage. A court found Prior guilty of the murder and had her committed to an insane asylum. It’s here that Prior attempted to take own her life on a number of occasions without success. Years later she was released from the institution and died destitute and homeless. The legends say that her spirit lingered on, haunting the old streets of Armagh.

While the details of this historical murder and the urban legend of the Green Lady have always mixed to frightening results, throw in the above footage and you have yourself a truly chilling concoction.

Watch as an eerie figure is seen crossing the street. The mysterious person walks up to the fence on the opposite side then disappears straight into the wall.

Even more off putting, the description of the video points out that the figure seems to be clothed in Georgian attire, making residents wonder exactly how long the ghost had been haunting the area.

Could this be the infamous Green Lady, the spirit of Bellina Prior that is said to have haunted this area of Vicar’s Hill for more than a century?

2. Ghost Seen in Mirror

Ex gf sent this photo to her family chat to announce she reached the hotel safe and chilling. Brother replies, who is that in the mirror? from r/Ghosts

Posted by Reddit user amatsumima, this picture is one of the creepiest ghost sightings yet. Captured by the poster’s ex-girlfriend and sent to a family group chat, what should have been an innocent picture quickly caused the family to panic.

As the ex-girlfriend, her husband, and two children checked into a hotel in Malacca, Malaysia for a vacation, the family quickly became worried. One of the children became feverish. Using the hotel for respite, in order to help the child regain his strength, the ex-girlfriend sent the photo to the family’s group chat as proof they had arrived at the hotel safely.

However, the family would soon become horrified as the ex-girlfriend’s brother would go on to ask who the man staring back at them in the mirror was.

If you take a look at the mirror to the left of shot you can see a blackened face with piercing eyes staring back at the camera.

The family were certain no one else was in the room when the photo was taken. Absolutely terrified, the family requested a new room.

Strangely enough, the son would recover fully from his fever just the next day, once the family was safely out of the spirit’s reach. As the uploader explains in the comment section of this creepy photo’s post, their culture has a strong belief in children being affected by the supernatural.

Had the ex-girlfriend not sent the photo to her family, and had the brother not caught the demonic figure staring out at them in the mirror, it is unclear as to whether or not the child would have made such a miraculous recovery.

1. Poltergeist Activity in Building

When something invisible wants to let you know that they’re in the villa with you… from r/veryspookyvideos

Posted to Reddit by user Amajormalfunction, this shocking ghost footage provides viewers with yet another example of a spirit simply trying to make its presence known.

As the title of the Reddit post states, the uploader seems to believe an invisible spirit is at play throughout the video, letting the one capturing the video know that they are present in the villa with them.

As the man walks through the building, the spirit first makes its presence known by sliding a door open nearby. As the man discusses what he just witnessed, the ghost seems to play with him as the door opens once again.

Walking into the room, it is clear there is no one around him or in the room with him as the door shuts again, closing him in. The man exits the room, showing there is no one on the opposite side of the door either.

Another man makes his way up the stairs and the man recording the video entreats him to see what he is seeing. As the man makes his way into the villa, banging sounds continue to be heard around them, culminating in a nearby block being pushed onto the floor, seemingly out of nowhere.

So what do you think? Is this just an elaborate hoax or is there really a ghost trying to make itself known in this old house? Let me know what you think in the comments below.